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A steeple, in architecture, is a tall tower on a building, often topped by a spire. Steeples are very common on Christian church and cathedrals and the use of the term generally connotes a religious structure. They may be stand-alone structures, or incorporated into the entrance or center of the building.


Steeples generally serve as bell or clock towers. Towers were not a part of Christian churches until about AD 600, when they were adapted from military watchtowers. At first they were fairly modest and entirely separate structures from churches. Over time, they were incorporated into the church building and capped with ever-more elaborate roofs until the steeple resulted.

Towers are a common element of religious architecture worldwide and are generally viewed as attempts to reach skyward toward Heavens and the Divine.Some wooden steeples like the one in Kingston, New Yorkmarker pictured below are built with large wooden structural members arranged like tent poles and braced diagonally inside both with wood and steel. The steeple is then clad with wooden boards and finished with slate tiles nailed to the boards using copper over gaps on corners where the slate would not cover.

Image:San Agustin Cathedral.JPG|The Cathedral of San Agustinmarker in Laredo, TexasmarkerImage:Emmanual Church of Boston steeple.jpg|The steeple of the Emmanuel Church of Boston.Image:Cathedral of the Good Shepherd 7, Jan 06.JPG|The steeple of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherdmarker, Singapore, designed by Charles Alexander Dyce.Image:43FOG 03 01 07.jpg|The steeple of Celebration Church in Kingston, New Yorkmarker lit from insideImage:COMP-STEEP-08 03 06 3.jpg|The steeple of Celebration Church in Kingston, New Yorkmarker before completion in July of 2004 during the dayImage:Church_steeple_with_clouds.JPG|A historic church steeple in Peru, IllinoisImage:Norwich Cathedral I.JPG|Norwich Cathedralmarker in Norfolk, EnglandImage:Cavan cathedral.jpg|Cavanmarker Cathedral of Saints Patrick and Felim, IrelandImage:Mainzer Dom vom Kreuzgang.jpg|Mainz Cathedralmarker in GermanyImage:62-StPaulAME.jpg|St. Paul A.M.E.marker Churchmarker in Raleigh, North CarolinamarkerImage:Arlington Street Church Steeple.jpg|Arlington Street Churchmarker in Boston, MassachusettsmarkerImage:St giles cathedral.jpg|The crown steeple of St. Giles' Cathedral, EdinburghmarkerImage:NRUMCsanctuary.jpg|North Raleigh United Methodist Church in Raleigh, North Carolinamarker


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