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General Information
Founded 1992, Australia
Previous Names -
Current clubs Bendigo Pioneers
Calder Cannons
Dandenong Stingrays
Eastern Ranges
Geelong Falcons
Gippsland Power
Gold Coast
Murray Bushrangers
North Ballarat Rebels
Northern Knights
Oakleigh Chargers
Sandringham Dragons
Western Jets

Former Clubs NSW/ACT Rams
Tassie Mariners
Stadiums Golden Square Ground
Coburg City Ovalmarker
Shepley Oval
Kilsyth Recreation Reserve
Highton Reserve
Morwell Football Ground
Wangaratta Oval
La Trobe University Preston
Warrawee Park
Visy Parkmarker
Brookside Oval
Melbourne Cricket Groundmarker
Burbank Oval
Norm Minns Oval

Findlay Oval
Skilled Stadiummarker
Preston City Ovalmarker
QE Oval
Carrara Stadiummarker

2009 Season
Premiers Calder Cannons
Minor Premiers Geelong Falcons
Wooden Spoon Sandringham Dragons
Morrish Medal Anton Woods, Northern Knights
Highest Goal Kicker Luke McDonald, Eastern Ranges
Total Attendance Unknown
Average Match Attendance Unknown

The TAC Cup is an under 18 Australian rules football representative competition held in Victoria, Australiamarker. It is based on geographic regions throughout country Victoria, metropolitan Melbournemarker (with a team representing each of the 12 Victorian regions) and since 2009, the Gold Coast, Queensland playing off in regular competition during a traditional football season.

The TAC Cup is currently recognised as the premier junior development program for the sport between the ages of 16 and 18 (followed by the AFL National Under 18 Championships).

Since its inception in 1992 the TAC Cup has provided a majority (over 60%) of the players recruited to the Australian Football League through the AFL Draft. It is therefore the primary source of recruitment for AFL clubs and fills a similar recruiting function to the way that college football system in the United Statesmarker feeds the NFL. The TAC Cup provides an opportunity for talented regional players to participate in a very high standard competition without having to relocate too far from their place of origin. The competition has a very successful pathway with players missing AFL selection often being recruited by semi-professional state, country and regional leagues throughout Australia.


With the focus of the VFL/AFL moving rapidly towards national competition, the old metropolitan and country Victorian zoning recruitment method for VFL/AFL clubs was phased out and at the start of 1992 the league's Under 19 competition was disbanded.

A new competition, sponsored by the Transport Accident Commission was formed as an avenue to where many young Victorian under-18 players make their transition to becoming senior Australian Football League players. In 1992 the competition consisted of five metropolitan teams and one country team. The initial teams were the Northern Knights, Eastern Ranges, Southern Stingrays, Western Jets, Central Dragons and Geelong Falcons.

In 1993 an additional four country teams were included - the Murray Bushrangers, Bendigo Pioneers, Gippsland Power, and North Ballarat Rebels. In 1995 two additional metropolitan regions were established with the Oakleigh Chargers and Calder Cannons teams included in the competition. The Tassie Mariners also commenced in the competition in 1995, becoming the league's first non-Victorian side. Finally, in 1996, the NSW/ACT Rams were admitted to the TAC Cup. The Mariners and RAMS both exiting the competition at the end of the 2002 (have been played 4 games a year from 2003-2004 and 3 game a year since 2005) resulting in the current 12 team competition. Other Non-Victorian clubs Queensland and Northern Territory played 2 games a year in 2003 and 2004 and 3 games a year since 2005.

The Gold Coast Football Club joins the competition for season 2009, playing 13 home games at their home stadium, before their expected promotion into the Victorian Football League in 2010, followed by their expected debut season in the Australian Football League in 2011.

Between 1995 and 2008, the finals system was in a knock-out format. This reverted to a traditional finals system in 2009 with the introduction of the Gold Coast team.

Competition timeline

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 bar:NK text:Northern Knights
 bar:ER text:Eastern Ranges
 bar:DS text:Dandenong Stingrays
 bar:WJ text:Western Jets
 bar:SD text:Sandringham Dragons
 bar:GF text:Geelong Falcons
 bar:MB text:Murray Bushrangers
 bar:BP text:Bendigo Pioneers
 bar:GP text:Gippsland Power
 bar:NB text:North Ballarat Rebels
 bar:OC text:Oakleigh Chargers
 bar:CC text:Calder Cannons
 bar:GC text:Gold Coast Football Club
 bar:TM text:Tassie Mariners
 bar:NS text:NSW/ACT Rams

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 id:grey  value:gray(0.4)
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 id:vlgrey value:gray(0.95)
 id:premier value:brightblue legend:Premier
 id:spoon value:rgb(0.7,0.3,0.3) legend:Last_place
 id:rup value:powderblue  legend:Runner_Up
 id:minor value:orange  # legend:Minor_Premier  # need more data
 id:rup&minor value:lightpurple  # legend:R-Up&Minor_Premier  # need more data

DateFormat = yyyyPeriod = from:1992 till:2011TimeAxis = orientation:horizontalScaleMajor = unit:year increment:1 start:1992 gridcolor:lgreyScaleMinor = unit:year increment:1 start:1992 gridcolor:vlgrey

 color:lgrey width:12
 bar:NK from:1992 till:end
 bar:ER from:1992 till:end
 bar:DS from:1992 till:end
 bar:WJ from:1992 till:end
 bar:SD from:1992 till:end
 bar:GF from:1992 till:end
 bar:MB from:1993 till:end
 bar:BP from:1993 till:end
 bar:GP from:1993 till:end
 bar:NB from:1993 till:end
 bar:OC from:1995 till:end
 bar:CC from:1995 till:end
 bar:GC from:2009 till:2010
 bar:TM from:1995 till:2002
 bar:NS from:1996 till:2002

 color:premier width:12
 bar:GF from:1992 till:1993
 bar:NK from:1993 till:1997
 bar:NB from:1997 till:1998
 bar:MB from:1998 till:1999
 bar:SD from:1999 till:2000
 bar:GF from:2000 till:2001
 bar:CC from:2001 till:2002
 bar:ER from:2002 till:2003
 bar:CC from:2003 till:2005
 bar:GP from:2005 till:2006
 bar:OC from:2006 till:2007
 bar:CC from:2007 till:2008
 bar:MB from:2008 till:2009
 bar:CC from:2009 till:2010

 color:rup width:12
 bar:WJ from:1992 till:1994
 bar:GF from:1994 till:1995
 bar:ER from:1995 till:1996
 bar:NS from:1996 till:1997
 bar:DS from:1997 till:1998
 bar:GF from:1998 till:1999
 bar:GP from:1999 till:2000
 bar:ER from:2000 till:2001
 bar:BP from:2001 till:2002
 bar:CC from:2002 till:2003
 bar:MB from:2003 till:2004
 bar:ER from:2004 till:2005
 bar:DS from:2005 till:2006
 bar:CC from:2006 till:2007
 bar:MB from:2007 till:2008
 bar:DS from:2008 till:2009
 bar:DS from:2009 till:2010

 color:spoon width:12
 bar:SD from:1992 till:1993
 bar:BP from:1993 till:1994
 bar:BP from:1994 till:1995
 bar:TM from:1995 till:1996
 bar:SD from:1996 till:1997
 bar:WJ from:1997 till:1998
 bar:WJ from:1998 till:1999
 bar:NS from:1999 till:2000
 bar:NK from:2000 till:2001
 bar:TM from:2001 till:2002
 bar:WJ from:2002 till:2003
 bar:GP from:2003 till:2004
 bar:NK from:2004 till:2005
 bar:BP from:2005 till:2006
 bar:BP from:2006 till:2007
 bar:SD from:2007 till:2008
 bar:NK from:2008 till:2009
 bar:SD from:2009 till:2010

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Age eligibility

Although primarily a competition for 18 year olds, exceptions are made for bottom-aged players—16 or 17 year olds—and since 2007, over-age players—19 year olds—to participate in the competition.

Since the beginning of the 2007 TAC Cup season, clubs have been granted permission to select up to five over-age players permitted on their lists.

Nonetheless, age eligibility requirements remain for the AFL Draft, where players must have turned 17 by April 30 of that draft year to be eligible for selection by an AFL Club.


The Morrish Medal is awarded to the best player in the competition.


The Match of the Round is broadcast live on Rumble 103, an internet radio station based in Melbourne.

The TAC Cup is also covered in the Melbourne Newspaper the Herald Sun.

There is a TAC Cup show on Channel 9 from 1pm every Sunday in 2009.

The TAC Cup is live coverage on C31's Local Footy Show or ABC's triple j.

TAC Cup will be live broadcast on Channel 31 in Melbourne, Geelong, & a regional Victoria in 2010.

The radio broadcasters SYN FM & RRR FM will be a coverage of TAC Cup football matches on the weekend.

Current Season

2009 ladder


Will be held at Visy Park (Princes Parkmarker), but the grand final will be held at the Telstra Domemarker.

Qualifying/Elimination Finals

5 September 2009 Gold Coast 10.17.77 Northern Knights 9.9.63 Visy Parkmarker
5 September 2009 Gippsland Power 10.15.75 Dandenong Stingrays 12.17.89 Visy Parkmarker
6 September 2009 Calder Cannons 24.13.157 North Ballarat Rebels 9.6.60 Visy Parkmarker
6 September 2009 Geelong Falcons 10.12.72 Eastern Ranges 17.13.115 Visy Parkmarker

Semi Finals

13 September 2009 Gippsland Power 15.5.95 Calder Cannons 15.17.107 Visy Parkmarker
13 September 2009 Geelong Falcons 11.14.80 Gold Coast 5.9.39 Visy Parkmarker

Preliminary Finals

19 September 2009 Eastern Ranges 8.7.55 Calder Cannons 13.9.87 Visy Parkmarker
19 September 2009 Dandenong Stingrays 11.17.83 Geelong Falcons 5.12.42 Visy Parkmarker

Grand Final

25 September 2009 Dandenong Stingrays 14.14.98 Calder Cannons 17.10.112 Etihad Stadiummarker


Clubs History

Team Region Seasons Home Ground
Northern Knights Northern Melbourne and North Eastern Melbourne 1992 - Present NAB Oval, Preston
Eastern Ranges Eastern Melbourne 1992 - Present Various grounds
Dandenong Stingrays South Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula 1992 - Present Shepley Oval
Western Jets Western Melbourne and Wyndham Region 1992 - Present Crofts Reserve; Burbank Oval
Sandringham Dragons Bayside Melbourne 1992 - Present Trevor Barker Oval
Geelong Falcons Geelong and Western Region 1992 - Present Highton Reservemarker
Murray Bushrangers Riverinamarker 1993 - Present Lavington
Bendigo Pioneers Goldfields Region of Victoria 1993 - Present Queen Elizabeth Ovalmarker
Gippsland Power Gippsland 1993 - Present Morwell Rec. Res.
North Ballarat Rebels Ballarat and Wimmera Region 1993 - Present AUSTAR Arena
Oakleigh Chargers South Eastern Melbourne 1995 - Present Warrawee Park
Calder Cannons North Western Melbourne and Sunbury District 1995 - Present Coburg City Ovalmarker
Gold Coast Football Club QLDmarker and PNGmarker 2009 - Present Carrara Stadiummarker
Former clubs:
Tassie Mariners Tasmaniamarker 1996 - 2002
NSW/ACT Rams New South Walesmarker and ACTmarker 1995 - 2002

TAC Cup Premiers

Season Premiers GF Score Runner-up Best-on-ground
1992 Geelong Falcons 18.16 (124) - 12.10 (82) Western Jets Daniel Fletcher
1993 Northern Knights 32.10 (202) - 18.11 (119) Western Jets Shannon Gibson
1994 Northern Knights 16.21 (117) - 15.17 (107) Geelong Falcons Anthony Rocca
1995 Northern Knights 12.20 (92) - 7.21 (63) Eastern Ranges Brent Harvey
1996 Northern Knights 15.15 (105) - 14.6 (90) NSW/ACT Rams Matthew Harrison
1997 North Ballarat Rebels 16.15 (111) - 10.16 (76) Dandenong Stingrays Adam Goodes
1998 Murray Bushrangers 17.18 (120) - 12.12 (84) Geelong Falcons Michael Stevens
1999 Sandringham Dragons 16.8 (104) - 8.6 (54) Gippsland Power Dylan Smith
2000 Geelong Falcons 18.16 (124) - 15.12 (102) Eastern Ranges Amon Buchanan
2001 Calder Cannons 16.14 (110) - 10.13 (73) Bendigo Pioneers Jordan Barham
2002 Eastern Ranges 10.5 (65) - 9.10 (64) Calder Cannons Stephen Dinnell
2003 Calder Cannons 16.14 (110) - 2.6 (18) Murray Bushrangers Brock McLean
2004 Calder Cannons 19.20 (134) - 9.10 (64) Eastern Ranges Jesse D. Smith
2005 Gippsland Power 12.9 (81) - 10.6 (66) Dandenong Stingrays Dale Thomas
2006 Oakleigh Chargers 19.16 (130) - 16.7 (103) Calder Cannons Dean Kelly
2007 Calder Cannons 14.20 (104) - 7.12 (54) Murray Bushrangers Ashley Arrowsmith
2008 Murray Bushrangers 21.16 (142) - 9.7 (61) Dandenong Stingrays Steele Sidebottom
2009 Calder Cannons 17.10 (112) - 14.14 (98) Dandenong Stingrays Jake Melksham

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