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Serpukhov ( ) is an old town in Moscow Oblastmarker, Russiamarker, which is situated at the confluence of the Oka and the Nara Riversmarker. It is located 99 km (60 miles) south from Moscowmarker on the Moscow—Simferopolmarker highway. The Moscow—Tulamarker railway passes through the town. Population: 131,097 (2002 Census).


The town of Serpukhov was established in 1339 to protect the Southern approaches to Moscow. Two years later it was made a seat of the powerful princedom ruled by a cousin and close associate of Dmitry Donskoy, Vladimir of Serpukhov. The princedom continued until 1456, when the last prince escaped to Lithuaniamarker. The town frequently fell prey to the hordes of Toqtamysh, Crimean Tatars, and other steppe conquerors. It was necessary to protect it with a stone citadel, or kremlin, which was completed by 1556 as part of the Great Abatis Belt.


The citadel commands a steep hill where the small Serpeyka river enters the Nara Rivermarker. However during the 19th century, parts of the citadel were demolished by the town's inhabitants, who used its limestone for their private residences. Even now the vast majority of basements in nearby houses are built from this material. In the kremlin, the chief monument is the Trinity cathedral, built in 1696 in Moscow baroque style.

The Vysotsky Monasterymarker features a cathedral and refectory dating from the late 16th century, as well as the miracle-working icon Inexhaustible Chalice. Another important cloister is called Vladychny, with the Presentation cathedral and a tent-like St. George's church, both erected during Boris Godunov's reign. The latter monastery is named after the honorary title of Russian bishops, as it was founded by the holy metropolitan Alexis in 1360.

Modern town

In modern times, Serpukhov has become a local industrial center with textile, mechanical engineering, furniture and paper-producing industries. The SeAZ factory produces the Lada Oka microcar since the 1980s. The Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reservemarker sprawls within 12 km from the city.


The city is linked by trains to Moscow and Tula and is on the M2 highway between Moscow and the Crimea. There are also river boat services along the Oka river.

Culture and Education

Serpukhov is home to the Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum and the Serpukhov art Gallery

The city is home to the Serpukhov Military Academy of Missile troops and branches of several Moscow based universities


The city football team FC Zvezda Serpukhov play in the Russian second division

Historic Buildings

Image:Serpukhov sobor.jpg|Cathedral of St. Nicholas (19th Century)Image:Vysotsky abbey.jpg|Vysotsky MonasterymarkerImage:Vladychny abbey.jpg|Vladychny Convent (refectory) - 14th centuryImage:Vladychny.jpg|Vladychny Convent (cathedral)

People from Serpukhov

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