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Saunders Island ( ) is the fourth largest island of the Falkland Islandsmarker, lying north west of West Falklandmarker. The island is run as a sheep farm and has an area of .


Port Egmontmarker on the island was the site of the first British settlement, established in 1765.

Unaware of the French presence at Port Louis, in January 1765, British captain John Byron explored and claimed Saunders Island, at the western end of the Falkland Islands, where he named the harbour of Port Egmont, and sailed near other islands, which he also claimed for King George the third. A British settlement was built at Port Egmont in 1766. Also in 1766, Spain acquired the French colony, and after assuming effective control in 1767, placed the islands under a governor subordinate to Buenos Airesmarker.

During the Falkland Crisis of 1770, a Spanish frigate entered the port and traveled the British. This edged Britain and Spain closer to war. In 1771, Spain agreed to abandon Port Egmont to the British. In 1776, for economic reasons, the British abandoned Port Egmont. At that time, they placed a plaque at the site proclaiming their sovereignty over the Falklands. The island's present settlement, appropriately called Saunders Island Settlement, lies on the east coast and has an airstrip.

There is one listed building here, known as the Stone House.


Wildlife on the island includes Rockhopper, Gentoo, Magellanic and king penguin, black-browed albatross and many other birds. As far as the Magellanic penguin, Saunders Island is near the southernmost limit of this bird's range, whereas the Gentoo ranges much further south into Antarcticamarker.


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