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The Second Dynasty of ancient Egypt is often combined with the First dynasty under the group title, Early Dynastic Period of Egypt. The capital at that time was Thinis.


The names of the actual rulers of the Second Dynasty are in dispute. For the first five kings, the sources are fairly close in agreement. Known rulers, in the History of Egypt, for the Second Dynasty are as follows:

Name Years Reigned
Hotepsekhemwy 38
Raneb (now identified with Weneg) 39
Nynetjer 40
Senedj 20

However, the identity of the next two or three rulers is unclear: we may have both the Horus-name or Nebty (meaning two ladies) -name and their birth names for these rulers; they may be entirely different individuals; or they may be legendary names. On the left are the rulers most Egyptologists place here; on the right are the names that ultimately come from Manetho's Aegyptica:

Proposed Ruler Manetho's List
Seth-Peribsen Kaires
Sekhemib-Perenmaat Sesokhris

With the last ruler, we return to an agreement:

Name Years Reigned
Khasekhemwy 17–18

Although Manetho states the capital was at Thinis, the same as during the First Dynasty, at least the first three kings were buried at Saqqaramarker, suggesting the center of power had moved to Memphismarker. Beyond this, little can be said about the events during this period; the annual records on the Palermo stone only survive for the end of the reign of Raneb and for parts of Nynetjer's. One important event possibly happened during the reign of Khasekhemwy: many Egyptologists read his name ("the Two Powers are Crowned") as commemorating the union of Upper and Lower Egypts.

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