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Selfish Cunt are a rock band based in Londonmarker, Englandmarker. They were formed in early 2003 by main members Martin Tomlinson and Patrick Constable. They are notorious for their highly provocative lyrics, aggressive stage shows, and brutal electronic-influenced rock. Their mix of electric guitar and electronic drum machines is accompanied by highly politically-charged and often sexually graphic lyrics. Due to their highly provocative image, as well as their name, Selfish Cunt have a mixed reputation amongst critics, and have had a great deal of media coverage, particularly in The Guardian, which named them as one of the 40 most important bands in the UK. They have now expanded to a four piece band with drums and bass and their new sound is much heavier. Time Out magazine has described them as "one of Londons most exciting live acts", and Tomlinson as "the closest thing to Iggy Pop this generation will produce".

Selfish Cunt released an album in September 2008 titled English Chamber Music. The record was met with rave reviews, some citing them as the saviours of modern english independent bands.


Selfish Cunt were formed in 2003 at the beginning of an era of prominent post-punk revivalism. At the time, Blackburn-born frontman Tomlinson was working in theatre, while New Zealand-born guitarist Patrick Constable was playing in an art-rock band called Dirty Snow. In the words of Tomlinson himself, "We decided to do Selfish Cunt because although we're from really different practices, the connection is music."

After touring in small clubs, mainly in London, the duo released the single "Britain Is Shit" / "Fuck The Poor" followed by their next single "Authority Confrontation". The latter track made a brief appearance in the UK Singles Chart at #66.


Selfish Cunt are currently banned from several British venues, including the ICAmarker, The Rocks and The Egg after a series of controversial, usually destructive stunts, most notably sabotaging Snow Patrol's equipment. The band also made the music press headlines due to Tomlinson brawling with Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty and photographer Andrew Kendall outside Buckingham Palacemarker after Tomlinson apparently threw horse manure at the both of them. The two were later pulled away by several police officers.



  • "England Made Me II" (2008 - Sparrow's Tear)
  • "Avocado" (2007 - LoveHowlMuse)
  • "The Mechanic" (2007 - LoveHowlMuse)
  • "Britain Is Shit" / "Fuck The Poor" (Horseglue Records)
  • "Authority Confrontation" (Horseglue Records)
  • "My Prerogative" (Horseglue Records)


  • No Wicked Heart Shall Prosper (2004, Horseglue Records)
  1. "Corporate Slut"
  2. "Fuck The Poor"
  3. "Pro Patriotic"
  4. "Coming Of The White Man"
  5. "Full Swing"
  6. "Crackney Browns"
  7. "I Love New York"
  8. "Bobby" (cover of Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative")
  9. "Authority Confrontation"
  10. "Yes"
  11. "Britain is Shit"

  • English Chamber Music (2008, Sparrow's Tear Records)
  1. "Intro"
  2. "Whip Goes The Crack"
  3. "Feel Like A Woman"
  4. "Bullet To The Brain"
  5. "Avocado"
  6. "Born In A Mess"
  7. "The Mechanic"
  8. "England Made Me II"
  9. "I Got It On Slow"
  10. "Born From A Mother"
  11. "Outro"



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