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Shanghai University ( ) is a public, comprehensive university located in Shanghai, Chinamarker. The president of the university is Professor Qian Weichang, famous Chinese scientist.

Shanghai University is one of the nation's leading research universities in Shanghai. The university is a part of Project 211 for top national universities in the country.


Shanghai University in 1920's
Shanghai University was rebuilt in 1994 by consolidating Shanghai University of Technology (上海工业大学), Shanghai University of Science & Technology (上海科技大学), the former Shanghai University (原上海大学)and Shanghai Science & Technology College (上海科技高等专科学校).

Shanghai University was founded at Qingyun Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai in 1922 and was the outcome of the cooperation between the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party) and the Communist Party. Youren Yu (于右任), a notable member of Kuomintang, was the first president of the university. At that time under the revolutionary government led by Sun Yat-sen, Shanghai University was the top school in liberal arts, while Whampoa Military Academymarker was the elite school in military training.

Shanghai University was closed due to the the civil war. The old campus was destroyed during World War II. Afterwards, former Shanghai University was re-opened with the traditional focus of liberal arts, fine arts, business and laws in 1983.

Shanghai University of Technology was once Shanghai Institute of Technology (上海工学院), founded in 1960 with a strong background of engineering, technology and industries. The institute was renamed Shanghai University of Technology in 1979. The university was located at Yanchang Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai. Professor Weichang Chien (钱伟长) was the president of the university since 1982 and eventually led to the consolidated Shanghai University in 1994.

Shanghai University of Science & Technology was formed by the East China Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 1958 with a close relationship to the academic and science institutes. The University was located at Chengzhong Road, Jiading Districtmarker, Shanghai.

Shanghai Science & Technology College was once Shanghai No. 2 Science & Technology School established in 1959, and the school became a college in 1981.

The new Baoshan Campus, located at Shangda Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, was constructed as the main campus of the consolidated Shanghai University.


Motto written by Weichang Chien
Shanghai University is the biggest institution of higher learning run by Shanghai Municipality. It has 11 post-doctor stations covering Sociology, Language & Literature, Mathematics, Dynamics, Mechanical Engineering, Materials, Metallurgy, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Communication & Information Engineering, Contrology. There are 5 first-class disciplines allowed to grant Doctor’s degree, 32 second-class disciplines allowed to grant Doctor’s degree, 131 Master programs and 67 bachelor programs. There are 4 key disciplines at the national level, 8 key disciplines at the provincial and ministerial level.


Academic Schools and Departments

College of Fine Arts

Directly affiliated departments

Graduate schools


Main Library

Wenhui Library
Shanghai University Library is composed of three libraries. The main library is on the Baoshan campus, Wenhui library is located on Yanchang campus, and Lianhe library resides on Jiading campus. The University library, with a total floor space of 55,000 square meters, has 25 reading rooms and 3,000 seats. The main library occupies approximately 38,000 square meters.

The libraries contain more than 3 million volumes, more than 4,600 periodicals, and many electronic resources including Elsevier, Ebsco, Kluwer, and Academic Press. The library materials are comprehensive and cover diversified areas. In cooperation with Shanghai Writer’s Association, the main library has a collection room for Shanghai writer’s works.

Special Collections

  • Ancient Books Reading Room: Collecting “Imperial collection of four” (“Si Ku Quan Shu”) and the Qing dynasty thread-bound ancient books.

  • Hong Kong & Taiwan Book Collections: Containing 15,000 books, magazines, and newspapers published in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  • Shanghai Writer’s Works Display Room: Collecting 1,500 celebrity author’s books.

  • Fine Arts Reading Room: Containing nearly 10,000 books to support the faculty and students from the College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

  • Ancient Writing & Modern History Writing Reading Room: Collecting 9,000 ancient books published in recent years, 25,000 periodicals, as well as modern Chinese newspaper photocopy.


Campus Lawn
The Shanghai University academic spectrum is rich in the arts, laws, social science, mechanics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science, computer science, material science, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering and electronic engineering.

Shanghai University has 72 research institutes and an advanced high tech development park approved by the State Science Commission. Under the strategy of active involvement in China's economic expansion with technology and science research, the university has gained significant domestic and international influence in applied science research and fundamental science research. In recent years, the university ranks advanced in terms of scientific research funds, achievement awards and the number of academic theses.

Shanghai University is closely linked with the local community. The School of Life Science is co-founded with the local research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and The School of Film and Television Technology are supported by film, television and broadcasting industries. The university also has joint graduate programs in literature, economics, and law with the Shanghai branch of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Shanghai University is an active member of the international academic community. The university has established cooperative relationships with many universities abroad, with many notable scholars visiting as professors and honorary professors. Currently the university enrolls more than 2000 foreign students annually. Meanwhile, the university has sent many faculty abroad for training, research and academic exchange.



Notable Faculty

Notable alumni

  • Ji-Li Jiang, author of Red Scarf Girl
  • Yifei Chen (陈逸飞), famous film director, artist,graduated from Shanghai Fine Arts College in 1965

  • Scott Shaw, American writer and artist,received his Ph.D. from Shanghai University in Asian Studies



Baoshan Campus Map
Yanchang Campus
Jiading Campus

Baoshan Campus

Yanchang Campus

Jiading Campus

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