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The Soon Valley (Urdu: [‎[‎وادئ سون)]] or Soon Sakesar is located in the northwest of Khushab District, Punjabmarker, Pakistanmarker.

The eastern border of Soon Valley starts from Podhrar village and western border land mark is Sakesarmarker. The Sakesar is the highest mountain peak in the region, 5010 feet highest peak of the Salt Range. The valley is 35 mile long and 9 mile wide.Important towns in the valley are Pail-Piran,Naushahra, Chitta, Sabhral, Khoora, Nowsheramarker, Kufri, Anga, Ugali, Mardwal, Dhadhar, Uchali and Bagh Shams-ud-Din. Kanhatti Garden, Sodhi Garden, Da'ep and Sakesar are resorts located in the valley. The Awan tribe is settled in Soon Valley. Pail-Piran village is home to Hasmite Sadaats-descendents of Baha ud Din Zakkariyya Multani.Rajpoot Janjua resides in the villages of Katha Saghraal and Katha Misraal, on the foothill of Salt Rangemarker, outside the Soon valley.


Total villages = 31

Main villages = Padhrar, Pail-Piran, Naushahra, Mardwal, Kufri, Uchali, Khoora,Anga,Khabakki, kuradhi etc

Distance from Islamabadmarker = 160 km

Distance from Sargodhamarker = 110 km

Lakes = Uchali, Khabbaki, Jahlar, Khura


To reach Nowshehra from Jaba, the Hiace Van is easily available, that will drop you to Takbeer Chowk, where Mehria Hotel is situated, from there if you go straight ahead, you enter in " NOWSHEHRA". You pass through the graveyard and a Government college for women and then you enter the main city of Nowshehra.

There is a famous Shrine of a Gullible Saint named " BABA MARI WALA".

There is a very old tree of "BERRY" near the shrine.

Soon Valley is located in north west of PUNJAB province and is accessible through public transport from Islamabadmarker (M2 Balkasar Interchange), Lahoremarker (M2 Kalar Kahar Intrechange), Sargodhamarker, Khushabmarker and Mianwalimarker. It is about more than an hour from Khushabmarker, from Islamabadmarker you can enter in valley through Pail-Piran (via Jabah road) or via Sodhi, coming from Chakwal or direct from Jaba coming via Talagang. After crossing Jabah town, Ahmadabad, Khabakki town, Dhadhar and Makrumi Chouk and Mardawal are passed, before reaching the main town of Soon valley - Naushehra. Transport for surrounding villages is available from Naushehra. For Khushabmarker and other eastern villages the bus/taxi stop is Mardwal Chowk while for villages west of Naushehra Y-Cross is the bus/taxi point.

Different Villages Location

Villages west of Naushehra are Sabhral, Kufri, Koradhi,Uchhali, and Chittah before reaching the Pakistan Air Force Base of Sakesar.

Villages to the north west of Naushehra are Sirhal, Shakarkot and Anngah and Ugali.

Villages to the north east of Naushehra are Mardowal, Dhadar, Ahmadabad, Khabakki and Jabah,Pail-Piran and Padhrar.

Villages to the south west of Naushehra are Surraki and Jahlar.

Villages to the south of Naushehra are Chamraki and Sodhian villages.

Villages to the east of Naushehra are Dhakah, Mirokah Dhakah, Jalay Wali, (Uchhalah is not on the main road), Sodhi Jai Wali, Kaliyal, Khurrah, and Kathwai.

Padhrar and Pail-Piran are part of soon valley and fall on Chakwal-Khushab road.

There are scattered colonies of certain families which are called Dhok. Usually at each Dhoke there are two to ten houses.

Khabeki Lake from the road

Places to see

  • Lakes: Uchalli Lake, Khabikki Lake and Jahlar Lake.
  • Waterfalls at Kufri.
  • Ambh Sharif is a historical place in Hinduism.
  • Kanahti Garden, Sodhi Garden, Khabakki Jheel, Uchali Jheel, Sakesar and Daip Shareef and the hiking experiences of hills
  • Anga, an important village.
  • Sodhi village has waterfalls, a Rest House, and wild animals like Cheetah, Rabbit, Deer, Teetar (Urdu name of a bird).
  • Shrines of Makan Sharif Kufri, Pir Khawja Noori and Pir Sahib Acha (Hacha)-descendents of Baha Ud Din Zakkariyya Multani(Hazrat Baha Ul Haq)in Pail-Piran

Ganji Pahari , Baba Sewu Beri Wala.and Baba Mari Wala in NOWSHEHRA.


The main tribe of the area is the Awan tribe settled in the Soon valley with Malik as sub cast is used by the locals, such as Shehal, Ardaal, Mirwal, Adriyal, Shenaal in Kufri, Latifal, Jurwal, Radhnal, Sheraal in Naushehra, Pirkal in Jallay wali, Majhial in Mardwal, Ghadhyal, Bazral, Chhatal, Maswal in Ugali, Phatwal and Bhojo khail, Sheral, Mianwaddal in Anga ,Janial, Sherwal,Rhamtal in Uchali Rehan of Dera Kasan Wala near Kathwai,and so on. In the valley Awan's are known by their sub castes. A majority of the people are serving in the armed forces of Pakistanmarker. Other professions like education, business, transportation and agricultural are also adopted by the locals.

The people are hard working and agriculture used to be the main profession.Per person square footage of land decreased, as population increased.Consequently the people have migrated to large cities for jobs.

This beautiful valley is Switzerland of the country.After recently visiting this valley, I saw the broken roads of the valley, a proof of incapability of corrupt management and politicians.

Well known personalities like late literary giant Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi and columnist Abdul Qadir Hassan, prominent scholar Syed Ahmad Saeed Hamadani, scholar and poet, Iqbal Dost from Khabakki who is well known at home and abroad due to his many books including Jam-e-Khudi and Aap-ke-Naam, and for his English Poems in UK. World renowned Dr. Ghaus Malik neurosurgen USA from Sabhral,Dr.Javaid Malik(USA) from Mardwal also belong to this land. Dr. Nazir Ahmed Malik (Child Specialist Jinnah Hosptial Lahore) belongs to Kufri.

Many loyal brave soldiers and officers belong to this land who even laid down their lives for their homeland.

Local people love music.Traditionally the marriages are arranged.Luddi is famous folk dance on occasions of happiness.Also dhol and shehnai are famous musical instruments for celebrations.

This area is very underserved. 90% of population earning less than a dollar per week. poverty and illiteracy are main problems.

Civic leaders, social and wlfare societies,politicians,public sevants and investors are requested to establish intrastructure,industry,hospitals, schools and other basic facilities of life to fight the poverty and miseries of these poor people.

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