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The Singer Building at Liberty Street and Broadwaymarker in Manhattan, New Yorkmarker, was an office building completed in 1908 as the headquarters of the Singer Manufacturing Company.

The building's architect, Ernest Flagg, was a supporter of height limitations and restrictive zoning, and showed his solution to tall-building crowding with the Singer's set-back design. The 12-story base of the building filled an entire blockfront, while the tower above was very narrow.

At 612 feet (187 m) above grade, the Singer Building was the tallest building in the world from its completion until the completion in 1909 of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Towermarker on Madison Avenue, again in Manhattan.

The building was demolished in 1968 as it was claimed to be functionally obsolete, and in order to make way for the subdued U.S. Steel Building (currently known as One Liberty Plazamarker). The tower floors were squares only 65 feet (20 m) on a side. It remained the second tallest building ever destroyed after Avala TV Towermarker in Serbiamarker destroyed during NATOmarker bombing, until the September 11, 2001, collapse of the nearby World Trade Centermarker. It is still the tallest building ever lawfully demolished.


Image:Singer Building New York City 1908.jpg|The drawing of Singer Building.Image:Singer City Investing Hudson Terminal 1909.jpg|The Singer Building with the Hudson River Terminal.Image:SingerBuilding2.jpg|September 1967 by Jack E. BoucherImage:SingerBuilding3.jpg|September 1967Image:SingerBuilding4.jpg|September 1967Image:SingerBuilding5.jpgImage:SingerBuilding6.jpgImage:SingerBuilding7.jpgImage:SingerBuilding8.jpgImage:SingerBuilding9.jpgImage:SingerBuilding10.jpgImage:SingerBuilding11.jpgImage:SingerBuilding12.jpgImage:SingerBuilding13.jpgImage:SingerBuilding14.jpgImage:SingerBuilding15.jpg|The interior view of the Building.Image:SingerBuilding16.jpgImage:SingerBuilding17.jpgImage:SingerBuilding18.jpgImage:SingerBuilding19.jpgImage:SingerBuilding20.jpg

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  1. Another famous Singer Building, designed by architect Pavel Suzor, was built in 1902-1904 at Nevsky Prospekt in Saint-Petersburg for headquarters of the Russian branch of the company. This modern style building (situated just opposite to the Kazan Cathedral) is officially recognized as an object of Russian historical-cultural heritage.

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