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Tan Lun ( ; Pinyin: , Wade-Giles: , Styled Zeuli 子理; Posthumous name: (1520 –1577) was an eminent Han Chinese official, military general, of the Jiajing Emperor middle Ming Dynastymarker in China.

Tan Lun raised the Qi Jiguang and combined another generals to fight effectively against the Wokou and restored the stability of Ming Dynastymarker along with other prominent figures, including Zhang Juzheng. He was known for his strategic perception, administrative skill , took army top stronger of middle Ming Dynastymarker, but also sometimes for his ruthlessness on the execution of his policies. Tan also exemplified loyalty in an era of chaos.


Popular culture

King Hu had been directed The Valiant Ones film about Tan Lun in 1975, the classic one of Wuxia films, especially the film as Ming navy soldiers fighting with Wokou byJapanese sword in beach very brilliant.


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