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Stuff is a men's magazine featuring interviews, pictorials, and other article of interest to a predominantly male audience.

U.S. Edition

Published by Dennis Publishing, it is the sister magazine to Maxim, and the two share a similar mission of providing entertainment targeted towards 18 to 30-year-old males whom it attracts with pictorials and cover features, humor, trivia, and product reviews of goods such as computers, sports car, video games, cell phones, etc. The American version of Stuff does not contain nudity, though the photo shoots generally try to get as close to nudity as possible, and at some locations, such as Wal-Martmarker stores in the U.S. Stuff and its sister men's magazine Maxim have been considered pornography, and therefore banned. The interviews tend to be with famous actresses, singers, models and wrestling divas, some of whom have appeared several times over the life of the magazine. The U.S. edition ceased to exist with the October 2007 issue when it returned to being a special section inside Maxim Magazine. Paid subscribers will receive Maxim magazine as a replacement. "This is a note to inform you that Stuff Magazine has ceased publishing with the Oct 2007 issue. The balance of your paid subscription will be fulfilled with Maxim. If you have any questions, please contact us at: Maxim / P.O. Box 420234 / Palm Coast, FL 32142-0234" Approximately 54,522 postcards were mailed out.

UK Edition

The UK version of the magazine, published by Haymarket Consumer Publications Ltd, is focused mainly on consumer electronics, gadgetry and lifestyle products, such as iPods and fast cars, to computers and men's clothing. Like its U.S. equivalent, Stuff UK contains a scantily clad woman on the front page (with a small number of further photos inside the magazine), but as the model is clothed this is not considered pornography in Britain. There are multiple in depth features, such as product reviews of laptops, digital audio (MP3) players, digital cameras (compact and SLR), as well as advertising. Regular features include an "adrenaline junkie" article, and speculative pages about upcoming technology, such as the "rumour mill" and the "Next big thing?" on the last page.

"Hot Stuff" is the news section that features new or unreleased products. Top 10s of currently available items are featured toward the back of the magazine. These include products in the range of portable media players, phones, computers, laptops, digital cameras, televisions, video recorders, hi-fi, home cinema, gaming, home and sports. There are dedicated pages for opinions and readers mail and a "My gadget life" column in towards the front of the magazine that features an interview with a well known person about the technology that helps them.

The circulation of Stuff UK is around 100,000 copies a month, placing it the best-selling gadget magazine and the 6th biggest-selling men's monthly in the UK, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. It outsells its closest rival, T3, by 2:1.

Singapore Edition

Stuff magazine has been locally published in Singapore since 2004. Under Catcha Co-operation, the magazine gained recognition amongst the local community and established itself as a leading name in the niche men’s magazine arena. In August 2008, the magazine was taken over by Roshambo Media, owned and managed by Mr. Glen Myles. It was then that Ms Akanksha Goel was hired as editor. She held the position until July 2008 when Ian Rich, the current editor, was brought on board.

Indian Edition

Stuff India, the Indian edition of Stuff, launched on 1 December, 2008 with a cover price of Rs. 100 (Just over USD 2).The magazine launched with a print run of 40,000 copies. Stuff India is edited by Nishant Padhiar, formerly the editor of T3 and consultant editor on AV Max.The cover of the inaugural issue of the magazine featured actress-model Malaika Arora, photographed by Farrokh Chotia. The cover story is a special feature on the best gadgets of the year 2008. The issue also had exclusive features on the world's first bamboo notebook and on the latest mobile phones.


The producers of the UK version of the magazine also produce weekly podcasts which are released every Friday. The content includes similar but more up to date content as the magazine. These are usually around 25–30 minutes in length and feature news about technology, the podline (where listeners questions are answered), reviews and comparisons of gadgets and an instant expert feature which provides the listener with five interesting points about the selected subject; past instant expert features include HSDPA, ISO and HDMI.

The podcast is free and is available via iTunes or can be downloaded via their website where older episodes are archived. The iTunes option provides higher sound quality, thumbnails and chapter points to provide the listener with easier navigation. Creative Zen owners can use the ZenCast organiser. Regular listeners can also subscribe to future episodes by pasting links into their podcast software application or alternatively subscribe via iTunes.

Videos is Stuff magazine's website, where short videos are uploaded to be played by visitors. Episodes are streamed as the user watches in a similar way to video broadcasting sites. The videos are edited together into short videos to a professional standard. The first episode is "Tested to Destruction" and is a deathmatch between the ever popular, ubiquitous iPod nano and a Sansa e250. Three tests are carried out involving a car, a toilet and rifle in order to simulate the effects of 'real life' damage to gadgets.

The site is a logical follow up to the success of the videos that the team posted on YouTube where videos of the team could be found demonstrating new gadgets such as the Sinclair A-bike, a human hydro-foil as well as technology products such as the Samsung X820 mobile phone, iTheatres and the Asus AI Guru S1 Skype phone.

Videos are now available as vidcasts on the website and can be viewed online in a similar way to before or subscribed to via iTunes. Chapters are placed in the short video clips for easy navigation and new player controls are used to play, scan through the video and to adjust the volume or size of the video. New videos are available each Friday and special ones are uploaded to cover events such as the launch of a new product or the Consumer Electronics Show.


The website for Stuff was relaunched on Friday, November 17, 2006 after being previewed at the Best of Stuff Show between November 3 and 5th. It has a new look, layout and content. The new site combines the features of both the older sites into one. New features such as the weekly videocast, blogs, reviews and galleries are included in the site as well as the news, forums, podcasts and videos from the older sites.


The June 2007 issue of the US Edition of Stuff, which carried some irreverent images of Hindu Gods Ganesha and Hanuman caused widespread controversy from sections of the Hindu Community.

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