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Sport Billy was a 1979 animated television cartoon made by Filmation Associates, initially for broadcast in Germanymarker. In 1982, Filmation carried the show over to the United Statesmarker for syndication, and as a summer replacement in NBC's Saturday morning children's programming. It was the last first-run series produced by Filmation Associates to air on NBC.

Sport Billy was originally a European comic character and had already had presence in Europe and some parts of Latin America. As a European character, his main sport was soccer, and this was reflected in the intro sequence of the Filmation program.

Sport Billy was adopted by FIFA as the Fair Play Mascot for Soccer World Cups, and a Trophy of the character was presented to the most sporting team at each World Cup. The character was used as a Mascot in many sporting youth programs internationally, promoting sportsmanship and fair play.

The series consisted of 26 episodes split into two seasons. It was also shown in the UK, Italy, Yugoslavia, Brazil, Australia, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, Portugal and some other countries.


The story revolves around a young boy named Sport Billy who is from the planet Olympus (a twin of Earth on the opposite side of the Sun) which is populated by athletic god-like beings. Billy himself has a magic size-changing gym bag - the Omni-Sack - which produces various tools as he needs them. He travels to Earth on a mission to promote teamwork and sportsmanship. Described by the show's theme song as a "hero from another planet", Billy battles the evil Queen Vanda and her gnome-like henchman, Snipe. Vanda's mission is to destroy all sports in the galaxy since fairness disgusts her.

Billy is assisted by two faithful companions, a girl named Lilly and a talking dog named Willy. The trio travel around in a time traveling spaceship, which resembles a giant wind-up clock, complete with a ringing bell, and mounted on two rocket engines. Each episode the trio travel through time to save a different Earth sport from Queen Vanda's grasp.

Sport Billy was voiced by Lane Scheimer, son of producer Lou Scheimer. Lilly and Queen Vanda was voiced by Joyce Bulifant and Willy was voiced by Frank Welker.

Episode List

Season 1

  1. Joust in Time
  2. Trouble in Tokyo
  3. Mexican Holiday
  4. Return to Olympus
  5. Chinese Puzzle
  6. Teamwork
  7. Bad Weather Blues
  8. A Voice in the Wilderness
  9. Wheel of Fortune
  10. Hyde and Seek
  11. Power of the Omnisac
  12. A Race in Space
  13. Trial by Fire
  14. The Great Texas Hole in One
  15. Arabian Knights and Days
  16. Mixed Doubles

Season 2

  1. Viking for a Day
  2. Monster from the Loch
  3. Mystery of the Russian Cave
  4. Rah! Rah! Billy!
  5. Peril in Peru
  6. Athenian Adventure
  7. Pure Luck
  8. Taj Mahal Mystery
  9. Australian Adventure
  10. A Tale of Two Billys

Public Service Announcements

In addition to this series, there were also ten 30-second public service announcements produced by Michael Sporn Animation for syndicated TV during the general period the series aired. These spots also taught the value of fair play and sportsmanship, but without the plot of the series.


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