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Schwarzburg-Sondershausen was a small principality in Germany, in the present day state of Thuringiamarker, with capital at Sondershausenmarker.


Karl Gunther, the last Prince of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen
Schwarzburg-Sondershausen was a county until 1697, in that year it became a principality, and lasted until the fall of the German monarchies in 1918, during the German Revolution. After which it became a republic.

In 1920 it joined with other small states in the area to form the new state of Thuringiamarker. Schwarzburg-Sondershausen had an area of 862 km² and a population of 85,000 (1905). Towns placed in the state were: Arnstadtmarker, Sondershausenmarker, Gehrenmarker, Langewiesenmarker, Großbreitenbachmarker, Ebelebenmarker, Großenehrichmarker, Greußenmarker and Plauemarker.

Rulers of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, 1552–1918

Counts of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen

  • 1552–86 John Günther I
  • 1586–1643 Günther XLII, with
  • 1586–1638 Anthony Henry, with
  • 1586–1631 John Günther II, with
  • 1586–1642 Christian Günther I
  • 1642–66 Anthony Günther I
  • 1666–97 Christian William, with
  • 1666–97 Anthony Günther II
Raised to Prince in 1697

Princes of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen

United under Prince Günther of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt

Heads of the princely house of Schwarzburg

On the death of the childless Prince Günther Victor in 1925 he was succeeded by Prince Sizzo (1860-1926) who was the son of Prince Friedrich Günther (1793–1867) from his second, morganatic marriage. Prince Sizzo was recognised as a full member of the House of Schwarzburg in 1896.

Villages with more than 2000 people

Village people

December 1, 1910
Arnstadtmarker 17.841
Sondershausenmarker 7759
Langewiesenmarker 3814
Greußenmarker 3348
Großbreitenbachmarker 3255
Gehrenmarker 2917
Geschwendamarker 2291

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