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Stjepan Babić
Stjepan Babić (born November 29, 1925, Oriovac) is a Croatian linguist and academic.


He was born in the small town of Oriovac in Brod-Posavina Countymarker, even though his biological parents are from Hrvatsko Zagorjemarker. He attended primary school in Oriovac, and gymnasium in Slavonski Brodmarker, Osijekmarker and finally in Zagrebmarker. In 1948 he got employed in Industrogradnja, soon after the political winds threw him to Petrinjska prison. After Petrinjska he enrolled to Faculty of philosophy at the University of Zagrebmarker in 1949, graduating in 1955 Croatian, Russian and German. Afterwards he remained working as an assistant at the Faculty of philosophy, defending his Ph.D. in 1962 and receiving full professorship in 1975. He was the vice-president of Matica Hrvatska from 1989 to 1992, and representative in the Županijski Dom (Chamber of the Counties) from 1993 to 1997.

Selected works

Babić is one of the most prolific Croatian linguists, with over 600 published works (books, articles etc.). This listing includes only books:

  • "Hrvatski pravopis" (co-authored with Božidar Finka and Milan Moguš) 1. edition was outlawed in 1971 (reprints: Londonmarker 1972, Zagreb 1990.), 2 1994, 3 1995., 4 1996, 5 2000, 6 2002, 7 2003
  • "Pregled gramatike hrvatskoga književnog jezika" (co-authored with Stjepko Težak) 1973 (later editions ae called "Gramatika hrvatskoga jezika", such as that of 1992. (7. ed.), 2000. (12. ed.): "Gramatika hrvatskoga jezika : priručnik za osnovno jezično obrazovanje")
  • "Tvorba riječi u hrvatskom književnom jeziku" 1 (an outline for the grammar) 1986, 2 1991, 3 2002
  • "Opća i slavenska terminološka problematika" 1987
  • "Hrvatska jezikoslovna čitanka" 1990
  • "Hrvatski jezik u političkom vrtlogu" 1990
  • "Povijesni pregled, glasovi i oblici hrvatskoga književnog jezika" 1991
  • "Tisućljetni jezik naš hrvatski" 1991
  • "Hrvatski jučer i danas" 1995
  • "Hrvatski politički vicevi" 1995
  • "Sročnost u hrvatskome književnome jeziku" 1998
  • "Crvena magla", novel 2000
  • "Vedre priče", short stories 2000
  • "Hrvatska jezikoslovna prenja" 2001
  • "Prijedlog za ukidanje hrvatskog jezika" 2003
  • "Hrvanja hrvatskoga : hrvatski u koštacu sa srpskim i u klinču s engleskim" 2004
  • "Hrvatski školski pravopis" (co-authored with Sanda Ham and Milan Moguš) 2005
  • "Temelji Hrvatskomu pravopisu" 2005
  • "Razmišljanja o Bogu i patnji" 2005
  • "Glasovi i oblici hrvatskoga književnoga jezika" 2007
  • "Rječnik kratica" (co-authored with Milena Žic Fuchs) 2007

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