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The Sultanate of Maguindanao was a Filipino Muslim state that ruled parts of the island of Mindanaomarker, in southern Philippinesmarker.

Its known historical influence stretches from the peninsula of Zamboangamarker to the bay of Saranganimarker. At its peak, the sultanate covered the entire island of Mindanaomarker, and ruled over the smaller neighboring islands near and around Mindanao.


Shariff Mohammed Kabungsuwan of Johormarker introduced Islam in the area at the end of the 16th century. He subsequently married a local princess and established the Sultanate of Maguindanao. The sultanate was usually centered in the valley of Cotabatomarker.

Muhammad Dipatuan Qudratullah Nasiruddin, popularly known as Qudarat, was one of the greatest known sultans who controlled Mindanao.

Abd al-Rahman, his grandson, continued increasing the Sultanate's power and influence.

During the Spanish colonial period, the Sultanate of Maguindanao was able to defend their territory, preventing the Spaniards from colonizing the entire Mindanao.

List of sultans of Maguindanao

Reign Sultan Other name(s)
1520-1543 Shariff Muhammad Kabungsuan
1543-1574 Sultan Maka-alang Saripada
1574-1578 Sultan Bangkaya
1578-1585 Sultan Dimasangcay Adel
1585-1597 Sultan Gugu Sarikula Datu Salikala
1597-1619 Sultan Laut Buisan Datu Katchil
1619-1671? Sultan Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat Datu Qudratullah Katchil
1671?-1678? Sultan Dundang Tidulay Sultan Saif ud-Din (Saifud Din)
1678?-1699 Sultan Barahaman Sultan Muhammad Shah Minulu-sa-Rahmatullah
1699-1702 Sultan Kahar ud-Din Kuda Maulana Amir ul-Umara Jamal ul-Azam
1702-1736 Sultan Bayan ul-Anwar Dipatuan Jalal ud-Din
Mupat Batua (posthumously)
(in Tamontaka)
Sultan Amir ud-Din Paduka Sri Sultan Muhammad Jafar Sadiq Manamir
Shahid Mupat (posthumously)
(in Sibugay, Buayan, Malabang)
Sultan Muhammad Tahir ud-Din Dipatuan Malinug
Muhammad Shah Amir ud-Din
(paramount chief of Maguindanao by 1748)
Sultan Rajah Muda Muhammad Khair ud-Din Pakir Maulana Kamsa
Amir ud-Din Itamza
Azim ud-Din Amir ul-M'umimin

1755-1780? Sultan Pahar ud-Din Datu Panglu/Pongloc
Mupat Hidayat (posthumously)
1780?-1805? Sultan Kibad Sahriyal Muhammad Azim ud-Din Amir ul-Umara
1805?-1830? Sultan Kawasa Anwar ud-Din Muhammad Amir ul-Umara Iskandar Jukarnain
1830-1854 Sultan Qudratullah Untung Iskandar Qudratullah Muhammad Jamal ul-Azam
Iskandar Qudarat Pahar ud-Din
1854-1884 Sultan Muhammad Makakwa
1884-1888 Sultan Wata Sultan Muhammad Jalal ud-Din Pablu
1888-1896 No sultan
Sultan Anwar ud-Din contested Datu Mamaku (son of Sultan Qudratullah Untung) of Buayan for the throne versus the then sultan Datu Mangigin of Sibugay.
1896-? Sultan Mangigin

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