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Saxony-Anhalt Cup
Qualifying competition for
German Cup
Current Champions 2007-08
Hallescher FC

The Saxony-Anhalt Cup (German: Landespokal Sachsen-Anhalt) is an annual football cup competition in Saxony-Anhaltmarker. The Football Association of Saxony-Anhalt (German: Fußballverband Sachsen-Anhalts, short: FSA) is its governing body. All non-professional sides that are members of the FSA may participate. Winners of the Saxony-Anhalt Cup will start in the first round of the DFB Cup. The cup final was played in Paul Greifzu Stadiummarker in Dessaumarker from 1998 to 2005. Since then it has been played in Schönebeck in 2006, and in the newly-built Stadion Magdeburgmarker since 2007. The cup is played in a one-leg mode, with extra time and penalty shoot-out when necessary. The teams share the revenue from the respective matches, and in the cup final, the Football Association also receives a share.The cup has been played since 1991. Record winners are 1. FC Magdeburg with 8 titles, two of which were won by the club's reserve team.

FSA Cup and Lotto Cup


Since the establishment of the Football Association of Saxony-Anhalt in 1991 the cup has been played. However, there have been several reforms that changed the character of the competition. Until the 1993/94 two separate cup competitions were played in the areas formerly occupied by the Bezirke Magdeburg and Halle. The two champions of these Bezirkspokale then faced each other in the Saxony-Anhalt Cup final.

From the 1994/95 season onwards the cup has been played as one competition with all teams down to the Landesklasse (tier VII) and the winners of the Kreispokal competitions participating. This led to up to 160 teams and 8 cup rounds to determine the winner.

In 2000/01 there was another reform to reduce the number of games. Since then all teams from the Regionalliga, NOFV-Oberliga, Verbandsliga Sachsen-Anhalt, the top five teams of the three Landesliga divisions (tier IV until 2007/08, tier VI from 2008/09) and the 24 Kreispokal winners are eligible for the cup.

Through a sponsorship agreement the competition has been called Lottopokal since the 2006/07 season.


Year Winner Finalist Result City Stadium Attendance
1991 Wernigeröder SV Rot-Weiß SV Merseburg 99 3-2 aet
1992 FSV Lok/Altmark Stendal FC Anhalt Dessau 2-0
1993 1. FC Magdeburg Hallescher FC 3-2 Hettstedtmarker Sportpark am Walzwerkhölzchen 1,100
1994 Hallescher FC 1.FC Magdeburg 4-3 Thalemarker Sportpark an der Neinstedter Straße 300
1995 FSV Lok/Altmark Stendal FC Anhalt Dessau 4-1 Schönebeck
1996 FSV Lok/Altmark Stendal VfL Halle 96 3-0 Gommernmarker Sportforum Gommern
1997 VfL Halle 96 Schönebecker SV 1861 4-2 aet Köthenmarker Stadion Rüsternbreite
1998 1. FC Magdeburg FSV Lok/Altmark Stendal 4-1 Dessaumarker Paul Greifzu Stadiummarker 3,500
1999 VfL Halle 96 FC Anhalt Dessau 3-2 Dessau Paul Greifzu Stadium
2000 1. FC Magdeburg II VfL Halle 96 3-2 Dessau Paul Greifzu Stadium 700
2001 1. FC Magdeburg VfB IMO Merseburg 3-0 Dessau Paul Greifzu Stadium 1,586
2002 Hallescher FC FC Grün-Weiß Wolfen 3-1 Dessau Paul Greifzu Stadium 2,483
2003 1. FC Magdeburg 1.FC Lok Stendal 2-0 Dessau Paul Greifzu Stadium 2,138
2004 TSV Völpke SV Dessau 05 3-2 Dessau Paul Greifzu Stadium 2,300
2005 Magdeburger SV 90 Preußen VfB 1906 Sangerhausen 4-2 after penalties Dessau Paul Greifzu Stadium 1,200
2006 1. FC Magdeburg SV 09 Staßfurt 1-0 Schönebeck (Elbe) Sportforum an der Barbarastraße 4,500
2007 1. FC Magdeburg II Magdeburger SV 90 Preußen 3-0 Magdeburgmarker Stadion Magdeburgmarker 2,529
2008 Hallescher FC 1. FC Magdeburg 0-0 (4-3 pen.) Magdeburg Stadion Magdeburg 13,988
2009 Hallescher FC 1. FC Magdeburg 0–1 Magdeburg Stadion Magdeburg 12,988

Record winners

Rank Club Number
1 1. FC Magdeburg 8
2 1. FC Lok Stendal, Hallescher FC 3
3 VfL Halle 96 2
4 Wernigeröder SV Rot-Weiß, TSV Völpke, Magdeburger SV 90 Preußen 1

Two titles were won by the club's reserves.

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