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The Senate of the Republic of Colombia ( ) is the upper house of the Congress of Colombia, with the lower house being the Chamber of Representatives of Colombia. The Senate has 102 members elected for concurrent (non-rotating) four-year terms.

Election process

According to the Colombian Constitution of 1991, 100 senators (senadores) are elected from a single national candidate list. The remaining two are elected from a special list set aside for Indigenous peoples communities and Afro-Colombian minorities. Senators can be elected by Colombian citizens abroad.


To be a senator, a person must be a natural-born Colombian citizen who has attained the age of 30 years at the moment of election.

Exclusive powers of the Senate

  1. Approve or reject the resignations of both the President and the Vice-President.
  2. Approve or reject all military rank promotion at all grades.
  3. Grant leaves of absence for the President in cases other than sickness, and determine whether the reasons for the leave are worthy.
  4. Allow for the transit of foreign troops through Colombianmarker territory.
  5. Authorize the Government to declare war on a foreign nation.
  6. Elect the Constitutional Court justices.
  7. Elect the Attorney General.

Current senators and political parties

The present composition of the Senate of the Republic of Colombia was elected for the period between July 20, 2006 until July 20, 2010. Some 37 congressmen are under investigation for maintaining ties with the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, some have been suspended from the senate while their respective investigations conclude. Many of these members have been separated indefinitely and condemned to serve prison time.

circumscription Party Senator
National Partido Social de Unidad Nacional (U)
Colombian Conservative Party (C)
Colombian Liberal Party (L)
Radical Change Party (CR)
Alternative Democratic Pole (PDA)
Partido Convergencia Ciudadana
Movimiento Alas Equipo Colombia
Partido Colombia Democrática
Movimiento Independiente de Renovación Absoluta
Movimiento Colombia Viva
Indigenous Alianza Social Indígena (ASI)
Autoridades Indígenas de Colombia (AICO)

  • Of the 102 elected congressman and women that took office on July 20, 2006. 52 were reelected for another term, 25 had previously served in the Chamber of Representatives of Colombia in the 2002-2006 term, 3 returned to the senate after a few years of absence and 22 were elected to congress for the first time.

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