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Stop the Islamification of Europe (SIOE), also known as Stop Islamisation of Europe, is a nativist, right-wing anti-Islamist political interest group which has been active in Denmarkmarker and the United Kingdommarker. The group originated out of the joining of the Danish group with English anti-Islam activists.

The group's proclaimed aim is to oppose Islamic extremism; they have the motto "Racism is the lowest form of human stupidity, but Islamophobia is the height of common sense". In September 2009, John Denham, Labour's Communities Secretary, criticised the group and stated that it was "trying to provoke violence on Britain's streets" and called it "right-wing". Unite Against Fascism have opposed the group.


The group describes itself as an alliance "with the single aim of preventing Islam becoming a dominant political force in Europe." The British National Party denies any links with Stop the Islamification of Europe.


The group Stop the Islamification of Europe was inspired by a Danish group of the same name which have held protests outside Danish mosques since the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy. The group has 2,300 supporters on its Facebook page. Social networking sites have been used to plan protests.


Stephen Gash

Stephen Gash (born 1953) stood in the Sedgefield by-election, 2007(triggered by the resignation of Prime Minister Tony Blair) for the English Democrats Party. Gash gained 177 votes. According to his election literature the main themes of his campaign were support for an English Parliament, resolving the West Lothian question and immigration control. Gash has also contested local elections for Carlisle City Councilmarker.

Anders Gravers Pedersen

 was born in Denmark and lives in the small town of Storvordemarker. He  contested municipal elections in Aalborgmarker in 2005 and gained 383 votes and the group   received a total of 1172 votes. This represented less than 1% of the votes cast in the election. At the 2007 Danish Parliamentary Election Pedersen stood in Jutland and gained 73 votes.


Central London

In October 2007 the group staged a demonstration in Central London. It was reported that only 15 people attended the demonstration.

Harrow protests

On 11 September 2009 SIOE staged a demonstration in Harrowmarker which generated national and international media attention. The purpose of the demonstration was to campaign against the building of a five storey mosque, Harrow Central Mosquemarker, which is under construction. The group had pledged to hold a peaceful protest. According to the London Daily News; "Local residents in Harrow have been consistently against the creation of this mosque", the paper reported that the "Anti-Islamic groups organised peaceful protests outside of the new "super-mosque" which has a minaret over 300ft high, only to be confronted by masked Muslims". Unite Against Fascism was present to oppose the demo, as well as Muslims who claimed to be there to "defend the mosque". In all over 1000 people gathered outside the mosque.

The date of the protest coincided with the anniversary of the September 11 attacks and was intended to mark the anniversary of the attacks. Counter demonstrators clashed with the police, throwing bricks, bottles and firecrackers. Ten arrests were made during the protests, including the organiser of the protest Stephen Gash.


Stop the Islamification of Europe was originally a Danish anti-Islamist group which originated out of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy. The group was founded in 2007 by Anders Gravers Pedersen, the leader of a small Danish party called the Stop the Islamisation of Denmark ( ). On September 11th 2007 the group staged a demonstration in Brusselsmarker, Belgiummarker.

Affiliate organisations have been created in 10 European countries including Denmark, Russia, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the United States of America.

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