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Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
Classification NCAA Division II
Established December 30, 1913
Members 13
Sports fielded 13 (7 men's, 6 women's)
Region Southeast
States 5 - Alabamamarker, Georgiamarker, Kentuckymarker,
South Carolinamarker, Tennesseemarker
Past names Southeastern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
Headquarters Tucker, Georgiamarker
Commissioner Gregory Moore

The Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC) is a College athletic conference consisting of historically black colleges and universities located in the southern United Statesmarker. Formed in 1913, only two of the original participating schools have held continuous memberships: Clark College (now Clark Atlanta University) and Tuskegee Universitymarker.

The SIAC is a member of the NCAA and participates in Division II athletics.

Conference sports

Conference sports
Sport Men's Women's
Cross Country
Track and Field

Conference member schools

Current members

Institution Location Founded Affiliation Enrollment Nickname
Albany State Universitymarker Albany, Georgiamarker 1903 Public 4,100 Golden Rams
Benedict Collegemarker Columbia, South Carolinamarker 1870 Private/Non-sectarian 2,552 Tigers
Claflin Universitymarker* Orangeburg, South Carolinamarker 1869 Private 1,000 Panthers
Clark Atlanta University Atlanta, Georgiamarker 1869 Private/Methodist 4,000 Panthers
Fort Valley State University Fort Valley, Georgiamarker 1895 Public 3,000 Wildcats
Kentucky State Universitymarker Frankfort, Kentuckymarker 1886 Public 2,071 Thoroughbreds and Thoroughbrettes
Lane College Jackson, Tennesseemarker 1882 Private/Methodist 1,150 Dragons
LeMoyne-Owen Collegemarker* Memphis, Tennesseemarker 1862 Private/Baptist 720 Magicians
Miles College Fairfield, Alabamamarker 1905 Private/Methodist 2,000 Golden Bears
Morehouse Collegemarker Atlanta, Georgiamarker 1867 Private/Non-sectarian 3,000 Maroon Tigers
Paine College* Augusta, Georgiamarker 1882 Private/Methodist 882 Lions
Stillman Collegemarker Tuscaloosa, Alabamamarker 1874 Private/Presbyterian 1,500 Tigers
Tuskegee Universitymarker Tuskegee, Alabamamarker 1881 Private/Non-sectarian 3,000 Golden Tigers
* - Denotes a non-football member

Former members

Institution Location Conference years Current Affiliation
Alabama A&M Universitymarker Normal, Alabamamarker 1947-1998 Southwestern Athletic Conference
Alabama State Universitymarker Montgomery, Alabamamarker 1913-1976 Southwestern Athletic Conference
Allen Universitymarker Columbia, South Carolinamarker 1947-1969 NAIA D-I Independent
Atlanta University Atlanta, Georgiamarker 1913-1929 merged with Clark University to form Clark-Atlanta
Bethune-Cookman College Daytona Beach, Floridamarker 1950-1979 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference
Edward Waters Collegemarker Jacksonville, Floridamarker 1930-1935 The Sun Conference
Fisk University Nashville, Tennesseemarker 1920-1983 NAIA D-II Independent
Florida A&M Universitymarker Tallahassee, Floridamarker 1920-1979 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference
Knoxville College Knoxville, Tennesseemarker 1920-1990 dropped athletics
Morris Brown College Atlanta, Georgiamarker 1913-2000 dropped athletics after moving to NCAA I
Savannah State Universitymarker Savannah, Georgiamarker 1969-2000 NCAA I FCS Independent
South Carolina State Universitymarker Orangeburg, South Carolinamarker 1935-1971 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference
Talladega Collegemarker Talladega, Alabamamarker 1913-1941 NAIA D-I Independent
Tennessee State Universitymarker Nashville, Tennesseemarker 1920-1930 Ohio Valley Conference
Xavier Universitymarker New Orleans, Louisianamarker 1935-1960 Gulf Coast Athletic Conference

Conference Stadia

School Football Basketball
Stadium Capacity Arena Capacity
Albany State Albany Municipal Coliseummarker 11,000 HPER Gym Complex 4,000
Benedict Charlie W. Johnson Stadium 11,000 Benjamin E.marker Mays Arenamarker 3,500
Claflin non-football member N/A Edward Tullis Arena 3,000
Clark Atlanta Panther Stadiummarker 6,000 L.S. Epps Gym 1,800
Fort Valley State Wildcat Stadium 7,500 Health and Physical Education Complex 5,100
Kentucky State Alumni Fieldmarker 5,000 William Exum HPER Center 2,750
Lane Rothrock Stadium 3,500 J.F. Lane Center 2,500
LeMoyne-Owen non-football member N/A Bruce Hall 1,000
Miles Alumni Stadiummarker 3,400 Knox-Windham Gym 2,000
Morehouse B.marker T.marker Harvey Stadiummarker 9,850 Forbes Arenamarker 6,000
Paine non-football member N/A Randall Carter Gymnasium 1,200
Stillman Stillman Stadiummarker 9,000 Birthright Arena 1,000
Tuskegee Abbott Memorial Alumni Stadiummarker 10,000 James Center Arenamarker 5,000


By institution

School Football M. Basketball
M. Basketball
W. Basketball
W. Basketball
Baseball Golf Softball M. Tennis W. Tennis Track and Field Track and Field Volleyball
Alabama A&M Universitymarker 12
Alabama State Universitymarker 4
Albany State Universitymarker 10
Allen Universitymarker
Atlanta University
Benedict Collegemarker
Bethune-Cookman College 4
Clark Atlanta University 4
Edward Waters Collegemarker
Fisk University 4
Florida A&M Universitymarker 29
Fort Valley State University 3
Kentucky State Universitymarker
Knoxville College
Lane College
LeMoyne-Owen Collegemarker
Miles College
Morehouse Collegemarker 7
Morris Brown College 4
Paine College
Savannah State Universitymarker 0
South Carolina State Universitymarker 0
Stillman Collegemarker
Talladega Collegemarker 1
Tennessee State Universitymarker 0
Tuskegee Universitymarker 28
Xavier Universitymarker 1

Commissioner's All-Sports

Year School
1973 Tuskegeemarker (M)
1980 Tuskegeemarker (M)
1981 Tuskegeemarker (M)
1982 Tuskegeemarker (M)
1983 Tuskegeemarker (M)
1998 Morehousemarker (M)
Albany Statemarker (W)
2004 Albany Statemarker (M&W)
2005 Albany Statemarker (M&W)
2006 Albany Statemarker (W)
Morehousemarker (M)
2007 Albany Statemarker (W)
2008 Albany Statemarker (W)
Morehousemarker (M)

Men's Sports

Year Football Basketball
Baseball Tennis Golf Track and Field
1968 Tuskegeemarker Bethune-Cookman South Carolina Statemarker
1969 Tuskegeemarker Fort Valley Tuskegeemarker

1970 Fort Valley Savannah State Alabama A&Mmarker
1971 Fort Valley Alabama Statemarker South Carolina Statemarker
1972 Fort Valley Alabama Statemarker Alabama Statemarker
1973 Fisk Albany Statemarker Tuskegeemarker
1974 Clark Atlanta Fisk Bethune-Cookman
1975 Fisk Alabama A&Mmarker Fisk
1976 Fort Valley Alabama A&Mmarker Bethune-Cookman
1977 Knoxville Florida A&Mmarker Bethune-Cookman
1978 Florida A&Mmarker Florida A&Mmarker Florida A&Mmarker
1979 Alabama A&Mmarker Tuskegeemarker Tuskegeemarker
1980 Morris Brown Bethune-Cookman Tuskegeemarker
1981 Alabama A&Mmarker
Fort Valley
Morehousemarker Tuskegeemarker
1982 Fort Valley Morris Brown Tuskegeemarker
1983 Fort Valley Albany Statemarker Tuskegeemarker
1984 Albany Statemarker Albany Statemarker Tuskegeemarker
1985 Albany Statemarker
Fort Valley
Albany Statemarker Tuskegeemarker
1986 Albany Statemarker Alabama A&Mmarker Tuskegeemarker
1987 Alabama A&Mmarker
Alabama A&Mmarker Tuskegeemarker
1988 Alabama A&Mmarker
Albany Statemarker
Alabama A&Mmarker Benedictmarker
1989 Alabama A&Mmarker Alabama A&Mmarker Tuskegeemarker
1990 Alabama A&Mmarker Morehousemarker Paine
1991 Alabama A&Mmarker
Clark Atlanta
Fort Valley

Morehousemarker Albany Statemarker
1992 Fort Valley Albany Statemarker Savannah State
1993 Albany Statemarker Alabama A&Mmarker Alabama A&Mmarker
1994 Albany Statemarker Paine Albany Statemarker
1995 Albany Statemarker Alabama A&Mmarker Savannah Statemarker Morehousemarker
1996 Albany Statemarker Alabama A&Mmarker Savannah State Morehousemarker
1997 Albany Statemarker Albany Statemarker Savannah State Morehousemarker
1998 Tuskegeemarker Fort Valley Fort Valley Savannah State Morehousemarker
1999 Fort Valley
Paine Savannah State Morehousemarker
2000 Tuskegeemarker LeMoyne-Owenmarker Paine Morehousemarker
2001 Fort Valley

Kentucky Statemarker Albany Statemarker Morehousemarker
2002 Tuskegeemarker Paine Albany Statemarker Morehousemarker Morehousemarker
2003 Albany Statemarker Morehousemarker Albany Statemarker Morehousemarker
2004 Albany Statemarker Benedictmarker Benedictmarker Albany Statemarker Tuskegeemarker Morehousemarker
2005 Albany Statemarker Lane Paine Tuskegeemarker Morehousemarker
2006 Albany Statemarker
Benedictmarker Stillmanmarker Albany Statemarker Morehousemarker Morehousemarker
2007 Tuskegeemarker Benedictmarker Albany Statemarker Stillmanmarker Morehousemarker Morehousemarker
2008 Tuskegeemarker Benedictmarker Benedictmarker Stillmanmarker Morehousemarker
2009 Claflinmarker LeMoyne-Owenmarker Stillmanmarker Morehousemarker Morehousemarker

Women's sports

Year Basketball
Softball Tennis Track and Field Volleyball
1968 No Tournament
1969 No Tournament

1970 No Tournament
1971 No Tournament
1972 No Tournament
1973 No Tournament Tuskegeemarker
1974 No Tournament
1975 No Tournament
1976 No Tournament
1977 No Tournament Tuskegeemarker
1978 No Tournament Tuskegeemarker Tuskegeemarker
1979 Tuskegeemarker Tuskegeemarker Tuskegeemarker
1980 Albany Statemarker
1981 Albany Statemarker
1982 Clark Atlanta Tuskegeemarker
1983 Tuskegeemarker Tuskegeemarker
1984 Alabama A&Mmarker Alabama A&Mmarker Tuskegeemarker
1985 Clark Atlanta Tuskegeemarker
1986 Clark Atlanta Tuskegeemarker
1987 Albany Statemarker
1988 Fort Valley State
1989 Albany Statemarker
1990 Albany Statemarker
1991 Alabama A&Mmarker
1992 Fort Valley State
1993 Fort Valley State
1994 LeMoyne-Owenmarker
1995 Fort Valley State
1996 Albany Statemarker
1997 Kentucky Statemarker
1998 Albany Statemarker Albany Statemarker
1999 Clark Atlanta Albany Statemarker
2000 Fort Valley State Albany Statemarker
2001 Fort Valley State Tuskegeemarker Albany Statemarker
2002 Fort Valley State Albany Statemarker
2003 Fort Valley State Clark Atlanta Albany Statemarker Albany Statemarker
2004 Benedictmarker Clark Atlanta Albany Statemarker Albany Statemarker
2005 Paine Tuskegeemarker Albany Statemarker Albany Statemarker
2006 Paine Albany Statemarker Albany Statemarker
2007 Benedictmarker Albany Statemarker Clark Atlanta Albany Statemarker Albany Statemarker
2008 Tuskegeemarker Tuskegeemarker Albany Statemarker Albany Statemarker
2009 Fort Valley State Fort Valley State Miles Tuskegeemarker Albany Statemarker


A. The U.S. Army's 24th Infrantry Division teams competed as members of the SIAC from 1930 until 1935.
B. Golf returned as a conference sport in 2008. The first SIAC Intercollegiate Golf Championship was held at Tuskegee in 1938. The SIAC stopped Golf as a sport due to World War II but restarted in 1947 as an official conference sport until 1980 when golf was discontinued.

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