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Shiv Dayal Singh (also known as Swami ji) was the first Satguru to start the teachings of Radha Soami faith. His actual name was Seth Shiv Dayal Singh ji. He was born on August 25 1818 in Agramarker, Uttar Pradeshmarker, Indiamarker on the Janmashtmi day. At the age of five, he was sent to school where he learnt Hindi, Urdu, Persian and Gurumukhi. He also acquired a working knowledge of Arabic and Sanskrit. His parents were the followers of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib from Hathras, Indiamarker. Sant Tulsi Sahib ji initiated him at the age of six.

He was married at an early age to Naraini Devi, daughter of Izzat Rai of Faridabadmarker. She was of generous disposition and was very devoted to her husband. Shiv Dayalji was selected direct from school to act as a Persian expert to a government officer in Banda. As the job did not suit him, he gave it up and took another job as a teacher of Persian with a talukdar of Ballabhgarh estate. His spiritual cravings, however, were so intense that worldly attainments no longer attracted him and he gave up even this lucrative job. He returned home for devoting his entire time to religious pursuits.

He practiced Surat Shabd Yoga for 15 years and started satsang publicly on Vasant Panchami (a spring festival) in 1861. This schedule continued for 17 years.

Swami ji named his philosophy "Satnaam Anaami". The movement became known as Radha Soami, Radha meaning "Soul" and Soami meaning "Lord", hence "Lord of the Soul". The yoga system taught by Swami Ji is known as Surat Shabd Yoga.

Swami ji has described the secret of divine and true 'Naam'.

He wrote Saar Vachan book in two parts named:
  • Saar Vachan Vartik (Saar Vachan in prose)
  • Saar Vachan Chhand Band (Saar Vachan in verse)
Saar Vachan Vartik contain the discourses of Swami ji Maharaj, which he delivered in the satsang up to 1878. They cover important teachings of the faith.His poems in Saar Vachan Chhand Band are replete with emotional appeal - a successful blending of popular poetic expressions from different languages of north India such as, Khari-Boli, Awadhi, Brijbhasha, Rajasthani and Gurumukhi.

He departed from this world on June 15, 1878 in Agramarker, Indiamarker.

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