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Sehnsa is a large town in Pakistanmarker Administered Azad Kashmirmarker which lies on the west of Gulpur on the Kotlimarker-Rawaplindi road. Sehnsa is a sub-divisional (Thesil) headquarters of Kotli district in the center of Sehnsa valley.


Sehnsa is named after its founder Raja Sehns Pal who was a grandson of the ruler of Kotlimarker Raja Mangar Pal, the ancestor of Mangral Rajputs. Raja Sehns Pal had five sons,they ruled kotli Mangralan and Poonch till 1815.Saila was first Mangral Rajdhani.Raja Sehns Pal Khan established the City of Sehnsa which is now one of the largest towns in the Pakistan side of Kashmir known as Azad Kashir (AJK). Raja Sehns Pal, the grandson of Raja Mangar Pal, was the first Mangral to convert to Islam and was given the title Khan meaning ruler. The Mangrals have carried this title since together with the title of Raja.

In the late 12th Century the defence of the North Western borders had been assigned by the Hindu rulers of India to the Gakhars a fierce and warlike tribe of Persian descent. The Potohar plateau was at this time ruled by the Gakhar king Mang Khan Gakhar whose territory included the areas of Chana, Bhaneer and Choomukh (nowadays known as Mirpur) as well as the areas beyond and into the mountains of Kashmir.

Around this time Raja Sehns Pal and his companions had established residence in Malot (near to modern day Mirpur) and then at Kobara. They had also established the first Mangral village at Nikka Tranna. On hearing of the arrival of Raja Sehns Pal in the area and because of the famous noble lineage of the Mangrals from the ancient and renowned Chandra Bansi (Lunar God) dynasty of India and because of the reputation in battle of his grandfather Raja Mangar Pal the local Hindu tribes united and rallied around Raja Sehns Pal and swore allegiance to him.

Raja Sehns Pal fought a battle alongside two legendary historic figures: the Afghan Sultan Shohab Ul-Din Ghauri and his Turkish General Qutb-ud-din Aybak (who went on to become the first Sultan of Delhi) in which they defeated the Gakkhar King Mang Khan Ghakhar. Raja Sehns Pal then gained control over a very large area which became the States of Kotli and Poonch. The first capital (Rajdhani) of the Mangral’s was then established at a place called Saila, the ruins of which remain to this day. In fact the nearby City of Sehnsa which is now one of the largest town’s in Azad Kashmir is named after Raja Sehns Pal Khan its founder.

In honour of his grandfather, Raja Sehns Pal then built a residence on the banks of the river Poonch which he called Kotli Mangrallan (Kotli meaning residence and therefore Kotli Mangrallan meaning the residence of the Mangrals). Raja Sehns Pal embraced Islam under the guidance of the Sufi Saint Hazrat Mastan Wali Shah Ullah (RA) which resulted in the entire population of Kotli and Poonch State accepting Islam. In fact this is how Islam first came to these areas. Islam has since thrived and flourished in Kotli to such a degree that Kotli became famous as the “City of Mosques” and the “City of Saints”. There is today probably a higher concentration of mosques in Kotli than almost any other City in the world.

Raja Sehns Pal was awarded the title “Khan” by Ghauri and the Mangral's have carried this title ever since, together with the title of Raja. The shrine of Hazrat Mastan Wali Shah Ullah (RA) still exists in Saila and has been well cared for by the local population.

A short time later, in the year 1206 the Gakhars managed to exact revenge on Ghauri when they raided his camp on the banks of the river Jhelum and managed to kill him. However, the rule of the Mangrals in Kotli and Poonch under the leadership of Raja Sehns Pal and his descendants was to continue for over 600 years before the decline of the Mughal Empire saw the brief Emergence of the Sikhs followed by a short period of rule by the Dogra’s

Raja Sehns Pal Khan had five sons from whom all the Mangral trace their origins. In fact the names chosen by Raja Sehns Pal for his sons show the closeness he had with the Afghan kings:Raja Tatar KhanRaja Daan KhanRaja Janib KhanRaja Murtatab KhanRaja Qandahar Khan (died without issue)Pictures Provided by Raja Nazir Ahmad Khan Mangral RawalpindiTIKKA MANGRAL

Since the creation of Pakistan and the division of Kashmir between India and Pakistan Sehnsa has seen significant growth and has become a centre for trade and transportation.

Sehnsa was the starting point for the brave General Raja Sakhi Deler Khan and raja sainf ali khan Mangral, pioneers in the fight against the Dogra ruler Maharaja Hari Singh's army.


The literacy rate of this area is very high because of a number of education institutes working hardly to provide quality and modern education. There are govt. degree colleges for both boys and girls. The government boys school is upgraded and shifted by the personnel efforts of principal Haji muhammad younus . who take keen interest in the reshaping of his own school and motivate the prominent person who studied from this school to give funds. now it has technical training ,computer labs and science labs and library by the funding of the school and class mate s and a number of leading colleges in private sector of which the most productive and standard colleges are Alqalm Academy , New Age Scholars Science College , Kashmir Ideal College ,Fatima Jinnah College and recently established Sir Syed College . These colleges though in competitive manner but giving a tremendous output . And students educated from these colleges have entered in many fields of higher education e.g. . medicine , engineering , army , IT, etc. New Age Scholars Science College is the leading college with a marvelous record of a no of students in med, eng, it forces. it also holding classes of Bsc. Bcs. Bcom, BA and B.Ed. Montessori system of education with separate primary middle and college classes blocks location and admin. In higher studies coeducation is prohibited.Ex army person for morning assembly,discipline and monitoring of student guestIn last few years the leading NGO of sehnsa city Khidmat.e.Khalq Trust has also payed attention to the education site and has constructed schools at primary ,secoondary and middle level for poor people of area to provide them education free of cost .


Sehnsa is a place well known for its variety of shops and as a trading base, connecting the town to many other parts of Azad Kashmir as well as Pakistanmarker. Sehnsa is a very beautiful valley.

Earthquake 2005

On the October 8 ,2005 this city also felt strong jerks but nothing type of damage occurred. On the same day the leading NGO Khidmat.e.Khalq Trust under the presidence of Abrar Shah went tp the affected areas of AJK. it was the first NGO to reach the Bagh district and help the affected people . This NGO remained there for almost 6 months and helped in building homes of damaged people . People of Sehnsa also participated in helping their affected brothers with all they had . They shared every thing they had .


Sehnsa is on the Kotlimarker-Rawalpindimarker main road.

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Geography and climate

Sehnsa is positioned at a lower level to that of the surrounding area at a range of 35 km from Kotli. It is a picturesque town, with nearby forests and a landscape of natural beauty. It has a mild climate, aided by the range of the area.there are many plane areas in this region of which one is Bharand. It is beautiful area with greenary covering the all area. For away from the Bharand bazar with the side of jungle there is an old fort of British times . Now the constructive condition of this firt is quite affected by weather but still its a part of Sehnsa History .

The Sehnsa Valley is circly surrounded by the mountains and seems like a Cup from areal view . In winters the whole Sehnsa Valley is covered with fog and the surroundings hills present a imaginary view because of glittering water flowing down from their tops.Nearby is the scenic area of Bruhian surrounded by Chir (pine) forests and natural beauty.Around bruhian you can find langoors[kind of monkeys]peacocks and natives of this area who stick to their traditions as practiced centuries ago.One of the most known personalties from this region of bruhian is raja chukee khan who has earned a reputation for being helpful to the people of his native tribe and surrounding areas.

Nawan is one of the biggest village of this Tehsil which is consist of about 300 home with area of 5 squere km.This village is most beautiful having all necessasities of life. The main feature of this village is Shrine of Hazrat Baba Sheikh Choor Badshah. A large number of people goes there on every Thursday. [Shafique Asmi Nawan].The village dharyar(Teryar)is situated on east bank of river Jehlum on border of neighbouring of Pakistan this is big village and very nbeautiful location. This is on a top hill where some can view Gulpur and sehnsa town. Sardar Qamar


The common language is 'Pothohari language) an Indo-European language which differs to an extent from '[[Urdu' the national language of Pakistan.pothohari is the second most spoken language in Kashmir, Kashmiri being the most common.

Important Personalities

*Kaasvi sajid iqbal(principal NASSC)
  • KAASVI Nouman Younis Aeronatical IN PAF Engineering
  • Raja Fazal Dad (Minister)
  • Raja Naseer Khan(MLA)
  • Sardar Baroo khan Fredom Fighter
  • Dr.Riaz mahmood chodhry(Minister)now promoted to a rajput
  • Raja MUNSHI KHAN camel man *Sardar Parvez Khan Advocat Trala
  • Raja Majeed Law Secretary Sehr Mondi(Ex-chairman Local Govt.Dist. Kotli)
  • Col. Suliman Khan isi
  • Mangral Nawabi New AfzalPur( Rafiq Nawabi DSP,Ajib Nawabi SP,Parwaiz Nawabi adocate, Afzal Nawabi Chairman,Khaliq Nawabi mi6 adocate ,Aamer Nawabi Inspector CIA and Fiaz Nawabi Asst. Adocate General Azad State Jammu & Kashmir).
  • Matloob Inqalabi Adocate & president of PPP sehr Mondi
  • Raja Zubair Khan Mangral Adocate
  • Parvez Butt advocate ex central president KSFM
  • Chaudhary Kamran Ayyub President of Student PPP in Sehnsa
Raja abdul Qudus khan PDSP is the youngest commission officer to hold the office of PDSP at the age of forty he was given the medal of excellence he was also a supreme student of the university of punjab and qualified with a honours degree in law.He is the son of Raja fazal Dad khan of Sarhota
  • Chaudhry Sabir Hussain .An important personality of Bhrand (Sehnsa) who donated an Ambulance to KKT (NGO in Sehnsa working for poor people)
  • Capt Retired Muhammad Yaqub Bhrand(Sehnsa)

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  • Punjab hill states by sir Danzil Ibbetson
  • Kohtali sey Kotli Tak by Sagar Kashmiri

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