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Silistra Province ( ), sometimes called Özi Province was an eyalet of the Ottoman Empire along the Black Seamarker littoral and south bank of the Danube River in southeastern Europe.

Created from territory of the former Principality of Karvuna, later Dobruja, Silistra was originally a sanjak of Rumelia Province in the 16th century. Around 1599, it was expanded and raised to the level of an eyalet (province) likely as a benefit to its first governor-general (beylerbeyi), the khan of Crimea. It was centered on the regions of Dobruja, Budjak (Ottoman Bessarabia), and Yedisan and included the towns of Varnamarker, Kustendjamarker (Constanţa), Akkermanmarker (Bilhorod-Dnistrovs'kyi), and Khadjibeymarker (Odessa) with its capital at the fortresses of Silistramarker (now in Bulgariamarker) or Özimarker (now Ochakivmarker in Ukrainemarker).

In the 17th century, Silistra eyalet was expanded to the south and west to include most of modern Bulgariamarker and European Turkeymarker including the towns of Adrianoplemarker (Edirne), Filibemarker (Plovdiv), and Vidinmarker. In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, a series of Russo-Turkish Wars truncated the eyalet in the east with Russiamarker eventually annexing all of Yedisan and Budjak to the Danube by 1812.

With Ottoman administrative reforms of 1864 the Silistra eyalet was reconstituted as the Danube vilayetmarker. Also Edirne Provincemarker was constituted from south of Silistra eyalet in 1830.

The area is currently divided between Turkeymarker, Bulgariamarker, Romaniamarker, Moldovamarker and Ukrainemarker.

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