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Sunnyvale Trailer Park is the fictional infamous trailer park home of the characters of Trailer Park Boys, a Canadian TV series. The park is owned by Barbara Lahey.

Illegal activities

The park has been the scene of many illegal activities over the years. These activities include:
  • Running an illegal massage parlor.
  • dope growing and possession
  • firing handguns in a public place
  • possession of prohibited firearms (automatic weapons)
  • public drunkenness
  • Public Urination
  • Fighting
  • Throwing piss jugs all around the park
  • Selling of individual cigarettes and pirated DVDs
  • opening of an illegal nightclub
  • bootlegging
  • Drinking and driving
  • Littering
  • Playing with stolen model trains
  • Rig licence fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Possession of an illegal lion
  • Squatting on an empty lot
  • the staging of an illegal rap concert
  • operation of an unlicensed convenience store
  • stealing satellite television
  • contributing to the delinquency of minors
  • Possessing stolen shopping carts
  • Soliciting prostitution
  • Blue-jay hunting within a safety zone
  • Spray-painting
  • auto theft
  • impersonating police officers
  • Impersonating the trailer park supervisor
  • kidnapping
  • Moving into a trailer without permission, but with a gun
  • paving a driveway with hash.
  • Selling siphoned gasoline
  • Disability fraud
  • Selling items from luggage stolen at the airport
  • Selling stolen groceries
  • Stealing barbecue grills
  • Public nudity
  • throwing bottles and flaming shit bags

Most of these illegal activities are carried out by Ricky or Julian usually with the reluctant assistance of their friend Bubbles and/or their other (semi-forced) criminal colleagues such as Cory and Trevor, who are often used as scapegoats by Ricky and Julian. Most of the remainder of the illegal activities, are carried out by J-Roc and the Rock Pile, sometimes working together with Ricky and Julian, and sometimes not. Barely a day goes by when the cops aren't called there for some reason or another.

After successfully having Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Ray, Sam and Cyrus sent to jail at the conclusion of "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys", Lahey has the name of Sunnyvale changed to "Lahey's Trailer Haven".

The first four seasons were filmed on location in real trailer parks. A different park for each season. Starting with Season 5 an actual set was created and used. The Sunnyvale set was located at the old Halifax County Regional Rehabilitation Centre on Bissett Rd Trailer Park Boys Set, in Cole Harbourmarker, outside of Halifax, Nova Scotiamarker. This set was used on Season's 5, 6, & 7.

List of Sunnyvale supervisors by season

Season Trailer Park Supervisor Associate Trailer Park Supervisor Weekend Trailer Park Supervisor Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor
ONE Jim Lahey Randy
TWO Jim Lahey Randy (after episode 2)
THREE Jim Lahey (until episode 8), Ricky (end of episode 8) Randy (until episode 8) Ricky (episode 2 only)
FOUR Ricky (until episode 4), Jim Lahey (after episode 4) Bubbles (until episode 4), Randy (after episode 4)
FIVE Jim Lahey Randy
SIX Randy (end of episode 1) Ray (end of episode 6)
SEVEN Randy (until episode 2), Jim Lahey (at the end of episode 10) Ray (until episode 3), Randy (Presumed at the end of episode 10)
MOVIE Jim Lahey Randy

During the first three seasons, Mrs. Lahey's ex-husband, Jim Lahey, was the Trailer Park Supervisor and was assisted by his boyfriend, Randy. After they went to jail (thanks to Ricky), Ricky became supervisor and was assisted by Bubbles until they lost the (the referee had previously threatened Ricky and Bubbles with bodily harm) wrestling match against Randy and Jim. Their win was unfair because Randy used 'foreign objects' in the match and gave Ricky a head wound. Bubbles, being disgruntled at Randy for having done this stepped in and helped out Ricky, this constituted a two-on-one, breached the rules of the match and meant Jim Lahey and Randy won by default, this, of course being in the referee's favour. At the start of the sixth season, Randy becomes Associate Trailer Park Supervisor at the end of the first episode after evicting Ray. Then after a peace agreement, Ray becomes Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor. In season 7, Randy became the Supervisor until he got fired. Ray quit because he got bored of it and became a truck driver (thanks to Bubbles). In episode 10, Lahey resigned from the police and came back as the Supervisor.

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