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The Swedish Resistance Movement ( ), also known as the SMR, is a Swedish, militant Neo-Nazi organisation that exists in Stockholmmarker, Göteborgmarker, Malmömarker and Linköpingmarker.


The organisation was founded in 1995 under the name Oberoende Nationell Ungdom (Independent National Youth). According to the Swedish Museum of National Antiquitiesmarker the members came from Sverigedemokratisk Ungdom and most of them studied at schools in western Stockholmmarker.


The outspoken purpose of the organization is "to protect the ethnic Swedes and take back our country". Their long-term political aims are Sweden's secession from the European Union, large scale repatriation of non-Swedish people and their Swedish descendants from Sweden, to fight Zionism, and in recent years also to create a "Greater Nordic Reich". They often laud Middle Eastern anti-Zionists such as Hamas and the government of Iran on their website, though co-operation between them does not exist.


Their main struggle is handing out leaflets about crimes committed by foreigners and immigrants in Sweden, arranging public rallies and training their members in martial art and other physical activities such as marches and paintball. Their camps in the Swedish woods have left some people to believe they are training for a civil war or a revolution, although all such claims have been publicly refuted by the organization. In November 2003 the Swedish Security Servicemarker raided homes of leading members, among them Klas Lund who was later sentenced to prison for illegally possessing a firearm.

They also publish the magazine Nationellt Motstånd.


Little is known about its leadership, but one man of prominence is Klas Lund (known from VAM).

Youth organization

Nationell Ungdom was the youth organization of the Swedish Resistance Movement. However, in May 2006 they announced the youth organization as dismantled and all its members and activities are now part of the main organization. The main reason given was that "no youth organization has never made any revolutionary changes of society" and that it would be better if the young recruits are groomed as adults, as the members of the Volkssturm in 1945.

Violent connections

Persons linked to Svenska motståndsrörelsen have been involved in several acts of violence:

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