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Area: 91.91 km²
Inhabitants: 223,768 (2007)
Population density: 2,435 inhabitants per km²
Website: Official homepage
Mayor of Borough: Konrad Birkholz (CDU)
Parliament of Borough (BVV): CDU 24, SPD 20, Alliance '90/The Greens 4, FDP 3, The Greys 3, The Left Party.PDS 1 (last election 2006)
Localities of Spandau
Spandau is one of the twelve boroughs (Bezirk) of Berlinmarker. It is the fifth and westernmost borough, situated at the confluence of the Havelmarker and Spreemarker rivers and along the western bank of the Havel. In the west it borders with the districts of Oberhavelmarker, Havellandmarker and the city of Potsdammarker in the federal state of Brandenburgmarker. Modern industries include metal working, chemicals and carpet manufacturing. The popular British New Romantic band Spandau Ballet took its name from the Spandau borough in the British sector of former West Berlin.


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