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Slammiversary (2008) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), which took place on June 8, 2008 from the DeSoto Civic Centermarker in Southaven, Mississippimarker. It was the fourth event under the Slammiversary chronology and marked the sixth anniversary of the promotion. Seven professional wrestling matches were featured on the event's card. In the tradition of Slammiversary events, a staple match in TNA—titled the King of the Mountain match (KOTM)—was featured as the main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Following the conclusion of the event, and while an independent construction crew hired by TNA was dissembling the event's set, a worker (Kevin "Angus" Sinex) fell to his death. The scaffold, which he was working on, broke and collapsed; causing him to fall nearly to the concrete floor below. Another man was also injured in this accident.

The main event featured the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe defeating Booker T, Robert Roode, Christian Cage, and Rhino to retain the championship in the KOTM with Kevin Nash as Special Guest Ringside Enforcer. Another featured match on the card pitted A.J. Styles against Kurt Angle in a standard wrestling match; Styles won the encounter. The event's undercard featured different varieties of matches. TNA World Tag Team Champions The Latin American Xchange (Homicide and Hernandez) (LAX) defeated Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) in a tag team match. Petey Williams retained the TNA X Division Championship against Kaz in a standard wrestling match.

Slammiversary marked the fifth time the KOTM format was used in TNA and the first time a World Championship was retained in the match. When the event was released on DVD, it reached a peak position of number four on Billboard's DVD Sales Chart. The professional wrestling section of the Canadian Online Explorer website rated the entire event a 7 out of 10 stars, one star lower than the rating for the 2007 event.


The event featured seven professional wrestling matches that involved different wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds, plots, and storylines. Wrestlers were portrayed as either villains or heroes in the scripted events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

Booker T took part in the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary.
The main event at Slammiversary was for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the annual King of the Mountain match (KOTM). The KOTM involves five competitors fighting to gain a pinfall or submission to be allowed to climb a ladder and hang a championship belt to win. The match was announced on the May 15 episode of TNA's primary television program, TNA Impact!, by the reigning champion, Samoa Joe. He also stated that authority figure Jim Cornette had chosen four contenders and that he would choose four more; those eight men would compete in qualifying matches to determine his four opponents at Slammiversary. Joe then went on to announce Cornette's four contenders: Robert Roode, Tomko, Matt Morgan, and James Storm. On the May 22 episode of Impact!, Joe's picks were announced: A.J. Styles, Christian Cage, Rhino, and Booker T. The first and second qualification matches for KOTM took place later on the same episode. Roode defeated Morgan in the first, while Booker T defeated Styles in the second. Styles was assaulted by Booker T, Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon), Tomko, and Kurt Angle after the second bout. Styles' character changed from a villain to a hero as a result of the attack from his alliances at the time. On the May 29 episode of Impact!, Rhino defeated Storm, while Cage defeated Tomko in the final two qualification matches; Kevin Nash was also appointed Special Guest Ringside Enforcer for the match by order of Cornette during the broadcast. A Special Guest Ringside Enforcer is a person who makes sure no one cheats to win and keeps people from interfering in an encounter.

TNA scheduled a standard wrestling match pitting A.J. Styles against Kurt Angle as the second highest promoted match on the event's card. TNA began to promote a rivalry between Styles and Angle prior to TNA's April PPV event, Lockdown, with Styles and Angle beginning to have problems as alliances in their group The Angle Alliance. After Kurt and his legitimate wife, Karen Angle, were scripted into a storyline separation, Kurt began to have suspicions that Styles and Karen were romantically involved, as they were constantly seen with each other. On the May 15 episode of Impact!, Angle made a speech to Karen and implored her to come back to him. On the May 22 episode of Impact!, Karen acknowledged his request but refused to take him back. Later in that episode, Styles was attacked by Tomko, Booker T, and Team 3D after his qualification match with Booker T for the KOTM. Karen came down to the ring in an attempt to stop the onslaught, but failed. She then left the ring and ran backstage to get Kurt. When she returned, Kurt entered the arena with a steel chair and chased Tomko, Booker T, and Team 3D out of the ring, as Karen tended to Styles. After Angle noticed that Karen was showing strong emotion for Styles, he became enraged and stuck Styles in the head with the chair and continued the assault along with Booker T, Team 3D, and Tomko. This plot development set up a standard wrestling match for Slammversary between Styles and Angle, which was officially announced on the May 29 episode of Impact!, by the television announcers for the program: Mike Tenay and Don West.

In the Tag Team division, The Latin American Xchange (Homicide and Hernandez) (LAX) were involved in an on-screen rivalry with Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon). At TNA's May PPV event, Sacrifice, LAX defeated Team 3D in the finals of The Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament for the vacant TNA World Tag Team Championship, with help from their manager Hector Guerrero. On the episode of Impact! after Sacrifice (May 15), Team 3D were narrated to blame and assault Guerrero for their loss. On the May 29 episode of Impact!, a match was promoted pitting LAX against Team 3D for the World Tag Team Championship at Slammiversary.

The main match from the women's division involved the pairing of Velvet Sky and Angelina Love, who make up the tag team alliance of The Beautiful People, teaming with their newest alliance, Mickie Knuckles, against the team of Gail Kim, ODB, and Roxxi. The storyline behind this match was a result of Roxxi getting her head legitimately shaved bald as per the pre-match stipulation of the TNA Knockouts Makeover Battle Royal at Sacrifice, which Roxxi lost to Kim. The TNA Knockouts Makeover Battle Royal involved ten competitors fighting to eliminate each other by throwing each other over the top rope and down to the floor. When it came down to the final two participants, they fought to climb a ladder and retrieve a contract to win a match for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship against the champion, Awesome Kong. Kim won immunity from being shaving bald on the May 8 episode of Impact!. During the match, Love was the last eliminated before it was down to Kim and Roxxi. If Kim had lost the match, Love would have had to been shaved bald instead. As a result, Love repeatedly tried to help Kim win the match. On the May 15 episode of Impact!, The Beautiful People interfered in Kim's match with Kong, inevitably costing Kim the match. On the June 5 episode of Impact!, O.D.B. defeated Sky in a match where no one could be disqualified called a Street Fight. After the match, Love, Sky, and their new associate, Knuckles, assaulted Roxxi, O.D.B. and Kim. TNA later promoted a Six Woman Tag Team match for Slammiversary pitting the team of Kim, O.D.B. and Roxxi against The Beautiful People and Knuckles on the same episode.

Abyss' return was hyped with video packages before the Slammiversary event.
In the weeks leading to Slammiversary, TNA hyped the on-screen return of the character Abyss, who had not been seen in the company since early 2008. Each week on Impact! TNA aired special video packages depicting Abyss sitting or standing in a padded room at a mental institution while wearing a Straitjacket at times. His mannerisms during these videos depicted him acting Schizophrenic. TNA aired four videos packages. The first video was shown on the May 15 episode of Impact!, while the last was shown on the June 5 episode of Impact!. The first showed Abyss stating that "they" (the doctors at the institution) say that he can come "home" soon. In the third video, Abyss stated that the doctors said he was cured and that he would get to come "home" in ten days. In the fourth video, it was made official that Abyss would be coming "home" on June 8, the day of Slammiversary.

The scripted wedding of Jay Lethal and SoCal Val also occurred at Slammiversary. The plot behind this segment began before Slammiversary, with Lethal and Val being a storyline couple. The development to the wedding began on the May 15 episode of Impact!, when Val accepted Lethal's proposal to marry him at Slammiversary. Sonjay Dutt, Lethal's on-screen best friend, was visibly seen angered by the answer and question during the segment. Later, singer Ace Young was announced to be in attendance at Slammiversary. Young appeared on the May 29 episode of Impact!, debuting a video for his song "Addicted", in which Lethal and Val starred. Lethal asked Dutt to be his bestman at the wedding earlier in the same episode; Dutt accepted the offer. On the June 5 episode of Impact!, it was announced that "legends of wrestling's past" or "veterans" would be in attendance at the wedding: Jake Roberts, Kamala, Koko B. Ware, and George Steele. This storyline wedding was based on a wedding segment that TNA's rival, World Wrestling Entertainment (World Wrestling Federation at the time), did in 1991 at their SummerSlam event, in which Randy Savage was set to marry his on-screen lover, Miss Elizabeth. Lethal and Val's characters are similar to Savage's and Elizabeth's.


Before Slammiversary aired live on PPV, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, who make up the team pairing of The Motor City Machineguns, defeated the team of Lance Hoyt and Johnny Devine in a Tag Team Dark match, a match not broadcasted on television.

Preliminary matches

TNA X Division Champion Petey Williams, who was accompanied by Scott Steiner and Rhaka Khan, defended the championship against Kaz in the first match at Slammiversary. Williams wore a protective face guard during the match, the reason was announced by Mike Tenay and Don West as a result of an injury Williams sustained a few weeks before the event. Williams won the match after he performed a move he dubbed the "Canadian Destroyer", by grabbing Kaz and placing Kaz's head between his legs. He then jumped over Kaz's back, while at the same time having a hold of Kaz's head with his legs, which caused Kaz to perform a backflip. Kaz's head then slammed into the mat after Williams made the full rotation, with Williams pinning him afterwards to retain the X Division Championship. After the match, Steiner, Williams, and Khan attacked Kaz, however, they were stopped by the returning Abyss. Abyss entered the ring and had a brief staredown with Steiner until Steiner pushed Williams towards Abyss, which Abyss countered by grabbing Williams, spinning 360°, and then slamming him down to the mat in a move Abyss dubbed the "Black Hole Slam". Abyss then followed by performing two 270° Black Hole Slams; one on Steiner and the other on Khan.

Petey Williams retained the TNA X Division Championship at Slammiversary.
The Six Woman Tag Team match was next, involving the teams of Gail Kim, O.D.B., and Roxxi and the team of The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Angelina Love) and Mickie Knuckles, who was newly billed as Moose. The match started with a brawl between Moose and Kim, ODB, and Roxxi, with The Beautiful People watching from ringside. Both team performed various offensive maneuvers throughout the match. O.D.B. scored the pinfall for her team by pinning Moose after running and slamming her down back first onto the mat.

The Latin American Xchange (Homicide and Hernandez), who were accompanied by Salinas and Hector Guerrero, defended the TNA World Tag Team Championship against Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) in the third match. During the match, Hernandez ran from one side of the ring to the other and jumped over the top rope to the outside in a move Hernandez dubbed the "SuperMex" in an attempt to knock down Team 3D. LAX won the match when Homicide pulled back on Devon's leg, which caused Devon to fall backwards; Homicide then held Devon's shoulders down against the mat for the three count in a pinning attempt called a roll-up.

Next was a $25,000 Fan challenge, which pitted Awesome Kong against Serena Deeb. Kong pinned Deeb after she hooked both of Deeb's arms behind her back, lifted her up, and slammed her face down to the mat in a move Kong dubbed the Implant Buster to gain the pinfall victory. Another fan challenge took place afterwards with Kong defeating Josie Robinson (Josette Bynum) by lifting Robinson up onto her shoulders and falling to a seated position to slam her back down onto the mat in a move Kong dubbed the Awesome Bomb. Following the second bout, Eric Young entered the arena with an Elvis impersonator, however, the impersonator was stopped by Kong, who performed an Awesome Bomb on him as well.

The wedding of Jay Lethal and SoCal Val took place afterwards. It began with the groomsmen entering the arena: Ace Young, Kamala, Jake Roberts, Koko B. Ware, and George Steele. After the on-screen Preacher for the wedding asked if anyone had any objections to why Lethal and Val should not be married, Dutt was scripted to announce that he was in love with Val and that she should be marring him instead of Lethal. Lethal became enraged at Dutt's statements and began to argue with him to follow the narrative plot. Afterward, Lethal went and checked on Val, until Dutt came from behind him and hit him with a tower that was part of the wedding set. Dutt continued to assault Lethal until the groomsmen came to Lethal's defense. The fight came to an end when Roberts placed his real-life pet snake on Dutt, which, in-turn, caused Dutt to run off in fear.

Main event matches

Styles fought Kurt Angle at Slammiversary.
The sixth bout was between A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle, who was accompanied by Tomko, in a standard wrestling match. Early in the match, the referee barred Tomko from ringside and sent him to the backstage area. Most of the match was back and forth between the two with each countering the other's moves either into holds to make him concede defeat or moves to wear him down. The referee was narrated to appear unconscious near the end of the match after Angle accidentally ran into him. This allowed Karen Angle to enter the arena with a steel chair and call for Kurt to take it. When Kurt grabbed it, Karen refused to let go. Styles then grabbed Kurt, lift him up and held him upside down, followed by trapping Angle's arms behind his legs, and jump forward to implant Angle's face and body into the mat in a move Styles calls the "Styles Clash."

The main event was for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the King of the Mountain match with Kevin Nash as Special Guest Ringside Enforcer, in which Samoa Joe defended the championship against Robert Roode, Booker T, Rhino, and Christian Cage. Booker T became the first eligible to hang the belt after he pinned Rhino following lifting him up sideways and slamming down back first with a move he dubbed the "Book End." The next to qualify was Roode after he hit Cage with a steel chair to a ladder which Cage held to gain the pinfall. Rhino followed a little later by pinning Roode with a roll-up. A few minutes later, Cage qualified by pinning Booker T following a splash from the top of a padded turnbuckle onto Booker T, who was held in a rear naked choke submission hold by Joe. While Booker T was standing on the outside of the ring, he grabbed the World Heavyweight Championship from one of the referee's hands and hit Nash over the head with it; Booker T then entered the ring to try and hang the belt. After Nash recovered, he entered the ring and stopped Booker T from hanging the belt by lifting him from the ladder, which he was standing on, and dropping him down to the mat in a move he dubbed the "Jackknife Powerbomb." A few moments later while Roode was climbing the ladder trying to hang the belt, Joe entered and lifted Roode up off the ladder, fell to his back, and slammed Roode's back and neck into his shoulder and the mat by using a maneuver dubbed the "Muscle Buster." Joe then climbed up the ladder to hang the belt and retain the championship.


Following the conclusion of the Slammiversary event, a man by the name of Kevin "Angus" Sinex was removing a light array, when the scaffolding that he was working on collapsed, which caused Sinex to fall to the concrete floor below. He was immediately rushed to the Baptist DeSoto Hospital in Southaven, Mississippi, where he was later pronounced deceased. Another crew worker named Paul Martin lost a thumb in the incident, and he was also taken to the hospital. TNA released a statement the next day on behalf of President of TNA Wrestling Dixie Carter. The Impact! following the event was dedicated to Sinex, with a banner at the beginning of the show stating "In memory Kevin Sinex (1963–2008)".


Other on-screen talent
Commentator Mike Tenay
Don West
Frank Trigg
Hector Guerrero
Willie Urbina
Ring announcer Jeremy Borash
David Penzer
Referee Earl Hebner
Rudy Charles
Mark "Slick" Johnson
Andrew Thomas
Interviewers Jeremy Borash
Lauren Thompson
Following Slammiversary, Samoa Joe and Booker T went on to have a storyline rivalry over the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Their rivalry began when Booker T demanded a championship match at TNA's July PPV event, Victory Road, on the June 12 episode of Impact!. Joe accepted and the match was made official by TNA on the same episode. At Victory Road, their match ended in a no contest when Joe assaulted Booker T, referees, security guards, and other TNA personnel. This caused Sting to enter the area and try and stop Joe's assault. When Joe refused to quit, Sting struck Joe in the stomach and back with a baseball bat, which Sting held in his hand. This allowed Booker T to cover Joe for the three count, however, the referee for the match was unconscious; Booker T's wife Sharmell counted the pinfall instead. It was later announced on the July 17 episode of Impact!, that Booker T did not win the championship, due to the that Sharmell was not an official referee.

A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle continued their rivalry after Slammiversary. In the weeks leading to Victory Road, Styles gained alliances in Rhino and Christian Cage, while Kurt also gained two in the pairing of Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon). At Victory Road, Styles, Cage, and Rhino fought Team 3D and Kurt in a Six Man Tag Team Full Metal Mayhem match, in which Kurt and Team 3D claimed victory after Kurt's real-life best friend, Frank Trigg, entered the arena and hit Styles with a kendo stick, which allowed Kurt to pin Styles after slamming him through a table. In a Full Metal Mayhem match, two or more competitors or teams of two or more fight to either gain a pinfall, submission, or climb a ladder to retrieve an envelope or a championship belt in no disqualification rules.

Robert Roode went on to form a tag team with James Storm under the tag team name of Beer Money, which was later changed to Beer Money, Inc. They fought The Latin American Xchange (Homicide and Hernandez) (LAX) on the June 12 episode of Impact! for the TNA World Tag Team Championship. They originally won the match, however, the referee reversed the decision after he found out that Storm and Roode won illegally. The match was restarted, however, this time LAX won. After the match, Roode and Storm assaulted LAX and Hector Guerrero. Later, LAX challenged Storm and Roode to a match where real-life fans were placed around the ring with leather straps in-order to whip anyone who gets outside the ring in a match TNA calls a "Fan's Revenge" Lumberjack Strap match. Storm and Roode accepted the challenge only after it was made for the World Tag Team Championship on the June 19 episode of Impact!. Storm and Roode were defeated by LAX at Victory Road.


The Canadian Online Explorer's writer Jon Waldman rated the entire event a 7 out of 10 stars, which was lower than the 2007 event's rating of 8 out of 10 stars. The encounter between A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle was rated a 9 out of 10 stars, while the King of the Mountain match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship was rated a 6 out of 10 stars. Phil Allely, a journalist for the United Kingdommarker newspaper The Sun, thought that the bout between A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle was "easily the best match of the night." He later stated in his review that "Slammiversary was a well meaning PPV that had one amazing bout, many solid ones, not as many run-ins as normal and helped build lots of new feuds to keep TNA going into its seventh year." The event was released on DVD on August 19, 2008 by TNA Home Video. The DVD reached a peak position of number four on Billboard's DVD Sales Chart for recreational sports during the week of September 13, 2008. The DVD remained on the chart for two consecutive weeks, although it ranked lower after the week of September 20, 2008, when it ranked number sixteen; it fell off the chart afterwards.


# Results Stipulations Times
The Motor City Machineguns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) defeated Lance Hoyt and Johnny Devine Tag Team match
1 Petey Williams (c) (with Scott Steiner and Rhaka Khan) defeated Kaz Standard wrestling match for the TNA X Division Championship 15:19
2 Gail Kim, ODB, and Roxxi defeated The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) and Moose Six Woman Tag Team match 10:14
3 The Latin American Xchange (Homicide and Hernandez) (with Salinas and Hector Guerrero) (c) defeated Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) Tag Team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship 15:00
4 Awesome Kong (with Raisha Saeed) defeated Serena Deeb $25,000 Fan Challenge 02:26
5 Awesome Kong (with Raisha Saeed) defeated Josie Robinson $25,000 Fan Challenge 01:42
6 A.J. Styles defeated Kurt Angle (with Tomko) Standard wrestling match 22:44
7 Samoa Joe (c) defeated Robert Roode, Booker T, Rhino, and Christian Cage King of the Mountain match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with Kevin Nash as the Special Guest Ringside Enforcer 19:49

King of the Mountain match

Qualification # Wrestler Wrestler pinned or submitted Method
1 Booker T Rhino Pinned after a Book End.
2 Robert Roode Christian Cage Pinned after a steel chair shot onto a ladder.
3 Rhino Robert Roode Pinned with a roll-up
4 Christian Cage Booker T Pinned after a Frog splash.
5 Samoa Joe Robert Roode Pinned after a Muscle Buster.
Hung the belt to win.

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