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SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis is the first TV movie and musical of the TV comedy series SpongeBob SquarePants. The movie first aired in the U.S. on November 12, 2007, following a 12-hour-marathon of SpongeBob SquarePants episodes. It attracted an estimated 8.8 million viewers. Behind the Pantis, a short special telling how the movie was made, followed the mainmarker film.


The show begins with SpongeBob blowing bubbles and Patrick taking pictures of them, causing them to pop. Patrick then destroys the camera, saying it isn't fast enough. SpongeBob thinks it is the very nature of the fragile bubble. He then sings a song about bubbles, then accidentally blows a larger bubble than expected. It lifts SpongeBob and Patrick off the ground. Then, a broken coin (the Atlantean Amulet) pops the bubble. Patrick assumes the amulet belonged to SpongeBob's ancient ancestors. They take it to the museum. There, Mr. Krabs sets up his own admission booth, but soon takes it down. Patrick and SpongBob run into Squidward, who was busy painting. Squidward thinks SpongeBob and Patrick stole the missing half of the Amulet. He soon matches it to the displayed other half of the Amulet. Then, Mr. Krabs, interested in the untold riches, runs into Squidward, who tells Mr. Krabs how the streets were paved with gold and street lights made of diamonds (Mr. Krabs soon finds out that both cases aren't true). Squidward teaches Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob and Patrick about Atlantis, its origin and other things, including the Oldest Living Bubble, to SpongeBob's delight. Sandy, who overheard them, steps in. Sandy, Patrick, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob convince Squidward to link the two halves together since if the two halves were joined the path to Atlantis would open.

The magical path (a luxurious bus) is opened. The captain tells the group to refill fuel, but he reveals the fuel as song. The group sings about their desires. Plankton sneaks on wanting to use Atlantis's powerful weapons to become king of the city. Patrick "empties" the fuel by messing the song up. The bus crashes in to a topiary garden in Atlantis. There, they meet the king, Lord Royal Highness (David Bowie), who shows them a grand tour of the fortress. During the tour, Mr. Krabs, Sandy and Squidward get eliminated. Mr. Krabs dug for treasure, Sandy became pixelated, and Squidward posed for a painting. Meanwhile, Plankton checks out the Weaponry Room. He then chooses his weapon, a tank. Finally, SpongeBob and Patrick get to see the world's oldest living bubble alive, over 1 million years old. They take a picture of it, which causes the bubble to pop. They are afraid to speak, saying they have to go back to Bikini Bottom (SpongeBob makes an excuse that Gary misses him). Then, Patrick shouts out the 'truth'.

It is revealed Lord Royal Highness is not mad at SpongeBob and Patrick for popping the bubble, saying that the one they popped was just a tourist attraction ("That's not the real bubble! It's just a prop for the tourists."). He then shows them the real oldest living bubble, but once again, when Patrick takes a picture of it, it pops. Outraged, Lord Royal Highness summons the Atlantean Royal Guard to attack, but the gang manage to escape (thanks to Sandy using them as makeshift weaponry).

Just when they escape outside with the guards still in pursuit, Plankton comes in and tries to destroy them with the tank he found, but it showers the group with ice cream (much to Plankton's dismay). Lord Royal Highness picks Plankton up saying that a "talking speck" would be a better replacement for the bubble. Lord Royal Highness removes the Amulet, and orders a guard to dispose it. SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward and Mr. Krabs are ready to go home, but everyone except SpongeBob is crying because they want to stay in Atlantis.



The following songs were featured in the movie:

  1. "The Bubble Song" (Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke)
  2. "Bus Song 1" (Tom Kenny,
  3. "Bus Song 2" Bill Fagerbakke
  4. "Bus Song 3" Rodger Bumpass
  5. "Bus Song 4"Clancy Brown
  6. "Bus Song 5"Doug Lawrence
  7. "Bus Song 6"Carolyn Lawrence)
  8. "Eugene H. Krab's Song (All this Money)" (Clancy Brown)
  9. "Sandy's Song (The Germ Warrior)" (Carolyn Lawrence)
  10. "Plankton's Song (So Many Weapons)" (Doug Lawrence)
  11. "Squidward's Song (Pick up a Pencil)" (Rodger Bumpass)
  12. "Back in Encino" (Nicholas Carr, Steve Marston)
  13. "Good-bye Atlantis" (Tom Kenny, Carlos Alazraqui, Bill Fagerbakke, Rodger Bumpass, Clancy Brown, Carolyn Lawrence)


"Atlantis SquarePantis" was broadcast on November 12, 2007 on Nickelodeon, and was preceded by an "Z-A" countdown of SpongeBob SquarePants episodes picked by voters. It attracted 8.8 million viewers, the largest audience of a series broadcast at 8:00PM show on November 12, 2007, with the exception of Dancing with the Stars, and currently the highest audience in the series' history.

The special received generally mixed reviews from television critics. given generally mixed reviews from both critics and fans. Tom Shales, a television critic for The Washington Post, lambasted the movie in a 11 November 2007 review. In the review, titled Sweet Life of SpongeBob, Shales wrote that "the funniest thing about the film is its title" and "a typical episode has about as many laughs as this inflated version does". Shales criticized the amount of musical numbers in Atlantis SquarePantis, calling them "numbing". He concluded the review with the statement that the show was "cool" and "impressive". However, Atlantis SquarePantis recorded nine million viewers, beating every 8pm show on broadcast television that night except Dancing with the Stars. There was also many complaints from viewers that it was "too short and rushed conflict to count as a movie."

However, JerryvonKramer of Toon Zone wrote a positive review, saying "Atlantis Squarepants is not a masterpiece, but neither does it deserve the awful reputation it seems to have. I think it is a mistake to take SpongeBob as seriously as certain critics seem to; it is almost inevitable that after almost a decade of success that talk of "jumping the shark" will abound. But, as the remaining six shorts on the disc attest, this series has always been first and foremost about surreal silliness, the sort that punctures pomposity. The reviewer on IMDb who wrote "Spongebob has been dying a slow death since 2004 … now it's just another cartoon that helps dumb down Americamarker" should take note. Besides, since when does a cartoon that name-checks Dadaism and Cubism count as "dumbing down"?"

In addition, Ian Jane of DVD Talk said "If you've got the Season Five DVD set and intend to collect future seasons, you might want to wait for the exclusive material in this set to show up there. That said, this is a fun selection of solid episodes and the feature attraction is excellent. Extras could have been more in-depth but as it stands, Paramount has done a nice job on this release and SpongeBob SquarePants: Atlantis Squarepantis comes recommended."

Home media

A DVD version was released the day after the show premiered, featuring the TV Movie and 6 bonus episodes: "Money Talks", "Spongebob vs. the Patty Gadget", "Slimy Dancing", "The Krusty Sponge", "Sing a Song of Patrick", and "Picture Day" (The UK release has "The Krusty Plate", "Pat No Pay", "The Inmates of Summer", "To Save a Squirrel", "20,000 Patties Under the Sea", and "The Battle of Bikini Bottom" as bonus episodes).


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