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Canadian Sikhs are the largest religious group among Indo-Canadians.. According to the 2001 census there are 278,410 Sikhs in Canada.


Sikhs have been in Canada since at least 1897. One of the first Sikh soldiers arrived in Canada following Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Sikhs were one of the few Asian immigrant communities who were loyal members of the British Empire. The irony was thatgreater entry restrictions were placed on prospective Sikh immigrants as compared to the Japanese and Chinese. While Canadian politicians, missionaries, unions and the press did not want Asian labour, British Columbiamarker industrialists were short of labour and thus Sikhs were able to get an early foothold at the turn of the century in British Columbia. Of the nearly 5,000 East Indians in Canada by 1907, over 98% were Sikhs, mostly retired British army veterans. . Sikh immigration to Canada was banned in 1908, and the population began to shrink. The 1907 riot in Vancouver led to a heightened and unabated violent sentiment against Asians and later the Komagata Maru incident in 1914 was the direct result of this ban on Asian immigration to Canada.

Sikh Population

The Sikh Population in Canada according to the 2001 Census.

Province Sikhs
British Columbiamarker 135,310
Ontariomarker 108,785
Albertamarker 23,470
Quebecmarker 8,225
Manitobamarker 5,485
Saskatchewanmarker 500
Nova Scotiamarker 270
Newfoundland and Labradormarker 135
Yukonmarker 100
New Brunswickmarker 90
Northwest Territoriesmarker 45
Prince Edward Islandmarker 0
Nunavutmarker 0
Canada 278,410

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