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Talkshow with Spike Feresten is an Americanmarker talk/sketch/variety television program on Fox starring Spike Feresten. It was originally aired between September 16, 2006 and May 16, 2009, making it the longest-running late night talk show in Fox's history. Unlike most late night talk shows in the United States, it was only aired on Saturday nights.

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Writers include Joe Furey, Jeff Cesario and Adam Felber.

Some of the regular sketches on the show include "Idiot Paparazzi", where photographers hit the streets and take photos of people who vaguely look like famous people; "Comedy for Stoners", comedy visuals specially designed for someone who might be stoned; "Tomorrow's Headlines Today", when Spike reads fictional headlines ("Ford Lays Itself Off", "Al Gore Melts", "NBC Pre-cancels Fall '07 Lineup" The release of "Tyler Perry's, Why Do I Even Bother Naming The Movies As Long As It Says "Tyler Perry's" In Front of It", etc.) from Sunday's paper from various newspapers; sponsors for the show (such as Pitters beer, a very flammable beer sold in a breakaway bottle, with an AIDS test on the label, etc.), and "Backfat Sponsorship", where Spike uses one of his writer's (seemingly Felber, although not identified) backfat to advertise Fortune 500 companies (Red Bull, PS3, and

On May 7, 2007 Fox renewed Talkshow With Spike Feresten for a 2nd season, making it the longest running talk show on Fox.

From January 17, 2009, to February 21, 2009, the show had a six-week test run of hour-long episodes airing an hour earlier than usual; this comes in the wake of the recent cancellation of MADtv. As of the December 13th, 2008 show, Talkshow with Spike Feresten is broadcast in HD.

In May of 2009 Fox cancelled the show after three seasons, the longest-running late night television show in the history of the Fox network. The program remained on the air in repeats until the start of The Wanda Sykes Show on November 7, 2009.


  • Lil' Bill O'Reilly
  • Idiot Paparazzi - Spike and some friends pretend to be Paparazzi and shout the names of celebrities while snapping photos of passing everyday people who have a resemblance to the celebrity being shouted.
  • Rick Richards reports
  • Tomorrow's News Yesterday Today - Spike reads "news from the future".
  • Tomorrow's Headlines Today
  • Payday Advance Lenders
  • The Donny Riffle Show
  • Febreeze Elderly
  • Priest in a Yellow Ferrari
  • Lot Cops
  • Bam! Problem Solved
  • Fox News Guy
  • Stimurol
  • Discriminav
  • NPR Morning Zoo
  • 30 Second Trading Spaces
  • The Heckler Whisperer
  • EPPT (Early Pregnancy & Paternity Test)
  • Aaron Sorkin's Key Shop
  • Transcripts of Books on Tape
  • Girl's Fathers Gone Wild - What happens when fathers catch their girls being videotaped
  • Senior Citizen Trannie Lingerie Party
  • Dr. Phil's Fan Mail - Spike reads mail intended for Dr. Phil, for voice overs were done by the show's staff, including Executive Producer Michele Armour, Associate Producer of Music Blaire Reinhard, and writing assistant Meghan Gambling.
  • Ye Olde Adult Video Shoppe - What porn would have been like during the American Revolution.
  • Shoe Store Predictions
  • Backfat Sponsorship -
  • Discount Puppies and Cats
  • Indignant Editorial
  • Lemon Party -
  • Classaction Lawsuit
  • Crappy Neighbor
  • Celebrity Space Shuttle
  • Clinica de Medico
  • What's Nuts Now? - in the episode with Jerry Seinfeld
  • Cops Guy
  • Chinese Product Recall
  • Comedy for Stoners - a series of sketches that should only be considered funny to stoners.
  • Pitters Beer - an ad for a beer that makes you wince when you drink it.
  • How to do a Nerdy Intern Segment - starring actual nerdy staffer, DJ Lubel, the show's researcher.
  • The Unfair Target
  • Hollywood Douchebags
Lil' View

Comedy for Stoners

  • Extreme Hitlers - Teenagers dressed in Hitler clothing skateboarding in a music video
  • Shaolin Cats - Cats that "do battle" in a Mortal Kombat style
  • Electric Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln, under the influence of drugs, states some historical "facts". (The actor portraying Lincoln is one of the show's editors, Neil Grieve)
  • Horrifyingly Sexy Larry King - Larry King's head placed over the body of a dancer dressed in a bikini and suspenders
  • Fat Albert Gore - Fat Albert dressed in a suit sings about the environment in the way Al Gore would make a speech about the environment
  • Strobe Light Monkeys - Monkeys dance around to the song "99 Luftballons", while strobe lights flash in the background
  • Electric Lincoln Par II - Lincoln gets shot this time around
  • Mexican Space Lizard - A lizard in a sombrero with space scenes in the background
  • Slow-Mo Humanimal Races - Two people dressed as animals race through a hallway in slow motion. (The panda humanimal is one of the show's writers, Adam Felber, and the tiger humanimal is the show's Associate Producer of Music, Blaire Reinhard)
  • Cheeto Dogfights - Two fighter planes made of Cheetos fight in the sky
  • Martin Scorsese's Exploding Squirrel - A squirrel explodes
  • Vincent Gallo Underwear Parade - A parade of guys in their underwear
  • Morbidly Obese Aquarium - Underwater view of morbidly obese men swimming in their underwear
  • Bigfoot Opera - an Opera where Bigfoot rides a unicorn
  • Senior Citizen Trannie Lingerie Party - Old men dress in lingerie and dance
  • Horrifyingly Sexy Hannity and Colmes - Same as with "Sexy Larry King"
  • Smooth Jazz Rectal Exams - People getting rectal exams as jazz music plays
  • Emo Baby VS. Goth Baby Smackdown - Two babies, one a goth and one emo, fighting each other
  • Mr. Happy Handshake - A man who farts when you shake his hand meets a guy who shakes people's hands when they fart
  • Nightvision Elvis - Three Elvises shown in Nightvision
  • Racist Nose Party - A black finger tries to pick a white nose
  • Techno Turtle - A Turtle dances to techno music
  • The Narcoleptic skydiver - A skydiver prone to fall asleep
  • Comedy for stoners live - A live guest creates his own comedy for stoners
  • Rainbows - The hidden truth about rainbows
  • S.M.A.P. - A shy mooner's solution to mooning

List of episodes

Note: All episodes in season one were taped during fall 2006 for broadcast throughout the year. As of season two, each episode now records the Thursday night before broadcast, although several episodes were taped at once in the wake of the 2007 writers' strike.

Season 1

Production # Original Airdate Guests
5031-06-101 September 16, 2006 Andy Richter
5031-06-102 September 23, 2006 Mary Lynn Rajskub
5031-06-104 September 30, 2006 Michael McDonald
5031-06-105 October 7, 2006 Thomas Lennon
5031-06-103 October 14, 2006 Tom Green
5031-06-108 October 21, 2006 Jerry Seinfeld
5031-06-109 November 4, 2006 Jason Alexander
5031-06-106 November 11, 2006 Joey Greco
5031-06-113 November 18, 2006 Fred Willard
5031-06-111 November 25, 2006 Jeff Garlin
5031-06-114 December 9, 2006 Cheryl Hines
5031-06-121 December 16, 2006 Julia Louis-Dreyfus
5031-06-120 January 6, 2007 Carl Reiner
5031-06-116 January 20, 2007 Tim Meadows
5031-06-117 February 3, 2007 Tom Arnold
5031-06-119 February 10, 2007 John C. McGinley
5031-06-115 February 17, 2007 Melinda Clarke
5031-06-122 February 24, 2007 Bobby Lee
5031-06-118 March 24, 2007 Seth MacFarlane
5031-06-112 April 7, 2007 Alex Borstein
5031-06-110 April 28, 2007 Michael Rapaport
5031-06-107 May 19, 2007 Dave Foley

Season 2

Production # Original Airdate Guests
5031-07-201 September 15, 2007 Ryan Seacrest
5031-07-202 September 22, 2007 Brian Baumgartner
5031-07-203 September 29, 2007 Eddie Kaye Thomas
5031-07-205 October 6, 2007 Louis C.K.
5031-07-211 November 3, 2007 Patrick Warburton, Jerry Seinfeld (as host)
5031-07-208 November 10, 2007 Carl Reiner
5031-07-209 November 17, 2007 Andy Kindler
5031-07-210 November 24, 2007 Nick Bakay
5031-08-213 January 12, 2008 Thomas Dekker and Mark L. Walberg
5031-08-213 January 19, 2008 Jordin Sparks
5031-08-218 January 26, 2008 Bryan Cranston
5031-08-217 February 2, 2008 Jimmy Smith and Doug Anderson
5031-08-220 February 9, 2008 John Langley
5031-08-221 February 16, 2008 Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim
5031-07-212 February 23, 2008 David Koechner
5031-07-204 March 8, 2008 Tom Green
5031-07-214 March 15, 2008 George Wallace
5031-07-207 March 29, 2008 Nick Swardson
5031-08-222 April 5, 2008 Adam Carolla
5031-07-206 April 19, 2008 James Kyson Lee
5031-08-219 April 26, 2008 Luenell
5031-08-215 May 17, 2008 Maz Jobrani

Season 3

Production # Original Airdate Guests
5031-08-301 September 13, 2008 Kara DioGuardi
TBA September 20, 2008 Rex Lee
TBA September 28, 2008 Kevin Farley
TBA October 4, 2008 Bo Burnham
TBA October 11, 2008 Glenn Howerton
TBA November 1, 2008 Craig Robinson
TBA November 8, 2008 Vanilla Ice
TBA November 15, 2008 David Archuleta
TBA November 22, 2008 Olivia Munn, Hanson
TBA December 13, 2008 J.B. Smoove
TBA January 17, 2009 Lisa Kudrow, Todd Barry, The Submarines
TBA January 24, 2009 Mary Lynn Rajskub, Trace Adkins
TBA January 31, 2009 Drew Pinsky, Ben Lyons, G. Love
TBA February 7, 2009 Dana Carvey, Perez Hilton, Olivia Munn, Penn Fraser Jillette
TBA February 14, 2009 Seth MacFarlane, Andy Richter, Jack Osbourne
TBA February 21, 2009 Jennifer Morrison, Tom Papa, Shirley Manson
TBA March 7, 2009 Cheech and Chong
TBA March 14, 2009 Carl Reiner, Bo Burnham
TBA March 21, 2009 Crista Flanagan
TBA March 28, 2009 Niecy Nash
TBA April 25, 2009 Tony Rock
TBA May 16, 2009 Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim

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