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Contemporary Tadoussac
Tadoussac is a village in Quebecmarker, Canadamarker. An important Frenchmarker trading post in the seventeenth century, it is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in Quebec, and the oldest surviving French settlement in the Americas. In 2005, its population was 857.


Tadoussac is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence Rivermarker, at its confluence with the Saguenay Rivermarker. The cold, fresh water from the Saguenay and the warmer, salty water of the St. Lawrence, meet to create a rich marine environment, including an abundance of krill, making the area very attractive to whales.

Tadoussac is the east terminus of the Baie-Ste-Catherine / Tadoussac ferry, which offers free and frequent service across the Saguenay River and is part of Quebec Route 138 and the main link to Sept-Îlesmarker.


Tadoussac was Francemarker's first trading post on the mainland of New France. It was established in 1600 by François Gravé Du Pont, (a merchant) and Pierre de Chauvin de Tonnetuit‎ (a captain of the French Royal navy) when they acquired a fur trade monopoly from Henry IV. The establishment of Tadoussac at the mouth of the Saint Lawrence Rivermarker was a direct result of the French desire to profit from its location. Grave and Chauvin built a settlement near the waterway's shore, but only five out of 16 men with them survived the first winter. Tadoussac remained the only seaport on the river for 30 years. Whaling was carried out by colonists from the Tadoussac area from 1632 until at least the end of the century.

Tourists discovered the village in the 19th century. The large hotel building in Tadoussac dates from the 1940s, and replaces a Victorian hotel with origins dating to 1864 that burned.

Present day

The modern village of Tadoussac lies not very far from the original settlement, at the mouth of the Saguenay Rivermarker. It is known as a tourist destination, mostly because of its facilities for whale watching and because of the rugged beauty of the Saguenay fjord.

The entire area is either rural or still in a wilderness state, with several federal and provincial natural parks and preserves competing for prestigious spots. Tadoussac encompasses the first marine national park of Canada. The nearest urban agglomeration is Saguenaymarker about 100 km (63 miles) west.

A film based on the 1981 novel The Hotel New Hampshire was shot at the Hotel Tadoussac.


  • Old chapel (the oldest wooden church in Canada and USA) [61048]
  • trading post of Pierre Chauvin
  • CIMM (Centre d'interpr√©tation des mammif√®res marins), translated as Center of Marine Mammal Interpretation

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