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The Space Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the Americanmarker space industry through information and education programs. It is a resource for the entire space community - industry, national security organizations, civil space agencies, private space companies, and the military. It also supports teachers, students and journalists with information and education programs.


Founded in 1983, the Space Foundation is a nonprofit 501 foundation advancing space-related endeavors to inspire, enable, and propel humanity. The Space Foundation is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Coloradomarker, and has offices in Washington D.C.marker, Houston, Texasmarker, and Cape Canaveral, Floridamarker.

For more than 25 years, the Foundation has been working to bring together all sectors of the space industry—civil, commercial, national security, entrepreneurs, and finance.

The Space Foundation offers a wide range of education programs that help teachers and students integrate space and space science into classrooms, primarily to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills. It publishes reports about the space industry such as The Space Report: The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity and white papers. The Space Foundation provides nonpartisan education and information about space issues to policy and decision-makers through government affairs programs. It also runs the Certified Space Technology program and Space Technology Hall of Fame, in conjunction with NASAmarker, to help raise awareness about benefits of space related technologies and innovations for life on earth.

Research and analysis

The Space Foundation annually publishes The Space Report: The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity , which provides a comprehensive look at the global space industry, with focus on financial performance and structure, new developments and trends, challenges, and the outlook for the future.

Industry events

The Space Foundation annually hosts two major industry events, the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colo., and, along with the United States Strategic Command, the Stratgeic Space Symposium in Omaha, Neb.

Space Foundation awards

The Space Foundation annually presents five major awards. at its National Space Symposium.

Winners of the General James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award include:2009 The Honorable Peter B. Teets;2008 Hans Mark, Ph.D.;2007 Simon Ramo, Ph.D.;2006 Buzz Aldrin, Ph.D.;2005 The Honorable Edward C. Aldridge, Jr.;2004 The late Gen. Bernard A. Schriever, USAF (Retired);2003 Capt. James A. Jim Lovell, Jr., USN (Retired);2002 Norman R. Augustine.

Winners of the Alan Shepard Technology in Education Award include:2009 Ricardo V. Soria;2008 Kevin L. Simmons;2007 Luther W. Richardson;2006 Kathy R. Brandon;2005 Ronald F. Dantowitz;2004 Charles Geach;2003 Brian Copes;2002 Thomas F. Hunt, Frank E. Waller;2001 Lori Byrnes.

Winners of the Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award include:2009 Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ph.D.;2008 Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts;2007 Col. Eileen M. Collins, USAF (Retired);2006 Tom Hanks;2005 The Ansari X-Prize Foundation;2004 LIFE Magazine;2003 Robert T. McCall;2002 The late Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett Roddenberry;2001 Popular Science Magazine;2000 Space Awareness Alliance;1999 The Crew of the Space Shuttle Mission STS-95;1998 NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratorymarker;1997 The Cable News Network (CNN);1996 The Apollo 13 Team;1995 Discovery Communications, Inc.

Winners of the Space Achievement Award include:2009 China's Shenzhou 7 Mission,;2008 United States Air Force;2007 Bigelow Aerospace;2006 The U.S. Titan Launch Vehicle Team: Lockheed Martin, United States Air Force, The Aerospace Corporation, NASAmarker;2005 The Inertial Upper Stage Team: The Boeing Company, United States Air Force, The Aerospace Corporation, NASAmarker;2005 SpaceShipOneTeam;2004 Ariane 4 Launch Team;2003 U.S. Air Force Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Team; Lockheed Martin Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Team; The Boeing Company Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Team;2002 NASAmarker/Industry Galileo Space Probe Team and the men and women of United States Space Command and its component organizations;2001 Hubble Space Telescope Team;2000 Sea Launch;1999 NASA-Boeing International Space Station Team;1998 Gen. Thomas S. Moorman, Jr., USAF (Retired);1997 Capt. James Jim Lovell, USN (Retired);1996 American Astronautical Society;1995 Air University .

Winners of the John L. Jack Swigert, Jr., Award for Space Exploration include:2009 Recipient: NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander Team;2008 Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency;2007 The California Institute of Technologymarker;2006 NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratorymarker;2005 NASA's Mars Exploration Team from Jet Propulsion Laboratorymarker;2004 President George W. Bush;

Space certification

The Space Certification Program was created in cooperation with NASAmarker to help improve public awareness and appreciation of the many practical benefits thatcome from space technology. The Space Certification Program awards a "seal of approval" to companies with products and services that demonstrate a viable link to the space program. Often referred to as "spinoffs", there are literally thousands of products and services that incorporate space technology including satellite television and radio, Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, cellular communications, advanced industrial lubricants, robotics, plastics, and a long list of life improving and life saving medical technologies.

Among Space Certified products are Tempur-Pedicmarker sleep surfaces (certified product), the Challenger Learning Centers of the Challenger Center for Space Science Education (certified educational product),, (certifed educational product), and Space Station SIM (certified imagination product) .

Space Technology Hall of Fame

The Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA,, has conducted the Space Technology Hall of Fame since 1988, inducting dozens of technologies and honoring hundreds of organizations and individuals that transform technology originally developed for space exploration into products that help improve the quality of life here on Earth. Induction into the Space Technology Hall of Fame affords space technology innovators much deserved recognition. It also serves to increase public awareness of the benefits of space technology and encourage further innovation. Among technologies inducted are the cochlear implant,the parawing hang glider (also known as the Rogallo wing), and DirecTV.


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