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Serralunga di Crea (Piedmontese: Seralonga 'd Crea) is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Alessandria in the Italianmarker region Piedmont, located about 45 km east of Turinmarker and about 35 km northwest of Alessandriamarker.

It is most famous for the Sacro Monte di Creamarker, a site of pilgrimage and worship close to it.

Serralunga di Crea borders the following municipalities: Ceresetomarker, Mombello Monferratomarker, Pontesturamarker, Ponzano Monferratomarker, and Solonghellomarker.

Image:Sacro Monte di Crea. Cappella del Paradiso3.jpg|Sacro Monte di Creamarker

Paradise Chapel
Image:Sacro Monte di Crea 1.jpg|Sacro Monte di Creamarker

Image:Sacro Monte di Crea. Figura1.JPG|Sacro Monte di Creamarker

Chapel 19.
Antonio Brilla, The finding of the empty tomb of Christ, 1889

Demographic evolution

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