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Map showing the location of the Strait of Otranto.

The Strait of Otranto (Canale d'Otranto in Italian) connects the Adriatic Seamarker with the Ionian Seamarker. Its width is 45-55 nautical mile (85‚Äď100 km). The strait is named after the Italianmarker city of Otrantomarker.


During World War I, the strait was of strategic significance. The Allied navies of Italy, France, and Great Britainmarker, by blockading the strait, mostly with light naval forces and lightly armed fishermen, hindered the cautious Austro-Hungarian Navy from freely entering the Mediterranean Seamarker, and effectively kept them out of the naval theatre of war.

However, the barrage was notoriously ineffective against the German u-boats operating out of the Adriatic, which were to plague the Allied powers for most of the war throughout the Mediterranean.


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