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The Tangled Up Tour is Girls Aloud's third arena-based concert tour and their fourth tour overall. It was in support of the group's fourth studio album Tangled Up. The tour began on 3 May 2008 in Belfastmarker, with the final show on 4 June in Birminghammarker. They also performed ten open air concerts over the summer. The twenty-four arena dates and ten summer shows made the tour their longest yet.Billiam, Luigi Masi, and The Saturdays supported the vocal group during all the dates.

Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts announced on their first night at the O2 Arenamarker (May 16, 2008) that work on then-yet-untitled fifth studio album, Out of Control, had just been started.


The first dates were announced by various news sources towards the end of November 2007. Pre-sale tickets were offered on Girls Aloud's official website on 22 November 2007. Initially, there was one date per venue, but the demand caused extra tour dates to be scheduled.

In March 2008, Girls Aloud signed a deal to front an ad campaign for a new low-calorie KitKat bar called "Senses". The chocolate bar manufacturer will also sponsor the tour. These chocolate bar were handed out for free at the arenas.

The show reportedly cost an estimated £3 million to stage, with £250,000 worth of pyrotechnics. The stage outfits were designed by Welsh designer Julien MacDonald. Luigi Masi, Billiam and The Saturdays provided support for Girls Aloud on the tour.

The announcement of the tour helped to stop rumours that the band were splitting up. The stories surfaced after Nadine Coyle pulled out of a reality television show for the second time. It was widely reported in April 2008 that Cheryl Cole was working on solo material with T2. These accusations were quickly denied, with Cole saying that she "had been in tour rehearsals everyday." The band put a further stop to these rumours at their London show, by announcing that they would be recording a new album. Kimberley Walsh told press that the band was "really excited about the tour" and had "loads of things planned." Sarah Harding said that "over the years it gets bigger and more elaborate."

During the show, Girls Aloud perform various covers. During their ballad section, they perform a stripped-down cover of Robyn's "With Every Heartbeat". They originally performed the song for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge, a recording of which is available on the "Can't Speak French" single. The group also performed a cover of Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It". Additionally, Cheryl Cole sang a "quick incerpt" of Kelis' "Trick Me" at the end of "Control of the Knife". which tabloids reported was directed to her cheating lover Ashley Cole.

Girls Aloud will additionally play at Pop in the Park and 2008's V Festival. They previously performed in 2006 with a shortened set of their Chemistry Tour.

For the opening of the Tangled Up Tour, the girls were suspended from the ceiling wearing black cloaks.

On 16 August 2008, the girls performed at the V Festival in the afternoon and then travelled to Peterboroughmarker for a show that evening, which meant that they performed 2 shows in less than 24 hours.

Critical response

Many reviews focused on Girls Aloud's provocative attire, comparing it to Madonna's Erotica era. The Mirror called it "the most sexually-charged performance of their career". The Independent gave the show four stars, saying that "even their between-song chatter is amusing". Although low points were noted, the review continued that "Girls Aloud remain confidently the only pop show in town." The Daily Record said they "pulled out all the stops."

The Times only gave the show two stars. "The songs varied wildly in quality. While upbeat belters... tapped into the hedonistic rush of classic gay disco, too much of the set felt graceless and flat." The critique even said "the famous five could easily have been interchangeable Stepford androids."

Supporting Act




The entrance saw the girls wear a large cape, to make them look like they were flying while suspended above the stage. This was ripped off as soon as Sexy! No No No began.All the girls had black, blue and white pvc suits. Each suit had a different design. Each girl wore boots up to the knee with silver sparkly heels. Kimberley and Cheryl wore dark black tights, while Sarah, Nadine and Nicola, wore clear fishnet stockings.

The girls performed "Sexy! No No No...", "Girl Overboard", "Sound of the Underground" and "Close To Love" in these costumes.


All the girls wore black cabaret suits. Each girl wore gloves which came up to the elbow, and black stockings up to the knee. Each girl also had feathers over their bum.

The girls performed "Can't Speak French", "Love Machine", "Black Jacks" and "Biology" in these costumes.


Nadine: Orange boob tube, metallic blue belt and shocking pink skirt.

Cheryl: Orange boob tube, dark blue belt and yellow skirt which rises at the front to show some orange.

Nicola: Metallic blue and pink boob tube and light pink feather skirt.

Sarah: Metallic pink and blue boob tube and dark blue dress.

Kimberley: Pink halter neck, gold belt and orange skirt.

The girls performed "Whole Lotta History", "With Every Heartbeat" and "I'll Stand By You" in these costumes.


Each girl had a gold sparkly mini dress. Each girl had a differently designed dress.

The girls performed "Fling", "Push It", "Walk This Way", "Wake Me Up", "Control of the Knife/Trick Me", "Call the Shots" and "Jump" in these costumes.


Nadine: Orange swimsuit and purple belt and leg warmers.

Cheryl: Pink swimsuit and yellow belt and leg warmers.

Nicola: Blue swimsuit and pink belt and leg warmers.

Sarah: Purple swimsuit and blue belt and leg warmers.

Kimberley: Yellow swimsuit and orange belt and leg warmers.

The girls performed "Something Kinda Ooooh" in these costumes.

Broadcasts and recordings

The tour was recorded on 17 May at the O2 Arenamarker and shown live across 50 Vue cinemas up and down the country. The girls also did a highlights show for the V Festival featuring songs Sexy! No No No..., Love Machine and a few more. The Tangled Up Tour was released on DVD on 27 October 2008. In addition to the show, bonus featuers included a backstage documentary, music videos and trailers for the Tangled Up album. A cut down version of the tour DVD aired on the 14 December 2008 on Channel 4 at 3.15pm. It was repeated on Christmas Day at 11.35am.

Tour dates

Date City Country Venue
First Leg
3 May 2008 Belfastmarker Northern Irelandmarker Odyssey Arenamarker
4 May 2008
5 May 2008
7 May 2008 Glasgowmarker Scotlandmarker SECCmarker
8 May 2008
10 May 2008 Bournemouthmarker 1 Englandmarker Bournemouth International Centremarker
11 May 2008
13 May 2008 Brightonmarker 1 The Brighton Centremarker
14 May 2008
16 May 2008 Londonmarker O2 Arenamarker
17 May 2008
18 May 2008 Cardiffmarker Walesmarker Cardiff International Arenamarker
20 May 2008 Nottinghammarker England Trent FM Arenamarker
21 May 2008 Sheffieldmarker Sheffield Arenamarker
23 May 2008 Birminghammarker National Indoor Arenamarker
24 May 2008 Newcastlemarker Newcastle Metro Radio Arenamarker
25 May 2008
27 May 2008 Aberdeenmarker Scotland AECCmarker
28 May 2008
30 May 2008 Liverpoolmarker England Liverpool Echo Arenamarker
31 May 2008 Manchestermarker Manchester Evening News Arenamarker
1 June 2008
3 June 2008 Cardiff Wales Cardiff International Arena
4 June 2008 Birmingham England LG Arenamarker
Summer Leg
4 July 2008 Warwickmarker England Warwick Castlemarker
17 July 2008 Eshermarker Sandown Parkmarker
18 July 2008 Newmarketmarker Newmarket Racecoursemarker
25 July 2008 Edinburghmarker Scotland Edinburgh Castlemarker
27 July 2008 East Cowesmarker England Osborne House
3 August 2008 Nantwichmarker, Cheshiremarker Dorfold Hallmarker
16 August 2008 Peterboroughmarker Elton Hallmarker
16 August 2008 V Festival Weston Parkmarker
17 August 2008 Hylands Parkmarker
23 August 2008 Battle Battle Abbeymarker
24 August 2008 Durhammarker Beamish Hallmarker
29 August 2008 Leedsmarker Harewood Housemarker
14 September 2008 Calnemarker Bowood Housemarker

  • Struck out dates indicate that the show had to be cancelled because of weather problems at the venue.

  • 1= No walk way or mini stage due too arena being to small


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