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Sayyid Ajjal Shams al-Din Omar (赛典赤·赡思丁; pinyin: Sàidiǎnchì Zhānsīdīng; 1211 - 1279) was Yunnanmarker's first provincial governor appointed by the central Chinese government (in this case, the Yuan Empiremarker).

Shams al-Din was a Muslim Khwarezmian from Bukharamarker, sent to Yunnanmarker by Kublai Khan after quelling a local revolt.

He is identified as the ancestor of many Chinese Hui lineages and that of most of Yunnanmarker's Panthay Hui population.

A Hui legend in Ningxia links four surnames common in the region - Na, Su, La, and Ding - with the descendants of Shams al-Din's son named Nasruddin, who "divided" their ancestor's name (Nasulading, in Chinese) among themselves.

One of his most prominent descendants was Zheng He, whose courtesy title Sanbao may have inspired the Persian tales of Sinbad the Sailor.


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