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Taiping is a town located in northern Perakmarker, Malaysiamarker. With a population of 191,104 (in 2007), it is the second largest town in Perak after Ipohmarker, the state capital. Taiping took over Kuala Kangsarmarker's role as the state capital from 1876 to 1937, but was then replaced by Ipoh. Its development slowed down after that, but in recent years the town has begun developing rapidly again.

Taiping also receives some limelight for being the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysiamarker. The average annual rainfall is about 4,000mm in Taiping while the peninsula's average is 2,000mm – 2,500mm. Its unusual rainfall has also led to a fertile collection of flora and century-old rain trees in the Taiping Lake Gardens.


Taiping Lake Garden
The area developed quickly in the 19th century when tin was discovered. The mines attracted large numbers of settlers, particularly Chinese. Feuds began between the different groups of Chinese immigrants and became so bitter that, in the early 1870s, the British intervened and assumed control of the town. Taiping was the capital for the districts of Larutmarker, Matang and Selama in Perakmarker. Before 1937, Taiping was the capital of the state of Perakmarker and the center of a long and drawn out war resulting in a change of rulership for the state. Taiping used to be known as Klian Pauh - Klian meaning mine while Pauh is a type of small mango. Before the arrival of the Britishmarker, the district (known in its earlier days as the The Larutmarker Settlement) was governed by the Minister of Larutmarker, Dato' Long Jaafar (and later by his son Ngah Ibrahim) who was empowered by the Sultan of Perakmarker at that time, to govern that territory.
Taiping town
Colonial Building in Taiping.
Long Jaafar has been historically credited with the discovery of tin in Larutmarker in 1848. According to legend, Long Jaafar had an elephant named Larut and he used to take this elephant with him when journeying between Bukit Gantang and Lubok Merbau. One day the elephant went missing and when the elephant was eventually found three days later Long Jaafar noticed tin ore embedded in the mud that was on the elephant's legs. It is said that this was how Larut got its name. Eventually in 1850, Larut district was bestowed upon Long Jaafar by Raja Muda Ngah Ali and the Chiefs of Perak: the Temenggong, Panglima Bukit Gantang, Panglima Kinta, Syahbandar and Seri Adika Raja. Some time later, the Sultan of Perakmarker, Sultan Abdullah, died in 1857 and a series of succession disputes ensued. Unhappy with the abuse and favoritism of various royalties, rival Malay camps took sides with one or the other of the two great Chinese secret societies present in there at the time.

Long Jaafar established and developed his administrative center at Bukit Gantang and made Kuala Sungai Limau at Trong the principal harbour of the Larutmarker Settlement. In 1857 Long Jaafar was succeeded by his son Ngah Ibrahim. Sultan Jaffar Muazzam Shah presented an acknowledgement letter to Ngah Ibrahim on 24 May 1858. This letter was signed by Sultan Jaffar, Raja Muda Ngah Ali and the Raja Bendahara of Perak. In the time of Ngah Ibrahim the Chinese increased in number and by early 1860 two large groups were formed by the Chinese, the "Five Associations" whose members worked in the mines of Klian Pauh and the "Four Associations" whose members worked in the mines of Klian Baharu.

Mining rights were given to the Hakka "Five Associations" or Go-Kuan (五館 or 五群) and the Cantonese "Four Associations" or Si-Kuan (四館). Chung Keng Quee (鄭景貴) was leader of the Hakka Go-Kuan and the Hai San (海山) society that they belonged to, and began to operate his tin mines in Larut in 1860. Larutmarker was destined to be plagued by four major wars between members of both the Cantonese Go-Kuan Ghee Hin Society (義興私會黨) and the Hakka Hai San society. Many Hakka had fled China when the Taiping Rebellion broke out there and found work in the mines of Chung Keng Quee establishing his position over the mining area in Larutmarker as leader of the Hai San from 1860 to 1884.

The capital of Perak was moved from Bandar Baru (New Town) to Taiping after Datok Maharaja Lela assassinated the first British Resident of Perakmarker Mr. James Wheeler Woodford Birch at Pasir Salak in 1875. In 1937, the capital of Perak was moved from Taiping to Ipohmarker.

The town's mining industry continued to thrive; the country's first railway was built to transport tin from Taiping to Port Weld (now known as Kuala Sepetang) at the coast for export. The first train in Malaysia took its schedule on June 1, 1885.

By 1900, an English language school, a newspaper, and the Perak Museum (the oldest in Malaysia) had been established.

Although Taiping's economy declined with the dwindling tin deposits, the metal still remains an important industry in the area as do rubber and rice.

40 "Firsts" of Taiping

Due to the booming tin-mining industry in the 19th century and its previous position as capital of Perak, Taiping was a pioneer in many fields, achieving many "firsts" in the country along the way. The list given by the Taiping Municipal Council records a total of 40 firsts in the country. From the earliest in 1844, these firsts are mostly either in monuments or events.

  • Open tin mining activity in the peninsula (1844)
  • Hill resort - Maxwell Hill (1844)
  • Swimming pool - Coronation Swimming Pool (1870)
  • Mosque - Masjid Tengku Menteri (1870)
  • Rest house (1870)
  • Artillery warehouse (1870)
  • Magistrate's court (1874)
  • Balai penghulu (1875)
  • Resident's house (1877)
  • Port - Port Weld (1877)
  • English school - Central School Kamunting (1878)
  • Police force (1879)
  • Government offices (1879)
  • Post and telegraph office (1880)
  • Lake gardens - Taiping Lake Gardensmarker (1880)
  • Taiping General Hospital, private and government (1880)
  • Club - New Club (1880)
  • Club - Perak Club
  • Railway station and warehouse (1881)
  • Museum - Perak Museum (1883)
  • Market building - Taiping Markets (1884)
  • Prison - Taiping Gaolmarker(1885)
  • Railway track - from Port Weld to Taiping (1885)
  • Turf club - Perak Turf Club (1886)
  • Anglican church - All Saints Church, Taiping (1886)
  • English girls' school - Treacher Methodist Girls' School (1889)
  • Clock tower - Taiping Clock Tower (1890)
  • Esplanade - Esplanade (1890)
  • Malay newspaper - Seri Perak (June 1893)
  • English newspaper - Perak Pioneer (July 4, 1894)
  • Tamil newspaper - Perak Verthamani (1894)
  • Armed Forces - Malay States Guides (1896)
  • Teaching college - Maktab Perguruan Melayu
  • Ceylon association (1899)
  • Punjabi association - Khalsa Diwan Malaya Association (1903)
  • Indian association (1906)
  • Recreation park - Coronation Park (1920s)
  • Airfield - Tekah Airport (1930)
  • Golf Club (some claimed in Southeast Asia)
  • Library - Perpustakaan Merdeka
  • Fire brigade


Aerial view of Taiping City
Taiping is situated on a plain to the west of the Bintang Mountains. Alor Starmarker, Kedahmarker lies to the north-west and Ipohmarker to the south-east.

Town layout

The following towns, suburbs, and neighborhoods comprise the area formally (and collectively) known as Taiping:
Current and predicted Taiping town population.


The main healthcare centres in Taiping are:
  • Taiping Hospital - Jalan Taming Sari, Taiping
  • Selama General Hospital- Selama, LMS
  • Taiping General Clinic - Jalan Tupai, Taiping
  • Taiping Medical Centre (TMC) - Medan Taiping, Taiping
  • Apollo Medical Centre - Jalan Taming Sari, Taiping
  • Columbia Asia Hospital - Taiping, Jalan Istana Larut
  • Pokok Assam Community Clinic- Pokok Assam, Taiping
  • Kamunting Community Clinic- Kamunting, Perak
  • Changkat Jering General Clinic- Changkat Jering, Taiping
  • Port Weld Community Clinic- Kuala Sepetang, Taiping
  • Larut Medical Centre- Medan Taiping


Places of interest

Taiping Lake Gardens, with hills in the background.
Entrance to the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari.
  • The Taiping Lake Gardensmarker were donated by Chung Keng Quee's son, Chung Thye Phin. Its serene, tranquil and peaceful man-made lakes were former tin mines.
  • Bukit Larut (formerly known as Maxwell Hill) is a hill resort. Currently, tourists can reach the top by 4WD vehicles, or by hiking. There are stops at the end of the road with gas available for hikers to cook and eat there.
  • Perak State Museum is the first museum in Malaysia.
  • Kwan-Tung Hui-Kuan (Cantonese Association), founded in 1887 by Chung Keng Quee and others.
  • Taiping Zoo & Night Safari
  • Esplanade - for sports activities
  • All Saints Church, Taiping
  • Commonwealth War Cemetery
  • British Resident’s Residence (1877)
  • Kapitan Chung Keng Quee's Townhouse on Barrack Road. It is now an antique shop.
  • Bukit Jana Country Golf Resort, Kamunting
  • Bukit Merah Laketown Resort
  • Burmese Pool. It has a natural water slide.
  • Tupai River(Sg Tugoh). Man made swimming pool using river water at the nearby Chinese Tiger Temple.
  • Austin Pool. There is a very deep, square granite pool with a waterfall flowing into it.
  • Taman Suria streams. Cool streams flowing down from Bukit Larut.
  • Buddhist Retreat in Tupai Cemetery. Travelling to this retreat requires semi 4-wheel drive vehicles but the view from retreat is spectacular and peaceful.
  • Gurdwara Sahib Taiping (Sikh Temple) - One of the oldest in Malaysia
  • Chinese cemetery at Tupai Hokkien Tiong - Has a huge grave for the Chinese who lost their lives during the Japanese invasion
  • Coronation Swimming Pool. Located at the foothill of Bukit Larut, the pool uses very cold mountain stream water, even on hot days.
  • Taiping Public Library has numerous old and new book collections and is located near the Taiping Lake Gardens.
  • Taiping Airport holds monthly (sometimes twice a month) parachute jumping programmes organised by Parachuters Club.
  • Stadium Sultan Yusuf - An important venue for the Taiping football league.
  • Hot water well (Air Panas) - Batu 9 off Jalan Trong (near Changkat Jering)
  • Kuala Sepetang Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kota Ngah Ibrahim - in Matang
  • Ng Boo Bee fountain - Jalan Air Terjun
  • British War Cemetary, near Burmese pool.

Hotels and Accommodations

  • Taiping Resort, Bukit Jana
  • Flemington Hotel
  • Taiping Resort
  • Legend Inn
  • SSL Traders Hotel
  • Panorama Hotel
  • Meridien Hotel
  • Sri Malaysia Hotel
  • Casuarina Inn
  • Rest House
  • Lagenda Hotel
  • New Champagne
  • Larut Hill
  • KamaLodge Chalet


  • Giant Hypermarket
  • Tesco Hypermarket

    Taiping Tesco, a day before opening
  • Taiping Sentral Mall
  • The Store, Jalan Panggung Wayang
  • The Store, Jalan Kota
  • The Store, Jalan Kamunting
  • Big Seed Supermarket
  • Taiping Mall (under construction)
  • Mydin Hypermarket (planning)
  • Tesco Extra Hypermarket (planning)
  • Pasaraya Econsave (planning)


  • Big Cinemas Taiping Sentral ( 7 screens )

Planned New Developments

  • Cable Car for Maxwell Hill / Bukit Larut

Popular Places To Eat

  • Olden Days Kopitiam - Jalan Tupai
  • Doli - Jalan Tupai
  • Bomba - Jalan Tupai
  • Casual Market - Jalan Panggung Wayang
  • Mee Udang - Kuala Sepetang
  • Terminal - Near CIMB
  • McDonalds - Taiping Sentral (24 hours)
  • Pizza Hut
  • KFC - Jalan Kota (24 hours), Giant, Tesco, Kamunting Raya, The Store Kamunting
  • Kenny Rogers Roasters
  • Noodle Station
  • Sushi King
  • Starbucks
  • Old Town White Coffee
  • Yut Sun - Jalan Pasar
  • Plaza Perbandaran - Tingkat 2
  • Medan selera - Jalan Simpang
  • Nash Doughnut
  • 1901 Hotdog
  • Pelita Nasi Kandar

Night Markets

Sundays Kampung Boyan, Simpang (Taman Berkat)
Mondays Aulong (Taman Pertama)
Tuesdays Simpang (Taman Kota Jaya), Bukit Jana
Wednesdays Pokok Assam (Taman Raja Idris),Kamunting (Medan Kamunting)
Thursdays Assam Kumbang (Taman Saujana Jaya),Ayer Kuning (Taman Seri Kuning),Tupai (Taman Tupai Mas)
Fridays Aulong (Taman Pertama), Pengkalan Aur (Taman Kaya)
Saturdays Kamuntingmarker (Medan Kamunting), Changkat Jering


Primary and secondary education in Taiping are provided by national-type schools and Chinese-medium schools. This is a list of schools in Taiping in alphabetical order. Currently, there are no significant institutions of higher learning in Taiping.

Primary Schools

School name Other name (nick name) Year established Location
SRK All Saints' Sekolah Inggeris Coronation 1936 Kamunting
SRJK (C) Aulong Aulong New Village (Near Market)
SK Assam Kumbang 1937
SRJK (C) Hua Lian 1 Thomson Road
SRJK (C) Hua Lian 2 Thomson Road
SRJK (C) Hua Lian 3 Taiping Heights
SRJK (C) Phui Choi 1927 Jalan Kamunting Lama
SRJK (C) Pokok Assam 1953 Pokok Assam
SRJK (C) Sin Min Simpang New Village
SRJK (C) Khea Wah Matang
SRJK (C) Poey Eng Kuala Sepetang
SRK All Saint, Kamunting
SRK Convent 1 Convent Holy Infant Jesus 1899 Kelian Pauh
SRK Convent Aulong SRK Convent 1954 Aulong New Village
SRK Convent Kota Infant Jesus Convent 1955 Convent Lane
SRK King Edward VII (1) KE 1905 Jalan Stesen
SRK King Edward VII (2) 1958 Near Jalan Lumba Kuda
SRK Methodist Pokok Assam 1962 Pokok Assam road, Taman Raja Idris
SRK Seri Aman, Pokok Assam
SRK St George 1 (SRK St George 2 was merged with SRK St George 1 in 2006) 1954 Jalan Muzium Hulu
SRK St George 2 1967 Jalan Muzium Hulu
SRK Treacher Methodist Lady Treacher Girls' School 1899
SK Kampung Selamat 1955 Jalan Kerian
SK Klian Pauh Jalan Lumba Kuda
SK Changkat Jering 1880 Changkat Jering
SK Changkat Larut 1880
SK Matang 1880
SK Taiping 1880 Jalan Taming Sari
SK Sultan Abdullah Kg Cheh, Bukit Gantang
SK Pondok Tanjung 1916
SK Ulu Sepetang 1953 Kampung Baru Ulu Sepetang. T-junction to Pondok Tanjong, Kubu Gajah & Selama

Secondary Schools

School name Other name (nick name) Former name Year established Location
Hua Lian High School (Private) 1913 Jalan Tokong
SMJK(C) Hua Lian 太平华联国民型中学 太平华联国中 Jalan Lumba Kuda
SMK St George SGI, Georgie St. George's Institution, SMK Inggeris St. George 1915 Jalan Stesen
SMK Treacher Methodist Girls School TMGS 1889 Jalan Muzium Hulu
SMK Convent Taiping Jalan Regat Convent
SMK Sri Kota Kampung Boyan
SMK Darul Ridwan Panther Thomson Road
SMK Taman Tasik SMKTT Taiping Lake Garden
SMK Dr. Burhanuddin 1967 Kampung Boyan
SMK King Edward VII KE Tigers, Edwardian, SMJK (Inggeris) King Edward VII 1883 Jalan Muzium Hulu
SMK Klian Pauh Jalan Lumba Kuda
SMK Simpang 1983 Jalan Matang
SMK Kampung Jambu SMKKJ 2001 Jalan Convent
SMK Kamunting
SMK Tengku Menteri "STeM" Changkat Jering
MRSM Taiping MARESMART 1983 Taiping Lake Garden
(Sekolah Menengah Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah) SERATAS Jln taman tasik Taiping Lake Garden
SMV Taiping Kamunting
SMK DATO' KAMARUDDIN (SEDAKA) Eagles , SEDAKA Sekolah Menengah Rendah Batu Kurau 1965 Batu Kurau
SMK Dato' Wan Ahmad Rasdi Rasdian SMK Batu Lapan 2 Jan 1991 Kg Chengal Jantan

List of old and new road names in Taiping

This is the list of some road names used during the British rules and also around the year 1960s to 1970s. The road names are almost similar with other town in Malaysia or probably in other British territories.

Former name Location Current name Note
Barrack Road. Taiping Jalan Berek Named after the Central Police barracks at the end of the road.
Birch Road Taiping Jalan Maharajarela Named after the first British Resident of Perak, Mr. James Wheeler Woodford Birch who was killed by Dato' Maharajalela and Sultan Abdullah.
Casuarina Avenue
Cator Avenue Assam Kumbang Jalan Panglima Named after Sir Geoffrey Edmund Cator, the British Resident of Brunei (1916 - 1921) and British Resident of Perak (1933 - 1939).
Chinese Club Road Taiping Jalan Kelab Cina Named after a Chinese Club that once stood at today's Fajar Supermarket.
Cinema Road Taiping Jalan Wayang Gambar Probably named after Cathay Cinema, which was once a hotspot in Taiping.
Circular Road Taiping Jalan Pekeliling Named for its path around the perimeter of the Lake Gardens.
Convent Lane Taiping Jalan Regat Convent Named after the SMK Convent Kota school which was run by Convent nuns. The St. Louis Church is also located along this street, next to the school.
Counciller Road Taiping
Creagh Road Assam Kumbang Jalan Muzaffar Shah Named after former Assistant Resident of Perak, Mr. Charles Vandeleur Creagh. Mr. Creagh later served as the Governor of North Borneo from 1888 to 1895.
Eastern Road Taiping Jalan Sultan Abdullah Located near Jalan Maharajalela. The name Eastern Road was named after the Eastern Daily Mail
Edinburgh Road Aulong Jalan Raja Muda Named after the Duke of Edinburgh
Hale Road Assam Kumbang Jalan Tun Salleh Named after the former British District Officer of Larut, Mr. Abraham Hale.
Harrison Road Taiping Jalan Lim Swee Aun Named after the former Health Minister Dr. Lim Swee Aun.
Idris Road Taiping Jalan Sultan Idris Named after Sultan Idris of Perak soon after he was knighted by King George VI.
King Edward Road Taiping Jalan Sultan Jaafar Named after the then reigning British Monarch, King Edward VII of England.
Kota Road Taiping Jalan Kota This is one of the two busiest roads in Taiping and links to the North-South Expressway. It is one of the few roads that still retains its original name from the the colonial era.
Lake Road Taiping Lorong Taman Tasik A small pathway where colonial style houses were built along to accommodate the European civil servants and their families during the town's heyday . Today, the fire brigade quarters are stationed along this road.
Main Road Taiping Jalan Taming Sari The other busiest road in Taiping. VVIPs including the Sultan of Perak will usually travel along this road. It is also the most well maintained compared to the other roads. Like other towns in Malaysia, the name Main Road comes from colonial times.
Market Road Taiping Jalan Pasar Named after the two main markets in the town which are located at the Market Square.
Mosque Road Taiping Jalan Masjid Named after one of the oldest mosques in Malaysia and the first Malay Mosque in Taiping.
Museum Road Taiping Jalan Muzium Named after the Perak Museum.
New Club Road Taiping Jalan Kelab Baru Named after the New Club.
Old Club Road Taiping Jalan Kelab Lama Named after the Perak Club, which was later destroyed and shifted to the New Club.
Old Kamunting Road Taiping ~ Kamunting Jalan Kamunting Lama
Old Port Weld Road Matang Jalan Port Weld Lama Named after the harbour town of Port Weld
Old Quarantine Road Kampung Boyan Jalan Kuarantin Lama
Queens Road Aulong Jalan Pemaisuri
Queen Elizabeth Road Pokok Assam Jalan Ratu Elizabeth Located at Pokok Assam, this road was named after Queen Elizabeth II.
Residency Road Taiping Jalan Sultan Mansor Named after the former Assistant Resident's residence on the top of Birch Hill.
Speedy Road Taiping Jalan Ngah Ibrahim Named after Captain T.C.S. Speedy, the founder of Taiping town.
Station Road Taiping Jalan Stesen Named after the first Federated Malay Statesmarker Railway Station in Malaysia.
Stephens Road Kampung Boyan Jalan Raja Sulong Named after Mr. Arthur Bligh Stephens, the Deputy Conservator of Forests, Perak.
Sungei Buloh Road Taiping Jalan Sungai Buloh Named after Sungai Bulohmarker town in Selangormarker.
Swettenham Road Taiping Jalan Istana Larut Named after Sir Frank Swettenham, the fourth British Resident of Perak. Under his tenure, Perak became the richest and most developed state among the Malay States. Today, it is named after an old palace once situated at the end of the road heading to Kamunting which was destroyed for the construction of the new TESCOmarker hypermarket.
Tate Road Taiping Jalan Hang Jebat
Temple Street Taiping Jalan Tokong Named after a temple next to the Guandong Association.
Templer Road Aulong Named after the former British High Commissioner in Malaya, Sir Gerald Templer.
Theatre Road Taiping Jalan Panggung Wayang Named after a theatre which was situated at the road. During the 1960s and 1970s this area was known as a black area, where secret societie members and gangsters hung out.
Thomson Road Assam Kumbang Jalan Hang Kasturi Named after the former British Resident of Perak, Sir Henry Wagstaffe Thomson.
Creagh Road Assam Kumbang Jalan Muzaffar Shah
Trump Road Taiping Named after Mr. John Trump, who was the State Engineer for Perak.
Tupai Road Taiping Jalan Tupai A major road that links the Tupai Light Industrial Area.
Upper Museum Road Taiping Jalan Muzium Hulu Named after the first Museum in Malaysia, which is located across the Taiping Goal.
Walker Road Taiping Jalan Maharajalela Named after Colonel R.S.F. Walker.
Walker Road Pokok Assam Jalan Temenggong Named after Colonel R.S.F. Walker.
Waterfall Road Taiping Race Course Road, Jalan Lumba Kuda It was originally named Waterfall Road after the Taiping waterfall near Maxwell Hill. Later, the road had its name changed to Race Course Road after the Race Course for the Perak Turf Club, which was located there.

Other streets

Current name Location Former name Note
(*This road has been closed, no longer for public use) Taiping Cross Street No. 1 The Town Hall was once located there, today the road is occupied within the Taiping Town Council buildings.
Jalan Perak Taiping Cross Street No. 2 Jalan Alang Ahmad
Jalan Manecksha Taiping Cross Street No. 3
Jalan Ong Saik Taiping Cross Street No. 4
Jalan Lim Tee Hooi Taiping Cross Street No. 5
Jalan Lim Teong Chye Taiping Cross Street No. 6
Jalan Panglima Ah Chong Taiping Cross Street No. 7
Jalan Chung Thye Phin Taiping Cross Street No. 8
Jalan Yusoff Taiping Cross Street No. 9
Jalan Abdul Jalil Taiping Cross Street No. 10

Notable Taipingites

  • Anwar Fazal - Born in Sungei Bayor (Selama) but resided in Taiping. Anwar is the founder and also Chairman of the Taiping Peace Initiative and various non-governmental organizations in Malaysia.

  • Archbishop Emeritus Gregory Yong Sooi Ngean, Roman Catholic Archbishop Emeritus of Singaporemarker. On April 2, 1977, he was installed as the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Singapore. He was the second Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Singapore, which was formed in 1972 when the Archdiocese of Malacca-Singapore split and held the office until retiring on October 14, 2000.

  • Goh Bean Sim - Vice Chairman MCA Sungai Petani, of Kedah Division. Legal Advisor to several associations and unions.

  • Goh Chok Sam - was a Political Chairman MCA Perak.

  • Datuk Ismail Khan Ibrahim Khan - the First Chief Justice of the High Courts in Borneo States, he was the Chief Judge for Negri Sembilanmarker and Malaccamarker, Awarded Distinguished Service Medal. He was also the first Malay to study law overseas and received the prestigious Queen's Scholarship.

  • Manecksha Rustim - merchant and land proprietor, founder member MIC Taiping and President of the political party since 1967. Director of Election for Larut Selatan 1969 (Alliance), Member of Town Board, Justice of Peace (JP), Member Licensing Board. A road in Taiping was named after him: Jalan Manecksha (formerly Cross Street No.3).

  • Dato’ Ng Tieh Chuan is one of Malaysia’s leading personalities who has contributed significantly to the book industry. He is the CEO of the MPH Group of companies in Malaysia. MPH is the largest vertically integrated Malaysian entity in the book industry with its history dating back to more than 100 years. He was the Managing Director of Pelanduk Publications Malaysia & Asean Academic Press Limited, London. He possesses more than 30 years of experience in the Malaysian book industry.

  • Dr. Ng Kam Poh - Member of the Parliament 1965, Dr. Ng also the Deputy Minister of Finance in July 1965 later Minister of Health. He was the Minister of Welfare Services just before general elections in May 1969 when he lost his Parliamentary seat.

  • Ong Chee Suan - Town Councilor of Taiping, 1965,and was Treasurer for MCA Central Welfare Council.

  • Tan Sri Ong H. T. - recipient of a Queen Scholarship in 1931 to study Law in London, he was Federal Counsel in Kuala Lumpurmarker, and later posted as the Chief Federal Judge of Malaya.

  • Dr. Toh Chin Chye - He was the co-founder and the Chairman of the People's Action Party (PAP) and served as the Member of Parliament for Rochore since 1959, Deputy Prime Minister when Singaporemarker attained independence in 1965, Minister for Science and Technology and Minister for Health, Singapore. He was also the Chairman of Singapore Polytechnic and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Singaporemarker.

  • Dato' Yeap Kee Aik - Graduated lawyer and was member of Malaysian Bar. He served the Home and Foreign Service, Malaysia. In 1967 he resigned from Government post as the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Labour.

  • Alex Teoh Eng Kean - Author of "Old Taiping", which is an illustrated guide to the vibrant history of the ex-capital of Perak(Malaysia); and "The Might Of The Minature Cannon: A Treasure of the Malay Archipelago and Borneo". He is currently a trained paper and book conservator helping private collectors and institutions to conserve and restore rare manuscripts, precious documents, collectible prints, antique maps, antiquarian books and works of art on paper.

Image Gallery

Image: MANGROVE LOKE 216.jpg|Mangrove logs in Matang Charcoal FactoryImage: LION CUB LOKE 564.jpg|A lion cub in Taiping Zoo, PerakImage: LAKE GARDEN LOKE 747.jpg|Zigzag bridge in Taiping Lake GardenImage: MEE UDANG LOKE 451.jpg|A bowl of Mee Udang (Prawn noodles)Image: MANGROVE SEEDS LOKE 005.jpg|A mangrove seed in Matang Mangrove Forest ReserveImage: CHARCOAL PACK LOKE 430.jpg|Packing Charcoal in Matang Charcoal FactoryImage: MANGROVE FOR LOKE 178.jpg|Observation Platform in Matang Mangrove ForestImage: DEER TZOO LOKE 513.jpg|A deer in Taiping Zoo


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  • "Kapitan’s great-grandson" By CHOONG KWEE KIM, The Star Thursday September 9, 2004


  • Larut Land Office
  • Perak State Government Website
  • Perak Tourist Information Centre, Ipoh City Council
  • Taiping Town Council

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