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Youssef Soukouna (born June 20, 1981) in Paris, Barbès La Goutte D'Or, better known by his stage name Sefyu (his pseudonym is therefore his first name in verlan) is a French rapper of Senegalesemarker descent. He comes from Aulnay-sous-Bois (“Cité des Emmaüs”), a city in the french departement of Seine-Saint-Denismarker (North Eastern suburbs of Parismarker).Following a failed attempt at becoming a professional soccer player because of an injury, Sefyu started his hip-hop career at the beginning of the 2000s.


Sefyu has played for a long time as a left-winger in soccer. He attended the prestigious Shenley Training Centre of Arsenal F.C.

A member of the crews “NCC” (Natural Court Circuit –“ Natural Short Circuit”) and “G-Huit”, he started his ascent to fame by rapping with Rohff on his album La Fierté des nôtres, released in June 2004.

He has worked with a vast array of French rappers, including Moystaff du Bengale, Nemesis, Ritmo, La K-Bine crew, Passi, Sniper, Daddy Lord C. He performed publicly in 2001 at the Francofolies de la Rochelle.

In 2005, he released a « street CD » entitled « Molotov 4 », produced by Kore et Skalp.In April 2006, Sefyu released his first album, Qui Suis-je ? (“Who Am I ?”). Sefyu’s style his characterised by a few features: a deep, husky voice, and a range of unique phrases (“Crrr!”, an onomatopoeia imitating the sound of a gun being cocked; “Crouille”, French slang for “riffraff”; “undercover”... ). Some of his songs belong to the hardcore hip-hop genre (i.e.: “La vie qui va avec”), whereas some others are inspired by R’n’B music (i.e.: “Un point c’est tout”).

His 2007 song “”Lettre du Front” (Letter from the Frontline) was released on R’n’b singer Kenza Farah’s album.

On May 12, 2008, Sefyu released his second album, « Suis-je le gardien de mon frère? » (Am I my brother’s keeper ?). Before its release, Sefyu made a few acclaimed singles (“Mon Public”, “Molotov 4”, “Au pays du zahef”) which contributed to the album’s commercial success: according to Planète Rap Magazine, 106,453 copies of Sefyu’s second album were sold in France in 2008.On March 1, 2009, Sefyu won the Victoire de la Musique Award, in the category “Revelation of the year” .

Sefyu seldom shows his face, and often hides it by wearing a hoody, by hiding it with his fist, a ski mask, or his fitted hat; the reason for this being doubly. The first reason for hiding his face is as an homage to the "caillera style". There is also an other, more personal reason: his father did not want him to become a rapper, and not showing his face is being deferent to his father.


Albums2005 : Molotov 42006 : Qui suis-je ?2008 : Suis-je le gardien de mon frère ?'


2001Sefyu - "La lutte libère" on "Sachons dire NON Vol.1"La K-Bine Feat Sefyu - "Des hommes en kolère" on "Le Rap est mort" (By La K-Bine)

2002Gentlemen Feat Sefyu - "Vision 200" on The Gentlemen's album, "Mortelle Saint-Valentin"

2003Sefyu Feat Rohff, Zesau & Dry - "Baiser" on "Talents fâchés Vol.1"La K-Bine Feat Sefyu - "Crimes impunis" on La K-Bine's album, "Rapport de force"

2004Rohff Feat Sefyu, Alibi Montana & Kamel L'ancien - "Code 187" on Rohff's album, "La fierté des nôtres"Sefyu - "Flow du Malawi" on "Talents fâchés Vol.2"

2005Ol' Kainry & Dany Dan Feat Sefyu, Alibi Montana & Nubi - "Crie mon nom Remix" on the street CD of the same nameK.ommando Toxic Feat Sefyu - "Pucc fiction Remix" on K.ommando Toxic' album, "Retour vers le futur"Seth Gueko Feat Sefyu - "Patate de forain" on Seth Gueko's street CD, "Barillet plein"Sefyu - "Interlude explicit" on "De la poudre au Rap"Samat Feat Sefyu, Larsen & Alibi Montana - "Ghetto guerrier" on Samat's mixtape, "Samat Feat Hip Hop de rue"Mic Fury Feat Sefyu & Alonzo - "Street zoologie" on Mic Fury's album, "Au bout du tunnel"Sefyu Feat Kuamen - "On vit comme on peut" on "Patrimoine du ghetto"Gentlemen Feat NCC - "Sourire de la haine" on The Gentlemen's mixtape, "Cobra"

2006Sefyu Feat RR & A.P. - "On va te douiller" on "Illegal radioAlibi "

2007Aketo Feat Sefyu, Tunisiano & Six Coups Mc - "Style certifié" on Aketo's street CD, "Cracheur 2 venin"Rim'K Feat Sefyu - "Parloir fantôme" on Rim'K's album, "Famille nombreuse"Kenzah Farah Feat Sefyu - "Lettre du front" on Kenza's album, "Authentik"Alibi Montana Feat Sefyu&LIM - "Honneur aux ghettos"

2008Participated in Urban Peace 2 , a hip-hop concert in 2008

2009La Fouine Feat Sefyu & Soprano - "Ça fait mal Remix"Sefyu Feat RR - "L'œil du ghetto" on "Les yeux dans la banlieue Vol.2"


2009 : Artiste ou révélation du public aux Victoires de la musique avec son album « Suis-je le gardien de mon frère ? ».


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