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Seoul Subway Line 7 of the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation was built 1990-96 (Jangam-Konkuk Univ.) and was completed 1 August 2000 (central section 17 km. Konkuk University to Sinpung); the western section between Sinpung and Onsu was put into service on 29 February 2000. This north-south line does not run through the city centre but links Gangnam directly to the northern parts of town.

The future plan is an extension to Incheon Subway Line 1 to relieve the traffic congestion in western Seoul and northern Incheon. 9 stations will be added by 2012 for the 9.8 km extension, starting from Onsu Station of Line 7 and ending at Bupyeong-gu Office Station of Incheon Subway Line 1. By that time, this line will run through 5 cities. Current length: 46.9 km.


Station # Station Hangul Hanja Transferrable Lines Station Type Doors Open
in Gyeonggi-domarker province (Uijeongbu City)
709 Jangam 장암 長岩 Aboveground/Straight Right
in Seoulmarker
710 Dobongsanmarker 도봉산 道峰山 Line 1 via Gyeongwon Aboveground/Curved Right
711 Suraksan 수락산 水落山 Underground/Straight Left
712 Madeul 마들 Underground/Straight Left
713 Nowon 노원 蘆原 Line 4 Underground/Straight Left
714 Junggye 중계 中溪 Underground/Curved Left
715 Hagye 하계 下溪 Underground/Straight Left
716 Gongneung

(Seoul National Univ. of Technology)


Underground/Curved Right
717 Taereung 태릉입구 泰陵入口 Line 6 Underground/Straight Right
718 Meokgol 먹골 Underground/Straight Right
719 Junghwa 중화 中和 Underground/Curved Right
720 Sangbong

(Intercity Bus Terminal)


Jungang Line (under construction) Underground/Curved Right
721 Myeonmok 면목 面牧 Underground/Curved Right
722 Sagajeong 사가정 四佳亭 Underground/Straight Right
723 Yongmasan 용마산 龍馬山 Underground/Curved Right
724 Junggok 중곡 中谷 Underground/Straight Right
725 Gunja



Line 5 Underground/Straight Right
726 Children's Grand Park

(Sejong Univ.)


Underground/Straight Right
727 Konkuk Univ.marker 건대입구 建大入口 Line 2 Underground/Straight Right
728 Ttukseom Resort 뚝섬유원지 뚝섬遊園地 Elevated/Straight Right
729 Cheongdam 청담 淸潭 Underground/Straight Left
730 Gangnam-gu Office 강남구청 江南區廳 Bundang Line (Under Construction) Underground/Curved Right
731 Hak-dong 학동 鶴洞 Underground/Straight Right
732 Nonhyeon 논현 論峴 Sin Bundang Line (planned) Underground/Straight Right
733 Banpo 반포 盤浦 Underground/Straight Right
734 Express Bus Terminal 고속터미널 高速터미널 Line 3, Line 9 Underground/Curved Right
735 Naebang 내방 內方 Underground/Straight Right
736 Isu 이수 梨水 Line 4 Underground/Curved Right
737 Namseong 남성 南城 Underground/Curved Right
738 Soongsil University


崇實大入口 Underground/Straight Right
739 Sangdo 상도 上道 Underground/Straight Right
740 Jangseungbaegi 장승배기 Underground/Curved Right
741 Sindaebangsamgeori 신대방삼거리 新大方삼거리 Underground/Straight Right
742 Boramae 보라매 Underground/Straight Left
743 Sinpung 신풍 新豊 Underground/Straight Right
744 Daerimmarker

(Guro-gu Office)


Line 2 Underground/Straight Right
745 Namguro 남구로 南九老 Underground/Straight Right
746 Gasan Digital Complex 가산디지털단지 加山디지털團地 Line 1 via Gyeongbu Underground/Curved Right
in Gyeonggi-domarker province (Gwangmyeong City)
747 Cheolsan 철산 鐵山 Underground/Curved Right
748 Gwangmyeongsageori 광명사거리 光明사거리 Underground/Straight Right
in Seoulmarker
749 Cheonwang 천왕 天旺 Underground/Curved Right
750 Onsu

(Sungkonghoe Univ.)


Line 1 via Gyeongin Underground/Curved Random
in Gyeonggi-domarker province (Bucheon City)
751 Bamgol (Under Construction) 밤골 Underground/Curved
752 Dangarae (Under Construction) 당아래 Underground
753 Chunui (Under Construction) 춘의 Underground/Curved
754 Bucheon Sinheung (Under Construction) 신흥 Underground/Straight
755 Bucheon City Hall (Under Construction) 부천시청 富川市廳 Underground/Straight
756 Sangdong Sageori (Under Construction) 상동 Underground
in Incheonmarker
757 Samsan (Under Construction) 삼산 Underground
758 Sinbok (Under Construction) 신복 Underground/Straight
759 Bupyeong-gu Office (Under Construction) 부평구청 富平區廳 Incheon Subway Line 1 Underground/Straight

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