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Sunrise and Weekend Sunrise are Australian breakfast television programs, broadcast on Channel Seven. On weekdays the program follows Seven Early News, and runs from 6am through to 9am. On Sundays, Weekend Sunrise runs from 7am to 10am.

Show history

Seven News - Sunrise Edition (1991)
The history of Sunrise can be traced back to at least 17 January 1991 when 11AM newsreader Darren McDonald began presenting an early morning Seven News - Sunrise Edition bulletin prior to hostilities breaking out during the Gulf War. Then, King of Norway Olav V pass away.

In 1996, Seven introduced a one hour weekday bulletin called Sunrise News, later renamed Sunrise. Seven recruited Chris Bath from NBN Television to present the bulletin alongside Peter Ford. Ford moved to other presenting roles in 1996, and was replaced by finance editor David Koch. In 1997, Chris Bath was transferred to Seven's 10.30pm News and was replaced by Melissa Doyle. Seven launched a Sunday bulletin hosted by Stan Grant, entitled Sunday Sunrise, in 1997. Weekday Sunrise was cancelled in 1999, replaced by children's program The Big Breakfast. Seven maintained half-hourly news updates during The Big Breakfast, and their Sunday bulletin was not affected by the axing.

During the Sydney 2000 Olympics Andrew Daddo and Johanna Griggs presented Olympic Sunrise from a leased apartment near Lavender Bay in Sydney which provided the Harbour Bridge and Opera House as stunning waterside backdrops.

In 2000, the program was replaced by a new version of Sunrise, hosted by Georgie Gardner and Mark Beretta, and music video program AMV.

Other temporary Sunrise hosts up until this time include Anne Fulwood who was filling in for Georgie Gardner at the time of the program's end, Leigh Hatcher (now host of breakfast bulletin First Edition on Sky News Australia) and Nick McArdle previous (weekend sport reader, Seven News Sydney).

In March 2002, Seven revamped their breakfast television schedule with Seven Early News at 6:00 a.m., hosted by Chris Reason (and only lasted around one week), and a new version of Sunrise from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., hosted by Reason and Melissa Doyle. Sunrise from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. began in February the same year. David Koch was brought in to present the finance reports. In October of that year, Reason discovered he had another cancerous tumour behind his kidney and had to quit. Four years earlier he had undergone treatment for another growth.

Koch was appointed temporary presenter, a position made permanent. Sunrise was yet again revamped soon after Koch's appointment, focusing less on hard news and became more family friendly. The show, along with its rival The Today Show on Nine, have become more tabloid focused. This has boosted ratings by moving people away from morning radio and the newspaper to the TV .

In 2003, the show began to pick up ratings, and appointed Natalie Barr to present the news updates, followed by the appointment of former Network Ten journalist Grant Denyer to present weather reports, then the appointment of Mark Beretta, who was brought in to present sports updates. On August 30, 2004, Sunrise, Seven News Sydney, and Seven Morning News moved from their studios in Eppingmarker to the new Seven News centremarker at Martin Placemarker. On 29 January 2007 Sunrise had a complete makeover with changes to the set and on-screen graphics. Due to continued viewer feedback, the Sunrise set changed again on 10 June 2007, Specifically, the new set includes more of the city into its shots by the installation of smart glass. This glass, similar to that on the new Boeing 787 allows for the transparency of the glass to be adjusted, ranging from clear, to partially transparent to completely opaque, showing as a solid blue. These changes have proved useful in shielding viewers from the actions of some passers by, notably, cast members of the ABCmarker show The Chaser's War on Everything. The set was also modified so The Morning Show's set could fit into the Martin Placemarker current affairs studio. In October 2009, it was announced that at the start of 2010, Sunrise will receive a brand new set, format, graphics and logo.

Special editions

Occasionally, Sunrise may air a special Saturday edition. Special editions that have aired on Saturdays since 2003 included:
  • March 22, 2003 - Kochie and Mel hosted the special edition of Sunrise covering the latest on the Iraq war as it happened. This also saw the rise of Natalie Barr as newsreader.
  • November 24, 2007 (as Weekend Sunrise) - A special edition hosted by Andrew O'Keefe and Samantha Armytage covering the final day of the 2007 election campaign. Talitha Cummins read the news, whilst Kylie Gillies presented the sport.

Musical guests

A number of musical guests have appeared on Sunrise and performed live on the show. Like the rest of the studio, their stage area gives people on the street a chance to view the performances. Occasionally, musical guests perform 'on the plaza', on a temporary stage erected in Martin Placemarker. Musical performances normally take place at 7:50am and 8:50am, with most guests playing two songs.

Musical guests who have appeared on Sunrise in 2007/2008 include:Paulini, Young Divas, Pink, Sam Sparro, The Veronicas, The Wiggles, Hinder, Take That, Keith Urban, Joss Stone, Eskimo Joe, Sneaky Sound System, Thirsty Merc, Missy Higgins, Josh Groban, Human Nature, Grinspoon, Avril Lavigne, Patrizio Buanne, Mika, Small Mercies, The Androids, Michael Buble, Maroon 5, Crowded house, Silverchair, Paul Kelly, Colbie Caillat, Bjorn Again, Gym Class Heroes, Editors, Jose Gonzalez, Josh Pyke, Daddy Cool, Something for Kate, The Whitlams with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, The Cat Empire, Rogue Traders, Kelly Clarkson, The Last Goodnight, Ben Lee, Anthony Callea, Delta Goodrem, David Campbell, Kate Miller-Heidke, Tina Arena, Hi-5, Operator Please, Newton Faulkner, Kelly Rowland, Guy Sebastian and Simple Plan, Ian Moss

Weekend Sunrise

In 2005 the Seven Network replaced its struggling Sunday morning program Sunday Sunrise with a program called Weekend Sunrise which originally was an hour long (8am - 9am) program with an identical format to Sunrise. Hosted by Chris Reason and Lisa Wilkinson, the program was successful and various critiques at the time called for the program to be lengthened to two hours (7am - 9am) and be extended to Saturday mornings as well as Sunday.

In 2006, Weekend Sunrise was extended from an hour to a two hour show, running every Sunday from 8am till 10am. When Sportsworld returned for the football season Weekend Sunrise settled into a 90 minute format, 8am - 9.30am. After Sportsworld's series concluded, the show returned to a two hour format.

Andrew O'Keefe initially temporarily replaced host Chris Reason in 2006, but after improved ratings he was given the hosting position permanently. In 2007, Wilkinson moved to the Nine Network to host Today, and was replaced by Samantha Armytage. In 2008, Weekend Sunrise moved their start time 30 minutes earlier to 7.30am, to match the new start time of Nine's Sunday program. The program continued to run through to 10am, meaning the program had a two-and-a-half hour running time.

In 2009, the program's start time was moved even eariler. Originally, it was announced that Today on Sunday (now Weekend Today), the replacement the long-running Nine's Sunday, would run from 7.30 to 9am. But this was changed on 28 January 2009 to 7 to 9am. As result, Seven announced that Weekend Sunrise would also commence at 7am and run through to 10am, meaning the program would go for 3 hours, the same as the weekday version of Sunrise


Like most other breakfast television shows, Sunrise blends a mixture of news every thirty minutes, interviews and light-hearted feature pieces into three hours each morning. Often they will go out and present the show from other locations, such as Hawaiimarker, Las Vegasmarker, Athensmarker and Disneylandmarker and more recently Melbournemarker for their Commonwealth Games specials, Beaconsfieldmarker in Tasmania and Dreamworldmarker on the Gold Coast. A major feature of the show is that the viewer can send in their responses to stories via email, SMS or phone. Viewers can also bring up issues they want reviewed or investigated and it is recorded on the ROSwall (Responses of Sunrisers).

News and traffic

Local news updates, following the national news updates at 6am, 7am, and 8am were launched on the 28 May 2007, offering viewers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, and Perth news specific to their city. Prior to this, local weather and capital city traffic updates had already been inserted into the program. These were removed in June 2008, following the commencement of the Seven News early news bulletin, due to logistical reasons.

Traffic reports are shown on the half hour during the show, and are presented in some cities from a local helicopter.



Presenter Role Tenure
Melissa Doyle Co-host 2001-
David Koch Co-host 2002-
Natalie Barr News 2002-
Mark Beretta Sport 2004-
Fifi Box Weather 2009-

Chris Reason was the original co-Anchor with Melissa Doyle, while Grant Denyer, Monique Wright and David Brown were previous weather presenters. Denyer & Wright both still contribute to the show. Brown resigned from his role in July 2008, with no replacement until 2009, being Fifi Box.

Current fill-in's that have recently hosted or co-hosted on Sunrise include Kylie Gillies, Natalie Barr, Mark Beretta, Larry Emdur, Samantha Armytage, Rebecca Maddern and Mike Munro.

Other Seven presenters who have either filled in or presented Sunrise in the past include Matthew White, Nick McArdle, Anne Fulwood, Ben Davis, Chris Reason, Mike Amor, Emmy Kubainski, Rosanna Mangiarelli, Joanne Desmond, Sharyn Ghidella, and Ben Damon, amongst others.

Weekend Sunrise

Presenter Role Tenure
Andrew O'Keefe Co-host 2005, 2006-
Samantha Armytage Co-host 2007-
Sharyn Ghidella News 2008-
Simon Reeve Sport 2007- (2005 - 2007;news)
James Tobin Weather 2009-

Previous presenters of Weekend Sunrise include co-hosts Chris Reason and Lisa Wilkinson. Kylie Gillies was the original sports presenter until she moved to The Morning Show and Talitha Cummins read the news from 2007 until July 2008.

Recurring Sunrise reporters

Presenter Role Tenure
Nelson Aspen Hollywoodmarker gossip 2004-
Jim Wilson Talking Sport 2004-
Grant Denyer "Dare Denyer", Fridays 2007- (weather;2004-2007)
Peter Blasina "Gadget Guy" technology news 2002-
Rebecca Wilson Talking Sport 2009-
James Tobin Reporter 2008-
Dr. Keith Suter International affairs 2002-
Dr. John D'Arcy Medical expert 2001-
Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg Parenting expert 2006-
Anne Hollands Relationships Australia 2004-
Jo Lamble Psychology expert 2005-
Barbara Northwood Cooking, weekly 2005-
Darren Simpson Cooking, weekly 2001-
Simon Reeve Reporter 2003-
Hamish Macdonald UK Bureau correspondent 2009-
Rahni Sadler LA Bureau correspondent 2007-
Nuala Hafner Entertainment Editor 2009- (various reports before)
Richard Arnold UK Entertainment 2009-


In 2003 an interview aired live with Sue Butler from the Macquarie Dictionary on the topic of swearing and what was acceptable.

Sue Butler: Today's taboos are all about labels that you use for people. So that the sentence, "you are a" is practically a no no. You cannot use...
David Koch: Even if you use boofhead.
Sue Butler: Even if you use boofhead because you're putting it in the same context as things which are clearly rude. You know: "You are a fuckwit." Well, obviously we know that's bad.

Doyle and Koch immediately ended the interview and apologised afterwards. This did not prevent angry viewers writing and emailing in complaints over the interview.

In 2006, a number of people including Sunrise presenters David Koch and Melissa Doyle, newsreader Natalie Barr, executive producer Adam Boland and Melbourne newsreader Jennifer Keyte and former Today Tonight host Naomi Robson faced court convictions over a story run in 2004 relating to a 14-year old boy who "divorced" his mother. Under the Victorian Children and Young Persons Act, it is prohibited to publish the identity of a child involved in Children's Court proceedings. While the Sunrise cast and crew were cleared of any wrongdoing the Seven Network itself was ultimately held responsible.

Upon the rescue of trapped miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell in the aftermath of the Beaconsfield mine collapse, David Koch was invited into an ambulance. This led to rival Channel Nine and The Today Show labelling him an "ambulance chaser".

On 4 December 2006, Sunrise host David Koch read the joke of the day, which received public outcry. The Sunrise website quoting:

Kochie's joke of the day is being rested today after a controversial one yesterday.
He got in a little strife from his big bosses.

We're currently deciding whether to keep Kochie's joke. What do you think?

The joke went along the lines of:

John Howard went skiing and his bodyguard saw 'John Howard is a Dork' peed into the snow...Johnny went off and told his guard to get a sample of it and find out who did it at all costs...The guard returned a day later and said we have good and bad news...Johnny asked what the good news was, and the guard retorted that it was Kim Beazley's urine...Johnny says right, he's stuffed now - throw the book at him...What's the bad news? The guard grins and says it was in Janette's handwriting.

In April 2007, reports surfaced that the show was lobbying Vietnamese authorities to hold an ANZAC Day dawn service early so it could be broadcast live on television in Australia. Koch denied on-air that any such lobbying had occurred. His claim was proved false upon the release of email communications from the office of then opposition leader Kevin Rudd. After considerable political fallout over the alleged request, opposition leader Kevin Rudd and Liberal minister Joe Hockey decided to end their regular weekly appearances on the program.

On the March 18, 2008 episode Koch and Doyle were ambushed by a group of protesters chanting and carrying placards that claimed "Channel 7 doesn't pay", a reference to controversy surrounding the reported non-payment of winnings to National Bingo Night audience members and home viewers. The group, posing as fans of guest Keith Urban, were driven away by security. Koch later blamed the incident on the Nine Network's A Current Affair, a theory that was lent credence when the same protesters appeared on that night's episode of the program. Both Koch and co-host Melissa Doyle promised to look into their allegations, but later simply read a statement from the network.

In 2009, Sunrise suffered its first ratings one-day defeat against Today on a national basis since 2004; this significant milestone occurring on Good Friday.


Because Australia has more than one time zone, Sunrise is not broadcast live to all of Australia, it is instead broadcast delayed. New South Walesmarker (including ACT), Victoriamarker, Tasmaniamarker have Sunrise broadcast live all year round, Queenslandmarker has Sunrise broadcast live in wintertime, but during Daylight Saving Time in Sydneymarker has the program delayed by one hour. The Northern Territorymarker has Sunrise delayed 30 minutes during winter and 1 hour and 30 minutes during Daylight Savings in Sydney. South Australiamarker has it delayed by 30 minutes all year around, and Western Australiamarker has it delayed by 2 hours in wintertime and by 3 hours during Daylight Savings in Sydney.

Occasionally, broadcasts of Sunrise are altered during special circumstances. On the morning of March 20 2006 when Sunrise is normally on a 1 hour delay in to Queensland, Sunrise was broadcast live in order to provide immediate and up-to-date information on Tropical Cyclone Larry to local residents. The show continued to be broadcast until 10am Sydney time only in to Queensland to continue these updates and prevent scheduling problems.

During 2008's World Youth Day in Sydney, Sunrise was extended on Thursday, July 17 and Monday, July 21 to cover the Pope's morning mass and the departure of the Pope respectively. Both of those editions ended at 9:30am with the Morning Show picking off the rest of the coverage.

When Weekend Sunrise was covering the Victorian bushfires in February 2009, the show extended its coverage until 11am, with the extra hour dedicated to the events occurring in Victoria.

Theme song

Sunrise uses Duran Duran's " Sunrise" as its theme song. Formerly, it had used a more traditional morning news theme before switching to the song. In the past it has also used the Seven News theme which was based on the John Williams piece 'The Mission '.

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