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Smolensk Oblast ( , Smolenskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russiamarker (an oblast). Its area is 49,786 square kilometers, population—1,019,000 (2005 est.) [55536]; 1,049,574 (2002 Census); 1,158,299 (1989 Census). Its administrative center is the city of Smolenskmarker. Other ancient towns include Vyazmamarker and Dorogobuzhmarker. Smolensk oblast borders Pskov Oblast in north, Tver Oblast in northeast, Moscow Oblastmarker in east, Kaluga Oblastmarker and Bryansk Oblastmarker in south, and also Mahilyow Voblast and Vitsebsk Voblast in Belarusmarker, to the west and northwest.


Time zone

Smolensk Oblast is located in the Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD). UTC offset is +0300 (MSK)/+0400 (MSD).

Administrative divisions

Administrative divisions of Smolensk Oblast

Smolensk Oblast is divided into 25 districts (raion and 2 cities, which are further divided into 15 towns, 12 urban-type settlements, and 302 rural okrugs.


According to the (2002 Census), the national composition of the oblast was as follows:

Russians: 93.4%• Ukrainians: 1.7%• Belarusians: 1.6%• Armenians: 0.4%• Roma: 0.3%• Tatars: 0.2%• Azeris: 0.2%,and many other groups, none more than 0.2% of the population. (1.1% of the population did not state their nationality in the census.)


Smolensk Oblast is part of Russia's Central economic district. Industry is this district includes sectors such as engineering and metalworking (production of measuring and hydrometeorological devices, computer equipment, electrical appliances, refrigerators, automobiles, power-generating and store equipment, and aircraft manufacture), the chemical industry (production of ammonia, saltpeter, fertilizers, and plastics), light industry (production of clothing, and cotton and linen fabrics), the food industry, and brown coal and peat production.

Nearly 40% of the industrial production potential is concentrated in the city of Smolensk. Diamond cutting companies have the largest share of GDP. The largest of these companies is the Kristall State Unitary enterprise (GUP Kristall) in Smolensk. Smolensk is also a major center of the engineering and metalworking industries, with the instrument-making, electronics, electrical, and auto industries having the largest share of GDP among engineering companies.

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