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Originally, a spindle was a device to spin fibres into thread; see spindle . The term has many senses that relate ultimately back to the idea of a cylindrical object and what tasks may be done with it (usually involving rotation). Thus spindle may refer also to:

In technology

  • Spindle , an axially symmetric furniture part, usually with decoration.
  • Spindle , a device for holding paper documents.
  • Spindle , is the main rotating part of a machine tool, woodworking machine, etc.
  • Spindle , a part of a car's suspension system.
  • Spindle , the axis of a computer disk.
  • Spindle , a plastic case for bulk optical discs.
  • Spindle , a straight wooden rod used in fire making.
  • Segmented spindle, a spindle consisting of discrete elements that can be assembled and disassembled on the fly

In biology

  • Spindle apparatus, a cellular structure organizing and separating the chromosomes during cell division
  • Muscle spindle, a specialized innervated muscle structure involved in the reflex action and in proprioception
  • Spindle neurons are a specific class of neurons that participate in signal transmission in the nervous system.
  • Any of the species of poisonous shrubs or small trees of the genus Euonymus
  • Sleep spindle, an EEG waveform that occurs during sleep.


  • Spindle marker, a 40-foot sculpture made from cars in Berwyn, Illinois
  • Spindle , an all-female alternative rock band
  • Spindle torus, a self-intersecting torus

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