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Select was a United Kingdommarker music magazine of the 1990s which was particularly known for covering Britpop, a term coined in the magazine by Stuart Maconie. Its 1993 "Yanks Go Home" edition, featuring The Auteurs, Denim, Saint Etienne, Pulp and Suede's Brett Anderson on the cover in front of a Union Jack, was an important impetus in defining the movement's opposition to American genres such as grunge.

The magazine launched in October 1990 and folded a decade later in 2000, mirroring the rise and decline of the Britpop scene with which it became synonymous.


  • Pop Babylon! (circa 1994)

  • Music and Beyond (circa 1998)


Select compilations

Over the years the magazine gave away a number of free compilations. These included:

Select 12

Cassette, Oct 1990 (launch issue)
  1. The House of Love: Se dest
  2. James: Whoops
  3. Yello: Angel no
  4. Electribe 101: Talkin' with myself
  5. The Walker Brothers: My ship is coming in
  6. The Hummingbirds: House taken over
  7. Ruby Blue: Quiet mind
  8. The Lilac Time: Fields
  9. Dusty Springfield: Breakfast in bed
  10. Tom Verlaine: Cooleridge
  11. The Fall: I'm Frank
  12. Band: I want it now

The Factory Tape

Factory Records, Cassette, 1991 (catalogue number FAC 305c)
  1. Northside: Moody Places Instrumental
  2. New Order: Bizarre Love Triangle (Stephen Hague Mix)
  3. Cath Carroll: Moves Like You
  4. Happy Mondays: Kinky Afro (Euromix 12" Version)
  5. The Wendys: Suckling
  6. Revenge: The Trouble With Girls
  7. Electronic: Lucky Bag (Miami Edit)
  8. Cath Carroll: Next Time (Edit)
  9. Vini Reilly & Durutti Column: Megamix

Creation tape

Creation Records, Cassette, 1992
  1. The Boo Radleys: Lazy days
  2. Swervedriver: Son of Mustang Ford
  3. Teenage Fanclub: Kylie's got a crush on us
  4. Silverfish: Vitriola
  5. Love Corporation: Gimme some love
  6. MK: Play the world
  7. The Telescopes: You set my soul
  8. Slowdive: Shine
  9. Sheer Taft: Atlantis
  10. Bill Drummond: The manager's speech

Island Select

Island Records, Cassette, 1993
  1. Stereo MCs: Everything (sabres on main street remix)
  2. Nine Inch Nails: Wish
  3. Ice Cube: U ain't gonna take my life
  4. Starclub: Bad machine
  5. Freestyle Fellowship: Innercity boundaries
  6. The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy: California über alles
  7. U2: Salomé (Zooromancer remix)
  8. PJ Harvey: Hook
  9. Dodge City Productions: As long as we're around (say you hear dis mix)
  10. Sheep on Drugs: Flaming church of baby jesus
  11. Apache Indian featuring Shaggy: Chok there (Livingston lik)
  12. The Cranberries: Put me down


Cassette, Apr 1995
  1. Boo Radleys: Stuck On Amber (Original Mix)
  2. Gene: Haunted By You (Live)
  3. EMF: Perfect Day (Martinijuana Mix)
  4. Stereolab: Seeperbold
  5. Massive Attack: Magnetic Shield Dub (Protection)
  6. Sleeper: It's Wrong Of You To Breed
  7. Steamboat Band: Just Like Me
  8. Whiteout: Higher
  9. U2: Stay (Faraway So Close)(Underdog Mix)
  10. Teenage Fanclub: Nothing To Be Done
  11. Spiritualized Electric Mainline: Spread Your Wings (Pure Phase)
  12. Marion : Late Gate Show
  13. McAlmont: Worn Away
  14. Global Communication: Incidental Harmony

Justin Robertson - Journeys By DJ

Cassette, May 1995
  1. Strata 3: (It's Not) A Man's World
  2. Bootman: To The Hip
  3. Lionrock: Packet Of Peace (Dust Brothers Remix)
  4. Danell Dixon: Earthquake
  5. Transglobal Underground: International Stomp (Justin Robertson Remix)
  6. Plastikman: Spastik
  7. Emmanuel Top: Ecsta Deal
  8. Baradamarker: Mathematics
  9. Orbital: Are We Here? (We Did It Mix)
  10. Underworld: Dog Man Go Woof
  11. New Order 1963 (Lionrock Sparse 'N' Fast Mix)
  12. Planetary Assault Systems: Booster
  13. Humate3.1
  14. Björk: Human Behaviour (Underworld Dub 2)


CD, December 1998
  1. Ash: Jesus Says
  2. The Wiseguys: Ooh La La
  3. Space and Cerys Matthews: The Ballad of Tom Jones
  4. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Lovin' Machine
  5. The Delgados: Everything Goes Around the Water
  6. Stereolab: One Small Step
  7. Cubamarker: Foxy's Den
  8. Les Rythmes Digitales: (Hey You) What's that sound
  9. Eddie Izzard: Kennedy
  10. Cornelius: Free fall
  11. Unkle: Rabbit in Your Headlights
  12. The Divine Comedy: Commuter Love
  13. Quasi: The Happy Prole
  14. Mogwai: "A Cheery Wave from Stranded Youngsters" – 2:20
  15. Cable: Pocket Promise
  16. Elliott Smith: Ballad of Big Nothing
  17. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: The Ship Song (live)

The Deep End CD

CD, March 2000
  1. Moby: Natural Blues (Mike D Remix)
  2. Super Furry Animals: Ymaelodi Â'r Ymylon
  3. Bentley Rhythm Ace: T-Spot
  4. Primal Scream: Swastika Eyes (David Holmes Mix)
  5. Badly Drawn Boy: Everybody's Stalking (Demo Version)
  6. Eels: The Sound of Fear
  7. Clinic: Second Foot Stomp
  8. Handsome Boy Modeling School: Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II)
  9. The For Carnation: A Tribute To
  10. Lambchop: The Distance From Her To There
  11. Mogwai: New Paths To Helicon (Part 1)
  12. Elliott Smith Happiness

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