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Solaris Urbino 12 in Katowice, Poland
Solaris Urbino 18 third generations in Kraków, Poland
Solaris Vacanza

Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. is a bus, coach and trolleybus manufacturer based in Bolechowo and Środa Wielkopolska, near Poznańmarker, Polandmarker.

It is a family-owned business, with Krzysztof Olszewski as chairman and his wife Solange as deputy chairman responsible for contacts with clients. It is located in a former weapons factory, and was featured by BBC World in a program related to EU expansion in May 2004, as an example of a post-communist success in Poland.


Solaris started as Neoplan Polska, founded in 1994 by Krzysztof Olszewski. Neoplan Polska was selling, and since March 1996 also building under German licence, low-floor Neoplan city buses. In 1999 it released first buses under its own Solaris brand (model Urbino). On 1 September 2001 Neoplan Polska was renamed to Solaris Bus & Coach Sp. z o.o. In 2005 it was transformed into a joint stock company.

In the 1990s, the company developed its own research office and used computer software originally developed for the design of space shuttles. It reduced the time needed to design and build new prototypes to about six months. Another six months are needed to build a new bus prototype.

Solaris is one of the newest players in the European bus market, but already quite successful: Solaris has received awards for their products at the Kortrijkmarker Bus World show in Belgiummarker. Trolleybuses are made in co-operation with the Hungarian company Ganz Electro or (the Czech division of) the company Cegelec. Both companies make the electric devices for the vehicles. Solaris produced the first European bus model using hybrid technology, the Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid. That hybrid model was ordered a few months ago by the Polish city of Poznańmarker.

In 2007 Solaris was employing about 1,200 workers. Now "Solaris Bus & Coach" builds 600-700 buses a year.


Solaris has sold diesel and CNG-powered buses to numerous cities in Europe.

It also sell trolleybuses to Italymarker (Romemarker and Naplesmarker), Francemarker (Parismarker, Bayonnemarker and Narbonnemarker), Denmarkmarker, Swedenmarker (Landskronamarker), Germanymarker (Berlinmarker, Bochummarker and Kasselmarker), Lithuaniamarker (Kaunasmarker and Vilniusmarker), Latviamarker (Rigamarker and Daugavpilsmarker), Estoniamarker (Tallinnmarker), Switzerlandmarker (Winterthurmarker and La Chaux-de-Fondsmarker), Hungarymarker (Budapestmarker and Debrecenmarker), Czech Republicmarker (Opavamarker and Ostravamarker), Slovakiamarker (Bratislavamarker and Košicemarker), Polandmarker (Warsawmarker, Szczecinmarker, Lublinmarker, Gdyniamarker, Rzeszówmarker, Poznańmarker, Krakówmarker, Tychymarker and Częstochowamarker) and most recently Athensmarker, Greecemarker and United Arab Emirates (Dubaimarker).


Solaris InterUrbino 12

Solaris UrbinoImage:Ostroleka-autobus.jpg|Solaris Urbino 9 bus in Ostrołęka, Poland (2000)Image:Solaris Urbino Warsaw Airport 2005.jpg|Solaris Urbino 10 in Warsawmarker, PolandImage:Solaris Urbino 12 Chur.jpg|Solaris Urbino 12 at Stadtbus Chur near bus station in ChurImage:Biogasbussar skelleftea.jpg|Two Solaris Urbino 12 LE powerd by biogas in Skellefteåmarker, SwedenmarkerImage:Jamnik low entry.jpg|Symbol bus Solaris Urbino Low EntryImage:Urbino15 bratislava.jpg|Solaris Urbino 15 CNG III in Bratislavamarker

Solaris Urbino 12File:Solaris Urbino 12 cockpit.jpg|cockpit of Solaris Urbino 12File:Solaris Urbino 12 interior.jpg|interior of Solaris Urbino 12File:Solaris Urbino 12 engine.jpg|engine of Solaris Urbino 12

Solaris Urbino 18Image:DVB_Solars_Urbino18_Schillerplatz_2006_05.jpg|Solaris Urbino 18 in DresdenmarkerImage:Solaris Urbino 18 Reutlingen.jpg|A Solaris Urbino 18 of RSV of Reutlingen arrives at Stadtmitte interchangeImage:Solaris Urbino 18 RB2.JPG|Solaris Urbino 18 in Poznańmarker near the Main Railway Station "Poznań Główny"Image:BSAG Hybridbus.JPG|Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid, 2. Generation, Bremer Straßenbahn AGImage:Urbino 18 Hybrid Ettenhuber.jpg|Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid, 2nd generation, City Glonn

Solaris Vacanza and Solaris ValettaImage:Solaris-vacanza-austria.jpg|Solaris Vacanza 13 in AustriamarkerImage:Solaris Vacanza I 12 ambulans RCKiK Warszawa.jpg|Special version of Solaris Vacanza 13 as mobile blood donation unit in Grodzisk MazowieckimarkerImage:Solaris Valletta in Kielce, 19-09-2007.jpg|Solaris Valletta in KielcemarkerImage:Solaris Valletta inside, 19-09-2007.jpg|Solaris Valetta inside

Solaris TrollinoImage:Trådbuss Landskrona.JPG|A Solaris Trollino 12 trolleybus in Landskronamarker, SwedenmarkerImage:trolejbus_solaris_trollino12t.jpg|Solaris Trollino 12T in GdyniamarkerImage:Trol Solaris Trollino 12 Ostrava.jpg|Solaris Trollino 12 in Ostravamarker in Czech RepublicmarkerImage:Vilnius solaris.jpg|Solaris Trollino 15 in Vilniusmarker in LithuaniamarkerImage:SolarisT18ACInTallinn.jpg|Solaris Trollino 18AC in Tallinnmarker in EstoniamarkerFile:Rome trolleybus 2007.JPG|Solaris Trollino 18 in Romemarker

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