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Strawberry quick meth is a drug scare from 2007. Drug dealers were allegedly using coloring and flavoring to disguise methamphetamines as Strawberry Quik, thus making them more appealing to children. The story was widely reported in the media, but no cases of children using flavored meth have been verified.

Drug scare

Fox News reported that drug dealers were using pop rocks to disguise the taste of meth and market it to children.

Emails began to circulate, claiming that meth was being disguised as candy and given to unsuspecting children. Snopes has reported that while colored crystal meth exists, and flavored meth may exist, there is no evidence of it being given to children. It is notable to point out that drug dealers seek out clients with a regular source of income, which precludes many children.

In 2008, the BBC reported that police in Oxfordshire, England, had warned over 80 schools of the risk of Strawberry meth, before considering it a hoax.

Existence of colored or flavored meth

Sometimes meth labs will try to brand their crystal meth product by coloring it in order to make it seem unique and to give it more market appeal. Police and drug enforcement officials have conjectured that the idea for "strawberry meth" may have come from such a process.

Law enforcement and treatment providers in Nevadamarker and Californiamarker have reported the distribution and/or abuse of flavored methamphetamine.

Strawberry flavored meth was seized in an apartment in Carson City, Nevadamarker in January 2007.

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