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The Chamber of Senators (Cámara de Senadores) is the upper house of the General Assembly (Asamblea General) of Uruguaymarker. The Chamber has 30 members elected for a five year term by proportional representation; the vice-president of Uruguay presides over the chamber's sessions. As of the most recent general election, 16 Senators represent the Broad Front, 9 represent the National Party, and 5 represent the Colorado Party

Latest elections

Current Senators

As of the Uruguayan general election, 2004.
Name Party Sector
Rodolfo Nin Novoa (President) Frente Amplio Progressive Alliance
Sergio Abreu National Party National Alliance
Ernesto Agazzi (1) Frente Amplio MPP
Isaac Alfie (2) Colorado Party List 15
Juan Justo Amaro Colorado Party List 15
Enrique Antía National Party Correntada Wilsonista
Mariano Arana (3) Frente Amplio Vertiente Artiguista
Marina Arismendi (4) Frente Amplio Communist Party of Uruguay
Danilo Astori (5) Frente Amplio Uruguay Assembly
Alberto Cid Frente Amplio Uruguay Assembly
Alberto Couriel Frente Amplio MPP
Eber da Rosa National Party National Alliance
Susana Dalmás Frente Amplio Uruguay Assembly
Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro Frente Amplio MPP
Francisco Gallinal National Party Correntada Wilsonista
Reinaldo Gargano (6) Frente Amplio Socialist Party of Uruguay
Luis Alberto Heber National Party Herrerism
Gustavo Lapaz National Party Herrerism
Julio Lara National Party National Alliance
Jorge Larrañaga National Party National Alliance
Héctor Lescano (7) Frente Amplio Progressive Alliance
Ruperto Long National Party National Alliance
Rafael Michelini Frente Amplio List 99.000
Carlos Moreira National Party National Alliance
José Mujica (8) Frente Amplio MPP
Gustavo Penadés National Party Herrerism
Enrique Rubio (9) Frente Amplio Vertiente Artiguista
Julio María Sanguinetti Colorado Party Foro Batllista
Jorge Saravia Frente Amplio MPP
Víctor Vaillant Frente Amplio MPP
Mónica Xavier Frente Amplio Socialist Party of Uruguay

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