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Juan Rivera (born August 10, 1964) is a professional wrestler best known under the name Savio Vega. During the late 1990s, he was an active westler in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Outside of Puerto Rico, he has won major titles in Latin America including Panama's Revolution X-Treme Wrestling, Ecuador's Wrestling Alliance Revolution and Mexico's World Wrestling Association.


World Wrestling Council (1987-1993)

Rivera was born in Vega Alta, Puerto Ricomarker where he received his primary and secondary education. After he graduated from high school, he went to Miami, Floridamarker, where he auditioned for the WWF. He was accepted and sent back to Puerto Rico, where he wrestled for the World Wrestling Council and was managed by El Profe and feuded with Chicky Starr, Abdullah the Butcher, Rip Rogers and Carlos Colón. In 1989, he debuted under the identity of “T.N.T.” and once he had gained enough wrestling experience, he was sent back to the United Statesmarker.

World Wrestling Federation (1993-1998)

Kwang (1994-1995)

After several weeks of hype, Rivera debuted the gimmick of the masked martial artist Kwang in January 1994. In vein of mysterious "Asian" wrestlers, Kwang would spit mist in his opponents' faces. Managed by Harvey Wippleman, Kwang was usually only successful against unknown wrestlers and usually on the losing end against bigger name stars. In 1995, his gimmick was drastically changed.

Savio Vega (1995-1998)

On May 14, 1995, the Kwang gimmick was dropped, as Rivera appeared in street clothes during the WWF's first In Your House pay-per-view. When wrestler Razor Ramon was being attacked after a match by Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie, Rivera jumped over the rails and rescued Razor Ramon. Later on in the PPV, Ramon introduced his rescuer as his friend, the fiery Puerto Rican Savio Vega.

Vega enjoyed some measure of popularity during the remainder of 1995. He competed four times in one night at the King of the Ring, beating IRS, Yokozuna and The Roadie before losing to Mabel in the finals (his match against IRS was a qualifying match for the spot vacated by the injured Ramon).

The next night on Monday Night RAW, Vega came within inches of defeating Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Title. Vega would spend the rest of the year teaming with Razor Ramon.

In 1996, Vega fought "Ring Master" Steve Austin in both men's WrestleMania debut. Austin would defeat Vega. A few months later, the two had a rematch at In Your House 8: Beware of Dog. They fought in a Caribbean Strap Match. Unlike WrestleMania, Vega was victorious this time. According to the stipulations, Austin's manager Ted DiBiase had to leave the WWF. Thus, this was DiBiase's last appearance on WWF programming until 2005. Also during this time, he was the first recipient of Steve Austin's Stone Cold Stunner.

Nation of Domination (1997)
In February 1997, Vega became a member of the Nation of Domination with fellow wrestlers Crush, D'Lo Brown and Faarooq. He joined after turning on partner Ahmed Johnson during a tag team match. Vega would leave the group in June 1997.

Los Boricuas (1997-1998)
After Vega left the Nation of Domination , he formed his own alliance known as Los Boricuas with Miguel Perez, Jose Estrada, and Jesus Castillo. This group feuded with Faarooq's Nation of Domination and Crush's Disciples of Apocalypse. In late 1998, Vega competed in the WWF Brawl for All tournament, making it to the quarterfinals before he lost to Darren Drozdov. He was released later that year.

IWA and international promotions (2001-present)

While wrestling in the International Wrestling Association (IWA), he competed in Revolution X-treme Wrestling based in Panamamarker, performing in a royal rumble to determine the winner of the vacant RXW World Heavyweight Championship , where he won the event. On November 24, 2007 he became the leader of a new heel stable known as Los Auntenticos along Miguel Pérez, Jr. and Ricky Vega. This faction was quickly involved in an angle dealing with a power struggle with several other stables within the company. On January 2008, he began an international tour. This tour began with a presentation in Bostonmarker for Power House Wrestling Of New England. And continued with a visit to Ecuadormarker where he would defend the Wrestling Alliance Revolution Tag Team Championship. The tour concluded in Panamamarker where he defended the company's title against Ricky Banderas. In PHW he participated in a tag team match, where he teamed with a wrestler using the name Don Vega. They defeated a team that included the company's heavyweight champion. He would then compete in "WAR Conquest 2008", a special event organized by Wrestling Alliance Revolution. In this event he defended the company's tag team championship along Condor Ortiz, in a match that they lose after Ortiz accidentally kicked Vega. Following the match he turned on Ortiz, and subsequently challenged Kuervo, the company's heavyweight champion to a title match on the event. The encounter happened later in card, and Kuervo retained by disqualification after Vega spit green mist on his face. Since July 2008, Rivera worked as a road agent for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

The Los Auntenticos angle continued in April 2008, when Vega returned to Puerto Rico. The group would then create a "terror list" where the names of former WWC employees were written. This list was used in a new angle were the stable would ambush and attack wrestlers that were randomly selected from the list. During the following summer Vega alternated his work between the IWA, Division One Pro Wrestling (D1PW) in Florida and Nu-Wrestling Evolution in Spainmarker. Vega retained the RXW championship twice in June, against Ricky Vega and PJD. On March 21, 2009, Vega defended and lost the RXW World Heavyweight Title in a rematch against Panama Jack Daniels. Vega was released from his TNA contract on July 31, 2009. On October 2, 2009, Vega participated in a Wrestling Alliance Revolution card, defeating AP Dynamite for the WAR World Heavyweight Championship. On November 1, 2009, Vega and Pérez participated in a Dominican Wrestling Entertainment card, being booked to win the DWE World Tag Team Championship.

In wrestling

Championships and accomplishments

  • Americas Wrestling Federation
*AWF Americas Championship (1 time)

*IWA Hardcore Championship (1 time)
*IWA World Heavyweight Championship (4 times)
*IWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Miguel Pérez, Jr.

*PWI ranked him #321 of the 500 best singles wrestlers during the "PWI Years" in 2003

*WWA World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

*WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
*WWC North American Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
*WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
*WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
*WWC World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Mr. Pogo
*WWC World Television Championship (5 times)

  • Revolution X-Treme Wrestling
*RXW World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

  • Wrestling Alliance Revolution
*WAR Tag Team Championship (1 time)
*WAR World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

  • Dominican Wrestling Entertainment
*DWE World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Miguel Pérez, Jr.

Personal life

Rivera was born in the town of Vega Alta (where the “Vega” in his wrestling name comes from), where he received his primary education. He participated in wrestling events during his high school years.

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