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Sofia Province ( , Sofiyska oblast) is a province (oblast) of Bulgariamarker. It borders three sides of the city of Sofiamarker (which is in a separate oblast, see Sofia Administration), but does not include it.

A waterfall near the village of Kostenets
The province has a territory of 7 059km² and has 273 240 inhabitants. The land is predominantly mountainous. To the north are the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountainsmarker and to the south rises Rilamarker with the highest point in the peninsular Musalamarker. There are also several smaller mountains and spacious valleys. One of the most important ski resorts in Bulgariamarker, Borovetsmarker, is located here close to Samokovmarker.

Industry is well developed. Mining and ferrous metallurgy are the backbone of the economy with the largest copper refinery in South Eastern Europe in Pirdopmarker and important copper mines at Chelopechmarker and Etropolemarker. Machinery is well developed in Botevgradmarker (buses, car components, electronics), Pravetsmarker (computers), Etropolemarker, Samokovmarker, Elin Pelinmarker, Ihtimanmarker, Slivnitsamarker, Godechmarker. The centre of food and sugar industry is Svogemarker. This is also the birthplace of bass/baritone opera singer and musician Boris Damianov.


Municipalities of Sofia province
The Sofia province (Област, oblast) contains 22 municipalities (singular: oбщина, obshtina - plural: Общини, obshtini). The following table shows the names of each municipality in English and Cyrillic, the main town (in bold) or village, and the population of each as of 2009.

Municipality Cyrillic Pop. Town/Village Pop.
Anton Антон 1,650 Antonmarker 1,650
Botevgrad Ботевград 36,183 Botevgradmarker 23,694
Bozhurishte Божурище 6,735 Bozhurishtemarker 4,829
Chavdarmarker Чавдар 1,252 Chavdarmarker 1,252
Chelopechmarker Челопеч 1,571 Chelopechmarker 1,571
Dolna Banyamarker Долна баня 4,917 Dolna Banyamarker 4,917
Dragomanmarker Драгоман 5,373 Dragomanmarker 3,541
Elin Pelin Елин Пелин 22,015 Elin Pelinmarker 7,293
Etropole Етрополе 13,773 Etropolemarker 12,078
Godechmarker Годеч 5,670 Godechmarker 4,783
Gorna Malina Горна Малина 5,668 Gorna Malinamarker 1,357
Ihtiman Ихтиман 18,903 Ihtimanmarker 14,571
Koprivshtitsamarker Копривщица 2,547 Koprivshtitsamarker 2,547
Kostenetsmarker Костенец 14,154 Kostenetsmarker 7,762
Kostinbrod Костинброд 16,145 Kostinbrodmarker 11,523
Mirkovo Мирково 2,534 Mirkovomarker 1,707
Pirdop Пирдоп 9,217 Pirdopmarker 8,361
Pravets Правец 7,919 Pravetsmarker 4,440
Samokov Самоков 41,544 Samokovmarker 30,085
Slivnitsa Сливница 9,511 Slivnitsamarker 7,790
Svoge Своге 22,557 Svogemarker 8,741
Zlatitsa Златица 6,274 Zlatitsamarker 5,529


  1. Population Chart as of 15 March 2009 from Directorate General: Civil Registration and Administrative Services

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