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Sungai Tujoh, also abbreviated as Sg. Tujoh, is the westernmost point of Bruneimarker. It is located in the Belait district . The name of the area is derived from two Bruneian Malay words - Sungai, which means river or stream, and Tujoh or the number seven. Literally, Sungai Tujoh is translated as the Seventh River or Seventh Stream in English.

Although it is sometimes referred to as Kampong Sungai Tujoh, there is no permanent settlement in the area. There is a custom and cxcise and immigration post at Sungai Tujoh with 46 immigration officiers assigned to the latter, and a police control post whose function is to monitor the country's border, to safeguard the security of the country and to prevent crime.


Sungai Tujoh location in Mukim Belait

Sungai Tujoh is located at the westernmost point in Bruneimarker. It is located in the Belait district and lies across the border from Kampong Rentis in the Malaysianmarker state of Sarawakmarker. The area is bounded by the border with Malaysia on the west and south side, the South China Seamarker to the north and the Sungai Enam area to the east.

It is one of the four land crossing points from Brunei to Sarawak and the only one in the Belait district. The other 3 are Kuala Lurah in the Brunei-Muaramarker district to Limbangmarker and the Puni and Labu Immigration post in the Temburongmarker district to Limbangmarker and Terusan respectively.


The Sungai Tujoh area has been long claimed by the sultan of Brunei to constitute a part of the sultanate. It was divided in 1882, when the then sultan ceded the basin of the Baram to the White Rajah of Sarawakmarker, an area of some , on condition of a perpetual annual payment of 6000 dollars.

The border was delineated in 1958 by the United Kingdommarker who then had sovereignty over the colony of Sarawak and was responsible for the external relations of the protectorate of Brunei. An immigration post was built in the 1960s to control the movement of goods and people between Mirimarker and points west in Sarawak with Brunei. It has been continually upgraded since then, with the latest upgrade being made just prior to the opening of the ASEAN Bridge across the Baram Rivermarker.

The frequent traveller's card (FTC) was first implemented in 2005 at Sungai Tujoh. This enables residents from both countries to use their Mykad/Smart IC as a legal document for travel between the two countries instead of an international passport.


The main roads linking the ferry crossing towards the Malaysianmarker border (11 kilometers) and towards Rasau bridge are surfaced.

There is a scheduled bus service that runs from Kuala Belaitmarker and terminates at the immigration post at Sungai Tujoh. Passengers have to clear customs and immigration on foot and take a separate bus to Mirimarker.


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