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Sophia University
is a private university in Japan, with its main campus located near Yotsuya station, in an area of Tokyomarker's Chiyoda Ward in Japanmarker.It is one of leading Japanese universities and is famous for its international climate; taking its name Sophia from the Greek sophia meaning "wisdom". The Japanese name, Jōchi daigaku literally means "University of Higher Wisdom".Sophia alumni are commonly referred to as the "Sophians" includes 79th Japanese Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa(See below)


Sophia University, founded by Jesuit Education Institutions in 1913, was the first university in Japan that fulfilled the hopes of St. Francis Xavier-who came to Japan in 1549 to spread Christianity- to further enhance the high human qualities and attainments of Japanese people. It originally opened with faculties of German literature, philosophy and commerce, headed by Hermann Hoffmann as the first official president. Sophia University continued to grow by increasing the numbers of departments, faculty members and students, in addition to advancing its internationality by establishing the exchange program; several students fled to Georgetown Universitymarker in America as early as in 1935. Moreover, the Junior College was established in 1973, followed by the opening of the Sophia Community College in 1976. With the founding of Faculty of Liberal Arts in 2006, Sophia University presently holds 27 departments within eight faculties, headed by Yoshiaki Ishizawa as the president and Toshiaki Koso as head of the board of directors.


Sophia's main campus, at Yotsuya, is an urban campus, consisting of roughly 25 large, modern buildings in the center of Tokyo. The majority of Sophia's 10,000 undergraduate students spend nearly all of their time here. The Faculties of Humanities, Law, Foreign Studies, Economics, Liberal Arts, and Science and Technology have their home here, as do the main library, cafeteria, gymnasium, chapel, bookstore, and offices.

In April 2006, the Faculty of Comparative Culture (FCC), which was located at the smaller Ichigayamarker campus, moved to the main Yotsuya campus. At the same time as the move, FCC changed its name to the Faculty of Liberal Arts (FLA). Nearly all of Sophia's foreign exchange students study at FLA, as all the courses in the FLA are taught in English, with the exception of Japanese language courses.

The Tokyo office of the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), the student exchange organization, which oversees roughly half of the international students, is also based on the main Yotsuya Campus.

The Shakujii (Tokyomarker) campus houses the Faculty of Theology.

The Hadano campus in Kanagawa Prefecturemarker is home to the Sophia Junior College, as well as a number of seminar halls and athletics complexes.

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