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"Taghout" redirects here; for the village in Azerbaijan, see Ataqutmarker.
In an Islamic context, the Arabic word taghut (ar. طاغوت, ṭāġūt, pl. ṭawāġīt) refers to idolatry, considered impurity. This can be anything worshipped other than the one true God (Allah), such as deities of other religions, people claiming themselves to be holy outside of Islam's definition, or the worshipping of ideas or ideologies before God.[232729]

[004:051] Haven’t you seen those who were granted a portion of the scriptures? They believe in superstition and (they rally around) ‘Taghut’ _ (entities and institutions aligned against Allah). Concerning the disbelievers, they say, “They are closer to the right path than the believers.”

[004:060] (Oh prophet)! Aren’t you aware of those, who claim to believe in what has been revealed to you, as well as that, which had been revealed before you? Yet, they seek the decisions (concerning their lives) from the ‘taghut’ _ (those arrogant ones rebelling against Allah) _ even though ‘taghut’ is precisely what they were ordered to reject and refute. Shaitan wants to lead them astray, and far away.

[004:076] Those who believe, do fight for the sake of Allah, while those who reject faith fight for the cause of ‘taghut’ _ (all rebellious forces aligned against Allah). So, fight against the minions of Shaitans. Feeble indeed is the wily guile of Shaitan!

[002:256] Whoever disbelieves in 'taghut' and believes in Allah, then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold which will never break.

Compare: Shirk

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